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Liaoning TV GTV and 07073 Game Network strategic cooperation

February 8 Afternoon news, people familiar with the TechWeb revealed that, recently, Liaoning TV's GTV Game Video Network and web game information site 07073 Game Network to reach strategic cooperation.  The two sides will conduct a series of cooperation, GTV's official website will change the domain name for People familiar with the matter said GTV and 07073 will share resources after formal cooperation, GTV one of the most important programs will be renamed the 07073 China Game report. GTV's official website will change the domain name to "This time ...

GTA5 will be released on three platforms in the context of the Cold War period

The latest news of March 9, the "Grand Theft Auto" series are violent, bloody game pronoun, but it is undeniable that this has been in the world to obtain the love of countless players, and the latest new "Grand Theft Car 5" game information, also naturally become the focus of the industry's attention ...  Today, according to foreign media, called Supererogatory netizens on Twitter, posted a blog that will be on the PS3, PC and XBOX360 platform "Grand theft Car 5", the subtitle will be ' RUSH '. According to the introduction, this ...

"The King's Gift: the Shuttle World" detailed game information released

"The King's Gift: the Shuttle world," the details of the European game publisher 1C Company, recently released the SLG game "The King's Gift" (Kings Bounty the Legend) series of works "King's Gift: Uniform princess" of the "King's Gift: the Shuttle World",  The content will include new tasks, objects, spells and bizarre creatures, allowing the player to embark on a new chapter of adventure with the Princess and the Dragon's footsteps. By Katauri Interactive company developed the "King's Gift: the Shuttle world ..."

Korean online games "Tera" mobile phone version of the game data Search service online

Note: The impact of the World of Warcraft Heroes List (wowamory), Koreans have imitated, began to provide game information mobile search business, after the Eternal Tower, Tera also began to develop the business. Developed by the Bluehole studio, NHN's Hangame (Korea's largest gaming portal) released the Times multiplayer large online RPG game "Tera" recently transplanted its game data search service to the mobile platform, which means that players can now use their mobile phones to search any " Tera of ...

Nomura's new project will attend the E3 game show next week

The micro-blog from Hashimoto's real division shows that the creator of the heart of the kingdom and the ultimate fantasy VERSUS13, the director of Nomura, will also make a formal debut of the E3 exhibition.  "Next week, the director of Nomura will also travel to Los Angeles to attend the E3 exhibition," said Hashimoto's microblog.  It is not clear that Nomura is also present at the E3 exhibition, and Nomura said it will publish two pieces of the heart of the kingdom, including the heart of the Kingdom 3, during the year. As for "Final Fantasy Versus13" will also be possible to release new game information, but before Nomura Zhe also said ...

The Aurora World reappears copper-gate-bred women still split with multiple people

The recent Aurora World also broke up with the copper door is extremely similar to the incident, the forum a male player blew his girlfriend's cheating behavior, and attached QQ chat records.  In the article, the player named "Let you play" claimed that his girlfriend had no time to play games with her during the intercourse, and found a player in the game named "do rather low-key" (traditional) as a husband. The player now claims to have broken up with his split-legged girlfriend.  But its pitiful experience lets the person sigh really dumbing, Encebergo. For more game information, please visit the Multiplayer Game Network (Edit/Zhang Xing)

"TERA" determined that the South Korean public test will be monthly fee system charges

NHN's Jin Xiangxian representative in the third-quarter conference call, said, "The TERA of the public test is expected to be carried out at the end of the November game show g★ will open the latest version of the game, monthly fee system operation is also planned after the public test implementation."  On the other hand, "TERA" also frequently through the official website released a variety of game information, including the recent "Enhanced Crystal", "change props" and other content and the game load screen, etc., so that waiting for a long while the players expect a sense of double. "TERA" by Bluehole Studio development, NHN operation, is a use of non-lock ...

"Bio-Crisis" adapted to social games background in raccoon market

April 19, the June "biochemical crisis: Outbreak offspring" will be with the Japanese social networking site Gree head-on confrontation.  Game background or in raccoon market, players will be able to join the game with friends, sharing therapeutic effects and team to complete the rescue task. More game information, please pay attention to play the game network (digging the shell net)

Lei as president of multiplayer gaming Network

February 24 Afternoon news, Lei today as the chairman of more games network, will be mainly responsible for playing a network of strategic investment, Government PR work.  More play net last year, just received a sum of 23 million dollars of capital investment, so far has completed four rounds of financing, in addition lei in the early creation of a multiplayer network has personal angel investment 1 million dollars.  More Game Network was founded in 2005, positioning for a game information professional portal site, its guild system, YY voice community, more play forums, news and other business in the industry considerable influence. Today more play net in the internal meeting to elect the original director Lei ...

