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2 did not renew the Golden Hill game Agent Operation Road or declare failure

According to Jinshan insiders, Jinshan game agent operating in Beijing game Peak Software Limited liability company (referred to as "the peak of the game"), "Fairy 2" contract has expired, but the two sides did not continue to renew. Industry insiders believe that this is the "People's margin Q" After the failure of the contract, Jinshan in the agent operation on the road again encounter resistance.  And the renewal of the failure, it may directly indicate the Golden Hill game agent operating the entire road rout. Fairy 2 "Xian Lu Romance 2" the founder of the pinnacle of the game Wang Sina game interview confirmed that the "Fairy Love 2" contract period has expired, but Jinshan game ...

"Rift in time and space" will be opened in China

"TechWeb Report" March 1 News, Shanda Games chairman and CEO Tan today in the micro-interview interaction revealed that Shanda game agent operating the "space-time Rift (Rift)" plan to start large-scale testing in the second half, will use the timing charge mode, but also do not rule out other possibilities.   Shanda Game recently announced with the game Developers Trion Worlds reached an agreement, will be in mainland China agent operating online games "RIFT", Chinese name officially designated as "Space-Time rift." "RIFT" is developed by Trion worlds ...

"Space-Time Rift (Rift)" and will open in December

"TechWeb Report" November 13 News, Shanda Game agent operation of Europe and the United States magic 3D online games "space-time Rift (Rift)" has been the end of October, the first Test, and will open in December.   Shanda Game CEO Zhang when talking about the game, said the Grand game advantage is an MMO operation, the future will also adhere to their own product strategy. "Space-Time Rift" is developed by the American game developer Trion Worlds, a grand game agent operating a large 3D fantasy class MMORPG. Born in the beginning of the 2011 "Space-Time Rift" is ...

"Warface" Open game video for Asia-Pacific players

(Compile/Small Hee) the world famous research and development company Crytek of the second generation FPS new "War face", has been formally agent to the Chinese game agent Tencent.  Recently, Tencent officially released the "War Face" of the latest promotional video, CryEngine3 visual and game effect is well-deserved.  "War face" with the quality of the second generation of the most research and development concept, using artificial intelligence and physical engine special effects as the background, giving people the feeling is watching a battle epic blockbuster. In addition, "War face" emphasizes the cooperation of many people.

Grand Game "Space-Time Rift" signed by Hollywood star Maggieq

"Global Network Technology Report" by the Grand game Agent of Europe and the United States 3D dynamic online games "time and Space Rift" will officially open on March 6, the official test, officially launched the "American Pie Plan" signed international Superstar, the formation of "time and Space Rift" "star player." After the NBA superstar Dwyane (Dwyane Tyrone Wade), Hollywood famous actress Maggie Q (Li Michi) also officially announced to join the "space-time rift", become the second signing star (Http:// ...

Korean media bullish "surprise ol" beat CF capture China fps market

(Compiled/Small hee) as two Korean self produced FPS, "Surprise ol" (Shanda agent named "Assault Storm") and "through the FireWire" has entered China, and the recent South Korean media in comparison of the two games, said the two will be in China FPS Market launched the most intense competition.  "Through the line of fire" for China's first online games, by the South Korean Neowiz company operations, China Tencent Game agent, the game to the highest 2.3 million at the same time the number of online, directly improve the performance of two companies, become the Chinese market the most box-office game. and "Surprise ol" by Nexon ...

Restricted class ARPG The first test of the Nineth Continental National Service March

"C9" (Coninent of the ninth) was developed by the South Korean Webzen Generation ARPG network game, a brisk action to hit the effects of the player's expectations, in Korea's first two-week closed test more than 70,000 people to participate in the record, and was formally tested in Korea on August 15, 2009.  Mainland China has been identified by Tencent Game agent, and named "Nineth mainland", is expected to open the first Test in March. "The Nineth Continent" is the use of well-known physical engine Havok and combined with AMD's latest technology made of Zeshi ...

Shanda Game Agent Japan game manufacturer Sega Development RPG hand Tour "chain war"

April 22 News, Shanda Games announced by the Japanese game maker Sega Development RPG hand Tour "Chain wars."   Shanda Game CEO Zhang revealed that Shanda's own IP revenue ratio reached more than 60%, the future focus will also be through a variety of channels to introduce and launch high-quality hand-travel products, including self-research and agents. Recalling 2013 Zhang said, Shanda in the hand tour operation mainly made two new attempts: first, through the "Million King Arthur" to carry out the operation of the innovation; the second is to try to go through the Grand Game Hand Tour boutique operation mode "G home" through the tradition ...

13 game tests on the blade of the blast

  This week a total of 13 online games for testing, of which 4 of the game, 2 of the first Test, 3 games do not delete files test, 4 game public testing, although it seems a lot of games, but in fact, high quality can play the game is only a handful of a few.   by Tencent game agent operating the "blade of the blast" in the National Service today (June 23) officially opened the beta. This test has been redesigned and optimized for the UI interface, and the player will be able to see the new UI art style. At the same time, the guild system has been strengthened, open more guild content, and enhance the player ...

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