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IBM Shu Jinghua: Software definition Infrastructure

December 12, the world's first large-scale conference to explore the industry Internet, 2014 CVW. The industry Internet conference was held in Beijing and was synchronized through the big screen of New York Times Square. The conference was made by the Asia Letter Group, the cloud base and the Chuang-Zhuang economic and Technological Development zone jointly hosted more than 5,000 global it and traditional industry leaders and elites who are concerned about the development of Internet and traditional industries, and explored the evolution of "Internet access to traditional industries", "traditional industry internet" and the technological model and business innovation of industrial Internet. In the afternoon cloud Platform @ Internet forum, from IBM ...

Feature describes Windows 2003 server clusters

What is a cluster? There are two common cluster architectures, one is web/internet cluster system, which is to place data on different hosts, that is, multiple hosts are responsible for one service at the same time, and the other is the so-called parallel operation! Parallel operation is actually the work of the same operation, to the entire Cluster inside the CPU to perform a synchronous operation of a function. Due to the computational power of using multiple CPUs ...

Welcome to Cloud Times Storage server technology and trend analysis

The "3Par takeover Incident", which began in August this year, has been abuzz with the first head-on showdown between HP and two large companies in the takeover case.   After two weeks of intense competition, Hewlett-Packard finally bought 3Par companies at a high price of 2.35 billion dollars. HP and Dale 3Par to become the focus of the industry why do two of companies value a storage enterprise that is not big? The reason is that the cloud storage era is coming soon, facing the IT industry almost crazy competition, who do not want to "lose at the starting line." Two companies are willing to pay a large price to collect ...

Facebook Data Center Practice analysis, OCP main work results

Editor's note: Data Center 2013: Hardware refactoring and Software definition report has a big impact. We have been paying close attention to the launch of the Data Center 2014 technical Report. In a communication with the author of the report, Zhang Guangbin, a senior expert in the data center, who is currently in business, he says it will take some time to launch. Fortunately, today's big number nets, Zhangguangbin just issued a good fifth chapter, mainly introduces Facebook's data center practice, the establishment of Open Computing Project (OCP) and its main work results. Special share. The following is the text: confidentiality is the data ...

Cloud storage technology: Let "security Cloud" application no longer misty

Cloud-based storage solution cloud storage is a new concept that extends and develops in the cloud Computing (cloudcomputing) concept, which means that a large number of different types of storage devices in the network can be assembled together through application software through the functions of cluster application, grid technology or Distributed File system. A system that provides data storage and business access functions together externally. With the development of network technology and the increase of bandwidth, cloud storage is becoming more and more promising in video surveillance, and cloud storage, as the vane of future development, mainly has the following advantages: ...

So many voices: wave of new products perfect strategy VMware confident that the road ahead is a good

This issue will be discussed in the following two topics: 1. Wave released 5 Smartrack new products, pointing to the integration of the architecture market, 2.VMware upgrade NSX expansion users, the latest vsphere 6 also full of confidence! So many sound column links: guests point of view refining: "00:00" Wave released 5 Smartrack new products, pointing to the integration of the architecture market this wave released in fact, the main ...

Cloud storage and its application prospect in the field of security monitoring

With the advent of the HD era, the ancient storage mode has been unable to meet the needs of high-definition, more and more enterprise customers video communications demand for explosive growth, coupled with the strong promotion of equipment manufacturers, video surveillance will be used in the field of cloud storage this topic became hot.   The new generation of information technology, represented by cloud computing, Internet of Things and mobile interconnection, has become a strategic emerging industry and will be supported and developed by the State in the 35 period. In the 2010 China International Social Security Products Expo, facing the growing demand for security storage, as the leading domestic ...

So many voices: IBM, Dell Development Strategy

Guest point of view Refining: IBM chip research, talent training two not mistaken IBM to spend 100 million U.S. dollars with China's 100 universities to do the focus of cooperation, some may open some large data and analysis of courses, and some even set up a large data center of excellence. It is well known that China's market environment may not be very adaptable to multinational companies such as IBM, or may be not friendly to this kind of enterprise, IBM this thing is very smart, the basic course of the general use of IBM's own product solutions to do some examples, which will bring benefits ...

The advent of the cloud gaming era

In a 10-storey office in the east of Beijing's eastern third ring, a few 100 square meters of offices, a few more than 20-year-old boys sit in front of their computers, playing the famous game of World of Warcraft. It's not a matter of working hours, it's their job to debug the stability and latency of their newly developed cloud gaming platforms on a few configured computers. Dundee, the founder and CEO of the new company, Beijing Yun Lian Technology Co., Ltd., a few years ago, led the team to develop a ...

Agent Zhang Fan in the cloud: A new era--the cloud era

May 23-May 25, 2012 cloud base of China Cloud Computing Conference opened the curtain, show cloud practice, explore cloud trend, share cloud future. The cloud base shows the latest technologies and new products in the field of cloud computing, and discusses the development trend of cloud computing, the great value of large data, the energy-saving of data center in cloud times and so on.   Zhang Fan, senior market manager at the top of the cloud, brought a keynote speech on "A new era-cloud era." Zhang Fan: I introduce myself, my side is the Zhang Fan of the market department of Cloud Times. The cloud ERA and the last ...

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