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Slingshot: FB another face making

Introduction: After the $ 3 billion acquisition of the Snapchat offer was denied, Facebook decided to create a new "Post-Fire" application to counter Snapchat, so that Poke, a leading application for "post-burn" functionality, In early May this year, Poke shelves from the App Store. iDoNews only said the product No. 166 July 4 (WeChat iLoveDonews) Poke about a month after the shelves, Faceb ...

Iredmail Integrated Fetchmail functionality

At present Iredmail has not integrated fetchmail function, if you need to use Fetchmail, you can integrate installation fetchmail& 37954.html ">nbsp;apt-get Install Fetchmail set fetchmail daemon Run Modify/etc/default/f ...

Pf-kernel 3.2.4-PF publishes a branch of the Linux kernel

Pf-kernel 3.2.4-PF This version of the kernel has been updated to version 3.2.5 and the LINUXIMQ has been merged. Pf-kernel is a branch of the Linux kernel. It provides practical functionality to incorporate BFS Scheduler and TuxOnIce into the mainline. Software information: Address:

Mxgraph Release chart maker software

Mxgraph is a ">javascript library for built-in browsers to provide an interactive drawing and charting. A Web application that is designed and edited in a Web page for workflow/bpm flowcharts, charts, network diagrams, and normal graphics. Mxgraph This version supports adding text labels and net back-end image output functionality in Java packages. To increase the ...

Check_openmanage 3.7.3 Release Nagios plugin

Check_openmanage is a Nagios plug-in that uses OpenManage Server Management (OMSA) to check the hardware health status of the Dell server running. This plug-in can be used for remote SNMP or local nrpe,check_by_ssh, or similar functionality. Ability to check storage subsystem, power supply, Memory module, "> Temperature Sensor" health, if ...

OPENWAG200 1.4 Release Linksys Enhancements tool

OPENWAG200 is a tool for improving the functionality of the Linksys WAG200G wireless and DSL routers. OpenWAG200 Main Features:-routed ">wlan-static DHCP Leases-mac address cloning-telnetd /SSHD-DNSMASQ-Dynamic DNS (D ...)

sawfish 1.8.2 Publish Extensible window Manager

Sawfish (formerly Sawmill) is an extensible window manager that uses Lisp-based extension languages. All window decorations are configurable by extending the language to control all user interface policies. The goal is to manage the window in the most flexible and attractive way possible. Sawfish is primarily compatible with GNOME, and almost all configurations can be achieved through a graphical interface. Sawfish version 1.8.2 fixes all the problems with execution failures in advanced functionality. Corrected the correct position of the cursor to the shadow window. Fixed ...

SCSS 0.4.1 publishes a R6RS plan library for resolution

Scss is a cascading style sheet for resolving r6rs plan libraries, query and glow style information and suggestions, compatible with the consortium. Although SCSS itself does not provide any rendering functionality, it can provide styling information to applications and libraries to do. SCSS includes an arbitrary file implementation pluggable API that allows it to adapt to the full range of selection types described in the Consortium recommendations; Sdom support. SCSS 0.4.1 Update log: This is a bug fix release that resolves the broken symbol reference and updates to Http://www.aliyun ....

Using Rational Team concert to track the rational System architect model

In this process, changes to the model need to be tracked in order to achieve efficient conversion. This article demonstrates how to use the OSLC functionality in the rational system Architect to track the various changes in the rational system Architect model using the Rational Team concert. Tracking changes to artifacts before you start is critical in a process-oriented enterprise. This article guides you on how to use ibm®rational tea ...

Pf-kernel 3.1.4-PF publishes a branch of the Linux kernel

Pf-kernel 3.1.4-PF This version of the kernel has been updated to version 3.1.4. Pf-kernel is a branch of the Linux kernel. It provides practical functionality to incorporate BFS Scheduler and TuxOnIce into the mainline. Software information: Address:

EXPRESSIONJ 0.8.7 publishes a digital representation of the Java library

Expressionj is a Java library that interprets simple numeric representations. The library can be used in all applications to combine values without the use of fully fledged scripting languages. Expressionj 0.8.7 This version modifies the addition of strings and numeric expressions, and returns a string (for example, "A" +1 Returns "A1") and returns an error value fix in any expression, fixing problems that are not properly parsed (for example, C + functionality (A,B), analysis and evaluation correct). Software Information: Http://source ...

