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US legislation protects virtual property gaming account is also a heritage area

According to overseas media reports, the United States has passed a law in Oklahoma, the virtual property also included in the will to carry out the scope. reported that the law has been formally effective on November 1. Lawmakers hope the legislation will alert people to the problems of dealing with virtual property after their death, such as game accounts, paid props, role files, emails, personal photos and other fairly important private resources. Lawmakers acknowledge that although the law conflicts with existing virtual service agreements, they believe that the owners of the virtual property after the death of the fictitious assets are still valuable, should be properly ...

Free game mode Meritorious "Lord of the Rings" overseas profits doubled

Overseas especially the European and American market Time charging mode has been the mainstream, but the Chinese manufacturers carry forward the "free game fee props" gradually show its charm in overseas markets. "Lord of the Rings ol" overseas operator Turbine recently publicly said that since September the use of free game mode operation, the game's profit has doubled.  According to statistics, in the meantime there are more than 1 million new game accounts established. The data are the executive producer of Lord of the Rings, Kate Paiz at a symposium at the game Developer conference GDC Online 2010.

Robot online Games "Perpetuum" released using the monthly fee model

Large-scale sci-fi theme games "Perpetuum" has been officially released in Friday.  The game is made by the Hungarian Avatar Creations Company to operate the robot shooting games. The official announced that the game account had been invalidated during the early tests and that the player needed to create a new account and spend 9.95 dollars on a monthly fee card to restart the robot journey.  However, these new game accounts receive an official two-week free extension point (the currency used to purchase skill points). Science fiction robot Games "Perpetuum" Science fiction machine ...

On the question of the inheritance of online games who is your game account after you die?

Recently, according to media reports, a woman from Tongcheng Li, her husband left behind the game equipment "Dragon Sword" was cheated away, in order to get back "Dragon Sword", and hope that through the "inheritance law" to seek help. The local Court said: Game account and game equipment as a land of the heritage of Lee can inherit. However, according to the relevant data show that the equipment is a joint effort with Yang to get, is the mutual property.  Lee can only inherit a share of land.  Is virtual property a legacy? Open the computer, QQ, MSN, NetEase bubble, and friends, colleagues chat;

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