"Bubble Warrior" activation Code Lottery 3 Group winning number announced

"Bubble Warrior" This number is the lottery form, purchased lottery players can be in the YY Privilege Center to view the winning number, and pick up the activation code. The winning of this event is: 1,8,15,22,29,35 8,9,10,11,12,13 3,4,9,10,15,16 "bubble warrior" activation address >>> "bubble Warrior" game information >>> multi-play Hair center > >> If you want to see the winning number, just log in ...

Panasonic launches first portable online gaming machine "Jungle"

Panasonic launches the first portable online gaming palm machine "Jungle" more game information please pay attention to  (editor/zz) October 6 The latest news, Japan's well-known home appliance manufacturers Panasonic has announced that they will launch its own research and development of the first portable online gaming palm "Jungle (The Jungle)." According to the official online introduction, "Jungle" palm machine positioning is for want to "play online games anytime, anywhere" group of players. The body is designed by Panasonic Cloud Entertainment, including mini QW ...

3DS Selling day lead player dissatisfied! Nintendo shares plunge

September 29, Nintendo Conference, the old president of the Rock Iwata announced that the 3DS sale date is February 26, 2011, the price is 25000 yen, the scene suddenly become very dull, there is no applause.  The news of the sale day, the previous rally has been the rise of the Nintendo stock price suddenly plunged!  It is now all over the day complaining about the late sale, and there are some voices that do not understand that 3DS does not participate in the year-end war. More press conference information, please see our live topic: Click to enter more game information, please pay attention to play the game network more. (Edit/Fire)

Raffish! Kinect's five most unexpected creative applications

Since Microsoft's Kinect was released, hackers around the world have taken turns to show how their creative minds are using a tiny body-sensing camera.  In the face of a variety of applications, overseas famous game information site 1UP recently made a "Kinect's most Unexpected application" commentary, let's see what are the wonderful uses: 1. First person Kinect simulate virtual idol first tone Japanese Higuchi has written a driver named Mikumikudance that allows Kinect to sense ...

"Monster Hunter: Frontier ol" official release of version 9.0 news

Multi-Play network Capcom for PC, XBOX360 platform Game "Monster Hunter: Frontier ol" officially released the 9.0 version of the news, is expected to be officially updated on September 29, 2010, let us look at the new version of what will be new weapons and new equipment. Latest weapons and equipment: [Page][page] More game information, please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Fire)

Player to showgirl in CJ scene courtship passionate kissing

The biggest event of Chinese players, the eighth session ChinaJoy July 29 ~8 Month 1st in Shanghai New International Expo Center held.  Reporters at the scene for the player to bring the latest reports and the most complete game information, please pay attention to play ChinaJoy topics. 2010 CJ officially started on July 29. In the first day of the exhibition, the target software booth was discovered a man to showgirl true confession and successfully solicited the showgirl's hot kiss, the scene of an uproar. It was later known that the man was involved in the company's activities at the target booth and ...

Sony senior Revealed "star OL: Future" will be tested early next year

John Smedley, the boss of Sony Online, said in his personal blog about "Interstellar Online: The future" some new news.  "Star Online: The Future" is a sci-fi shooting game and has not officially announced that John is the only developer to publicly publish the game information. "We will announce the Star Online: the future and open beta tests early next year," Smedley said in a blog. I can say it will be a great game. He also confirmed that beta testers will play from the current star online ...

"StarCraft 2" puzzle Map--Star Treasure Puzzle

In 2010 years of Blizzard Carnival, Blizzard announced 4 official "StarCraft 2" map, Star puzzle is a puzzle map.  This is a confrontational puzzle wind map, similar to the Gem bejeweled play is easy to start each side will continue to refresh the Gunners attacking base [page] through the batter and eliminate more gems to summon advanced biological or special skills of the ability to finally use wisdom and reaction to overcome your opponents! To learn more about game information, please pay attention to playing games online. (Edit/Fire)

Amateur online Online First Test recruitment

Neowiz Games operation of the target MMORPG "Raiderz" (Temporary translation: z) a test before the opening of the official website on July 20. The Open "Z-surprise" official website open epic Monster and other game information, and to eliminate the player's curiosity community space.  At the same time, the official internet to obtain a test qualification testing recruitment activities, open a player to discuss the content of the game of the Forum, expect the players to participate actively. Official website: Into the "Z" for a high degree of completion of the game development, on Twitter to actively collect the player's meaning ...

Korean shooting Games "counter-Strike ol" update women's role and new map

Recently, the Korean costume "counter-Strike ol" updated the Alloy War mode new map quasar and new female role Alice. More game information, please pay more attention to play game network. (Edit/zz)

Monks are also crazy monks stroll ChinaJoy

The biggest event of Chinese players, the eighth session ChinaJoy July 29 ~8 Month 1st in Shanghai New International Expo Center held.  Play more reporters on the scene for the player to bring the latest reports and the most complete game information, please pay attention to more play ChinaJoy topics. Monks also come to stroll ChinaJoy Oh, ha lo, equipment is also very complete AH (edit: God domain)

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