Son of Grid Engine 8.0.0b release Interactive job cluster

Son of Grid engine is a highly scalable and flexible distributed "> Resource scheduling batch or interactive job cluster or desktop farm." It is a community project that continues Sun's grid Engine. This is a competitive proprietary system and provides better scheduling functionality and scalability, unlike Torque, Slurm, Condor, and ...

Linux Command Encyclopedia disk maintenance: rwho

Feature Description: View system users. Syntax: rwho& >nbsp; [A] Supplemental note: The effect of the rwho directive is similar to that of the WHO directive, but it displays the users of all the hosts on the LAN. The host must provide the functionality of the Rwhod Resident service before using the rwho directive. Parameters:-A lists all users ...

Locdemo 0.7 releases GPS for demo function

Locdemo is used to demonstrate libwlocate functionality. When it starts, it evaluates the user's current location and displays it on the map. The solution provides GEO localization without using GPS. Locdemo 0.7 This version contains a tool that records ">wlan details. This information can be loaded into the Locdemo to keep track of where the data belongs to. ...

Android 3 multi-view Linux kernel Tablet PC

Android is a Linux kernel based software platform and operating system that was developed early by Google and then developed by the Open Cell Phone Consortium open handset Alliance. It uses the Software heap layer (software stack, also known as software Overlay) architecture, mainly divided into three parts. The low-level is based on the Linux kernel, providing only basic functionality, while other applications are developed by the companies themselves, and Java is part of the programming process. In addition, to promote this technology, Google and the other dozens of ...

Yahoo launches email encryption to secure user information

Sina Science and technology news Beijing time March 16 morning, in order to further strengthen the network security, just at the SXSW Interactive conference on the display of the password-free login and the latest encryption of e-mail technology. Passwords are inefficient and insecure, and many leading technology companies have introduced two-step verification techniques to provide users with more security options. But this is only optional, and only those users who are concerned with security will be enabled for this type of functionality. That's why Yahoo uses a new technology called "on-demand" passwords. As with the two-step verification technology, users can receive one or more times by using a mobile phone or SMS.

The industry had expected Microsoft to launch its Xbox Music Web page later this week.

This network player is very similar to the recently redesigned Windows 8.1 Xbox Music application, but its playback screen functionality is not as rich as the full application version. During the test, the reviewers found that the use of the network player can be synchronized with a variety of devices, and music can continue to play in other versions without restrictions. The play bar is in the interface, providing options to control music playback, volume, and repeat switches. Users can edit the playlist, add music to the cloud Music library, and search freely. Xbox Music ...

Eclim 1.7.6 releases eclipse integrated into Vim's plug-ins

Eclim is a set of vim plug-ins for ">eclipse, which integrates the Eclipse development environment into the vim editor. The original goal was to provide Eclipse Java functionality in Vim and now support a variety of other languages (c/S, PHP, Python, Ruby, CSS, HTML, XML, etc. ...).

Hanvon Artmaster 0806, 1209 Linux Driver 0.4 release

Hanvon Artmaster 0806, 1209 Linux driver is a Linux kernel USB driver that supports the full functionality of Artmaster0806 and 1209, including: pen coordinates, touch/float/Click Detection, Pressure, x and Y tilt, Brush buttons, four simple flat buttons, and slider buttons. Hanvon Artmaster 0806, 1209 Linux Driver 0.4 This version supports the flat model, Hanvon ...

Media Server Control Panel 0.10 release

Media Server Control Panel 0.10 This version increases the transcoding support for the audio stream. The input format can be Mp3,ogg or aac+. The output format can be either MP3 or OGG (stereo/mono). The stereo tool audio processor is added to the audio Flow encoder. (This requires SSE2 support). There are minor changes on the Administrator page. The Media Server Control Panel is a ICECAST2 management interface with comprehensive functionality. Admin can create user, ...

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