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Japanese PM addicted to Internet chess game favorite Go Mahjong

According to overseas media reports, the current Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan is an avid desktop game enthusiasts, his favorite items include Mahjong, Weiqi and chess. Reports revealed that Naoto Kan sometimes even the internet to play these chess games, and then in the next day of the Japanese parliament to supplement sleep.  It is said to have had such an interesting situation: the Prime Minister's wife, Mr. Kan, worried that her husband would be injured every night busy late at night, and the result was that the prime Minister was playing with people online. As Naoto Kan's political rivals, former Democratic Party leader Ozawa has approved ...

Korea online game Test Schedule "Street Basketball 2" a survey

(Compile/Small Hee) this week is the world of stand-alone game enthusiasts, because the "Civilization 5" and the sale of the E-sports League fiery, this week's South Korean online games market slightly dim.  This week's focus on the game "Street Basketball 2" 1 10.14-23 Korean national game "Street Basketball" of the continuation of the "Street Basketball 2" will officially open the first Test on 14th.  Compared with the previous, the latter has a higher degree of authenticity, as well as supporting the game introduction system, Team, Team System is also more powerful. "Street Basketball 2" will bring the first player a simple and clear ...

Foreign manual strong for the Wii to build liquid cooling system 90 's science fiction wind

Liquid cold for PC game enthusiasts is not unfamiliar, it is a luxury and effective cooling means, the figure frequently appears in high-end graphics cards and some of the game known as video card killer. Foreign one called Angel OD's hands-on strong for the Nintendo mainframe Wii developed a set of liquid cooling system, although the host running the game when the temperature is not high, but the three main host of the most low-temperature one, but Angel OD to express his love for the Wii or tailored to it a set of cool summer clothes. This cooling system uses a large number of cooling tubes and metal plates, the original shell of the host is also ...

"Every day there is a game" to create a spring feast chess game

The beauty of chess and cards is in the game. Diamond, Caira, hand-to-hand combat, fighting wits. Victory is glad, and defeat is joy. A son of a card, a step-by-step, are disseminated in Chinese traditional culture leisurely zen. Today, the domestic leading chess game operators in the world, with "Every day there is a game" for the vast number of game enthusiasts to create a chess game of the spring feast.  More intensive competitions, a higher level of opponents, more generous gift, playing chess in the league, playing is the heartbeat! "Every day there is a game" 18:00-23:00 on time every day, as long as you login to join the public, you can participate ...

Are you dead? Classic 8-bit gameover large set

From game enthusiasts Dash Coleman a pair of game over a large collection, including the 8-player era of the most classic 30 kinds of "dead", including "Mario", "King Kong", "Dou Luo" and "Adventure Island" such a well-known masterpiece.  However, there are some I am afraid it is not so easy to recognize.  In any case, the person who can say all 30, in addition to playing a lot of games and have a great memory, eyes are also stronger than others. More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

The player is stolen to practise the Trojan Horse technology as the earning

Online game enthusiasts found their own game account stolen, unexpectedly also self-study network knowledge, and practice the implantation of Trojan Horse technology, and as a means of earning, by sending Trojans control Internet cafes host, theft point card after crazy virus. January 30, the criminal suspect Huang for theft, Jiangsu province Rugao Procuratorate approved the arrest. Huang this year 26 years old, the department Zhongqing Kai County person, does not have the proper work, on weekdays lingers in the street Internet Café, indulges in the network game. April or May 2013, in playing a network game, Huang found his game account was stolen, which makes him very angry, with ...

Comic-con 2014 scene-a big wave let you messy Cosplay "more pictures

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > The annual San Diego anime show is undoubtedly the world's most influential anime festival, a large number of anime and game enthusiasts came to the scene to support their favorite characters and works. Of course, such a grand festival, can not be less cosplayer figure, we will take a look at venues inside and outside the player spontaneous participation COSPLAY activities bar ... In addition to the familiar ...

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