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Hanvon Tablet Linux Driver 0.5 release Hanwang USB driver

Hanvon Tablet Linux Driver is a Linux kernel USB driver that mainly supports the full functionality of Artmaster I tablets, including: pen coordinates, touch/float/Click Detection, Pressure, x and y tilt, brush buttons, four simple flat-panel buttons , and the slider button. The driver also supports some similar models. Hanvon Tablet Linux Driver 0.5 This version supports Hanvon Artmaster AM ...

Hanvon Artmaster 0806, 1209 Linux Driver 0.4 release

Hanvon Artmaster 0806, 1209 Linux driver is a Linux kernel USB driver that supports the full functionality of Artmaster0806 and 1209, including: pen coordinates, touch/float/Click Detection, Pressure, x and Y tilt, Brush buttons, four simple flat buttons, and slider buttons. Hanvon Artmaster 0806, 1209 Linux Driver 0.4 This version supports the flat model, Hanvon ...

D:yaml 0.3 Release YAML parser Library

D:yaml is a YAML parser base based on the D programming language, most of which conforms to the YAML 1.1 specification. It has a D compiler and a standard library without external dependencies. The D:yaml feature is easy to use and supports the full functionality of YAML settings. Yaml is a highly readable programming language used to express data sequences. Yaml is referenced in several other languages, including XML, C, Python, Perl, and e-mail format RFC2822. Clark Evans first published this in 2001 ...

Pay for better service and experience

Friends let me recommend a good schedule management software, I recommend doit. When I said that the software needed to pay to use the full functionality of 100 dollars a year, the friend was surprised to say, or pay? It seems that such software should not be charged, or that the charging software will enter my field of vision. However, there is no free lunch, software is also required cost. If the user does not pay, then the software can only be inserted into advertising to profit. I would rather pay for a clean interface than I would pay for it, compared to the constantly popping ads that interfere with people's view. 100 dollars a year is not the cost of ...

Apache vysper v0.7 Release full-featured XMPP (jabber) Server Software

Vysper is designed to be a modular, full-featured XMPP (jabber) Server software. Based on the MINA Network framework development. The new version adds some major new features, such as server to server links, hoc commands, service management, WebSockets support, In-brand registration, and bug fixes. This is adds some major features to Http://www.aliyun ....

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