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Microsoft Azure provides a sample load balancing Service Application

Microsoft ">azure provides load-balancing services for virtual machines (IaaS) and cloud Services (PaaS) hosted in them. Load balancing supports application scaling and provides application recovery and other benefits. Load Balancing services can be accessed through the service model of the Microsoft Azure portal or application ...

Windows Azure Publishing support for internal load balancing (ILB)

We are very pleased to announce ">azure support for internal load Balancing" (ILB). With internal load balancing (ILB), high availability services can be run through private IP addresses, and private IP addresses can only be accessed within a cloud service or virtual network (VNET), providing additional security for the terminal. ILB terminal is used in virtual network, can also be allowed from ...

Huazeo solution for Server load Balancing

Enterprise Network "> Application Server Problems: 1, Network application server reliability is poor: Application server due to server hardware stability, flow pressure overload,   Incidents such as network attacks often result in unexpected downtime, which makes it impossible to guarantee a 7x24-hour continuous service for network applications. 2, the network application performance bottleneck: In the network application system ...

Chenhao: The performance technology of Web site caused by

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology hall with the advent of the 11 long holiday, everyone to the Ministry of Railways 12306 of the discussion again. This article (original) from 12306 website extension to the site performance of a lot of discussion, for entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts have a strong reference.   The author Chenhao (Weibo) has 14 years of experience in software development, 8 years of project and team management experience. website Hung, was scolded by the people all over the country. I've been here for two days.

Haproxy 1.4.21 publish TCP and HTTP load balancers

Haproxy is a high-performance TCP and http "> Load balancer. Its function is to provide cookies based persistence, content-based exchange, overload protection, advanced flow control, automatic failover, a regular expression based title controls running time, web-based reports, advanced logging to help troubleshoot applications or networks, and other features. HAP ...

Sky Cloud Technology Guo Hong: The main function of Skyform cloud Platform

May 23-May 25, 2012 cloud base of China Cloud Computing Conference opened the curtain, show cloud practice, explore cloud trend, share cloud future. The cloud base shows the latest technologies and new products in the field of cloud computing, and discusses the development trend of cloud computing, the great value of large data, the energy-saving of data center in cloud times and so on.   Tian Yun Technology product manager Guo Hong for guests to introduce Skyform cloud platform. Good afternoon, the sky Cloud Technology in May officially released the Cloud Platform 1.1 version, now the product name is SK ...

How to use the Self-balancing feature to allocate loads on multiple datapower devices

The back-end ">websphere creator Server Instance's intelligent workload assignment is also demonstrated. IBM WebSphere DataPower Option for creator optimization (AO) is designed to provide dynamic load balancing for the most demanding scenarios. Pass ...

The engineering and technical secrets behind Instagram success

Instagram is a model for many startups, with more than 10 of companies, from the beginning of obscurity to the end of a hefty takeover by Facebook. How does a company, from the beginning of the operating system selection, server to database selection, message push, how to do? This article compiles from the Instagram engineering blog, tells you Instagram technical secret. When choosing a system, our core principles are: Try to be as simple as possible, do not do repetitive work, and try to adopt proven technology. Operating system/Hosting because we were only three.

Application of HBase in Content recommendation engine system

After Facebook abandoned Cassandra, HBase 0.89 was given a lot of stability optimizations to make it truly an industrial-grade, structured data storage retrieval system. Facebook's Puma, Titan, ODS time Series monitoring system uses hbase as a back-end data storage System.   HBase is also used in some projects of domestic companies. HBase subordinate to the Hadoop ecosystem, from the beginning of the design of the system is very focused on the expansion of the dynamic expansion of the cluster, load are ...

Dolphin Browser Cloud Road

Dolphin Browser in February 2010 officially released the Android version, nearly a year after the official release from a pure client products began to iteratively evolve, gradually joined the functions of cloud services, Dolphin browser in the cloud of the road to depart. At the beginning of the venture, because of the shortage of resources and manpower, the deployment of natural cloud services became preferred. At that time, the Amazon cloud platform was favored by a small entrepreneurial company in foreign countries, so we did not hesitate to choose AWS as a service provider and to read the dolphin Dolp ...

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