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Thunder New Tour "The Devil" launched, inventory game characteristics

"The Devil" Game features: 1, thousands of people even chopped; in the area of the K, when the "> Players in 120 seconds to kill two consecutive other countries will be the role of the chopping effect, and in the game interface above the break prompts, when the total number of players to reach 10 people to gain the title and Obsession buff. Players reach the 10,20,40,60 even after the number will be respectively obtained "...

Wolf Software Games Core class 1.1.0 release game key classes

Wolf Software Games Core class is a central game category that contains basic game features such as rolling dice and Solitaire, and so on. Wolf Software Games Core Class 1.1.0 This version enhances now including all Solitaire, so graphics cards and display images can be used as a text-based. Software Information: Http:// ...

"Nba2kol" conference in the future will be multiplayer team confrontation mode

By Tencent Game and Take-two company research and Development of sports games, "NBA 2K Online" Today, the product launch, the project producer Steve and Gray on the game features and test conditions were disclosed. The head of the NBA 2K online project said the first three tests were mainly about the smoothness of the game, because China's network environment is more complex and there will be related tests later. The current "NBA 2K online" Main battle mode is 1v1 game mode, in the future will be launched ...

Game Orange: Coreblaze Game Introduction

Core Blaze Game introduction: With Oriental fantasy style, super hard faction action game "Core Blaze", is unreal Engine 3 developed, with innovative type of game.  This game features "random choice of game mode", as well as "with monsters and scenes interactive scene." Players in the "Core Blaze" game, must be close communication with teammates and tacit cooperation, for different levels of the design of a series of tactical coordination, and the interactive process and the quality of the task is closely related. Freedom ...

"Moon Shadow Legend" first-hand information three alliance into a unique system

(comprehensive/ram) after three Tests, the players must have a clear picture of their story. But at the end of the third Test period, the official website did not release anything new content, a lot of fans are eager to know about the "Moon Shadow Legends" of the latest news.  However, this official website released on the "Legend of the Moon" more the most explosive material-the game features first look! "The Legend of the Moon" story is around the mysterious "Wudaude Sutra" launched, the involvement of this arena is the people who also? Fly Bao, Tibet Sword ...

Hot Pull Wind full! The Duke of Doom, the official online line

2 K officially published the "Eternal Doom" official website.  This site is really something special, the Duke of the wind is accompanied by the appearance of hot music. In addition to trailer and game features, the official website allows players to enter the Duke Cave. Players can see the animated models of women and aliens that appear in the game.  In addition, there is the "humble auditorium", which is actually a gallery, displaying the Duke's photos and quotes.  Players can also book the game on the official website, including the Tough Guy limited edition. The Duke of Eternal Doom will land in North America on May 3, 5 ...

Microsoft announces Empire times ol Egyptian camp and social characteristics

Microsoft has uncovered information about the Egyptians (also known as the "Blue Camp") in Empire Times Online. The Egyptians, as one of the two opposing camps in this free game, fought against the red camp and have always been committed to expanding their territory throughout the world.  In addition, we would like to inform players beforehand that we will be releasing the Egyptian game features in the near future. In addition, Microsoft has released some of the social and large multiplayer online details of Empire Time online, focused on the player's own main city and confirmed GA ...

In the green treasure frequent speculation new online games, please also have the Buddhist monk to have the moral integrity?

Recently because of "dozen female lawyers Incident" and "new staff military training incident" frequently out of the mirror of the Green treasure (300052, shares bar) for the promotion of its new network game again, in Green Bao Chairman Li Ruijie please Tibetan monks for the company's online games "".   In the green Treasure, please the green treasure in the net, February 23 Li Ruijie led a mysterious monk, step into the game team office to understand the game's operating conditions. Li Ruijie to the mysterious lama around the game, and let the Product Commissioner demo operation, explain the game features and play. After a moment's look, the monk spared ...

Dance group continued to "Race dance ol" new witch attack and other models

"Dance Troupe" continued the "Race dance Online", the first wave of "CCB-dance group recruitment" activity success. " The new line of the game said that since July 5, the first wave of "CCB dance group recruitment" activities, each account to send a pipeline has been requested, the official specially in Minik and cooperation network Café send CCB test account. In order to thank the players for their support, the new game says, officials will plan to conduct a second wave of "CCB and more exciting activities, and ask players to grasp the last chance to recruit" event ...

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