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52PK Game network domain name expired not renewed access failure

Sina Science and technology news October 8 morning, the game site 52PK ( due to the expiration of the domain name did not renew the fee, today, access failure: All the pages are to the domain Name Service provider's docking page.  52PK official Weibo revealed that the issue had been resolved and that a number of users responded to 52PK of access to the recovery. Today morning to visit 52PK users found that all the pages of the game network, are turning to the domain Name service provider new Network Parking page, and in the upper right corner of the page prompts "your domain name has expired, please contact your service provider renewals." Query results show ...

Cai million yuan to buy xingping 4399 small game Network

According to a long-term close to CAI personal webmaster revealed that the well-known domain name investors Cai recently with China's first personal webmaster xingping reached a consensus.  Cai won billions of dollars to buy Xingping's 4399 games stations, the deal has been completed in the near future. According to the above people, CAI to spend such a high price to buy 4399 small game station is because of his fancy in the industry's influence. 2004 after the acquisition of Baidu Hao123, personal webmaster xingping set now billion. Xingping then invested in the establishment of the Flash games website, in Hao1 ...

"The Blade of the Queen" animated version login PSN provoked controversy and forced the shelves

More Play Game Network (compile: Lich Congus) July 12 News, last year by Chinese netizens jokingly dubbed "Meat who" "The Queen Blade" animated version finally landed PSN open download. But conservative Europeans do not seem to be interested in the fun of the meat-selling animation, and even the Overseas gaming website has commented that it is "the complete set is to show off the quality of women's breasts."  "and strongly accuse Sony of not putting this" pornographic "animation into the PSN store for download. "The Blade of the Queen" stills, cough, declare, this is not the H animation ...

Pretty stunning! Need For Speed 15 first batch of actual game screenshots

EA released the "Need for Speed 15: Speed 2," the latest game screenshot, this is also the first time to include HUD's actual game screenshots, from the screenshot can be seen the game screen style is quite good, bright colors, bright light, and even more visual sense than before the propaganda screenshots.  The pc,xbox360 and PS3 platform will be landing in North America on March 29 and April 1 in the UK. Game screenshot: More information please pay attention to play the game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

It's hilarious! Foreign players play the Kinect game with cats

More information please pay attention to play the game network more

The most painful titanic game ever tried to smash the machine.

Play more online, the game will inevitably have some people have no language or drop sweat design, however, like the following Titanic game such a depressing design, believe that the world can not find to rival rivals, small set can only faint hum, see the game of egg pain, have not seen such a game of egg pain. More information please pay attention to play game Network (Edit/Ming)

"GT5" a variety of climate and effect display video confirmation corresponding to 3D

Play video (Compile/bean cub) at yesterday's Tokyo video game show Special conference, Sony confirmed that "GT Racing 5" will correspond to 3D effect. This is a collection of up to 1,000 cars, 170 kinds of fine models, and there are heavy rain, snow and other climatic conditions, as well as night, wet road, snow and other track conditions.  According to the latest screenshot shows, in addition to the common car, there are buses, SUVs and other types of cars can be selected.  Night skiing model military jeep?  Public bus? More information please pay attention to play game Network (Edit/Ming)

Firefall released the third professional Scout can be stealth good at killing

Red 5 Studios recently unveiled the 3rd professional "Scout" at the Pax East Show, "Firefall". "Scout" is a master who specializes in using long-range sniper weapons and has good maneuvering performance. He can use sniper weapons to accurately kill each other outside the range of the enemy. In addition, this occupation also has the stealth ability.  The maps in the game seem to hold hundreds of players in the war, and players can continue to observe the battlefield secretly after they are killed. More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

Super Maryin to play "World of Warcraft"

More information please pay attention to play the game network more

"Monster Hunter: Frontier ol" official release of version 9.0 news

Multi-Play network Capcom for PC, XBOX360 platform Game "Monster Hunter: Frontier ol" officially released the 9.0 version of the news, is expected to be officially updated on September 29, 2010, let us look at the new version of what will be new weapons and new equipment. Latest weapons and equipment: [Page][page] More game information, please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Fire)

Multi-play Warcraft box plug-in update log for the Lich King to fully prepare

Magic Box Introduction Magic Box is to play more game network newly developed integration of World of Warcraft plug-in, referred to as the "magic box" or "play more magic box." Multi-play magic box full use Blizzard official user interface provided by third-party development, the magic box provides accessibility features in the current version of the game completely Blizzard official recognition. In the service of the Lich King about to open the occasion, play more magic box also made the corresponding update. Click to download more to play World of Warcraft >>> Enter World of Warcraft UI plug-ins >>> Click to download more to play World of Warcraft >>>

30 Life Secrets. Valid FC handle wallet turns out to be 30 euros

Foreign lovers have spontaneously designed a type of FC red and white machine handle pattern wallet, looks very sense.  Some students also personally tested a bit, the classic 30 Life of the soul Dou Luo can have, blink of an effort to turn out 30 euros, echocardiography? Also attached is another love of the player's handmade works, FC handle to transform the wallet, the classic feeling spontaneously: More information please pay attention to play the game network more. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

All things can be the evil of the first version of the Super Mary

More information please pay attention to play the game network more

I've never seen a Tetris game like this before.

(Compile/Bean cub) Tetris is a very "seniority" game, saw the use of candles to play, saw the use of StarCraft, saw the same time playing two ...  But I've never seen anything like this in the video below. More information please pay attention to play the game network more

"Diablo 3" There is no version of the Voice system plan

Recently, a player in the "Diablo 3" official Twitter on the game to support the voice system issues, and whether the game will release the collector version.  The official gave a positive response, confirming the existence of a voice system, and there is no plan for the collector edition. Iceman20k:2 question, is there any voice support in the game? Do you have a special release that contains extra content? Thx Diablo: Voice system relies on the new Battle Network platform, so the basic is built.  At present, we have not released an archive release information. More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit ...)

The power of the mushroom Infinity Mario can not eat 119 kinds of mushrooms

Mushroom has become "Super Mary" one of the most classic image, it can not only give you amazing speed, but also can give you the most precious life, help you in the Daoshanhuohai to save your own girl. The following are 119 kinds of special mushrooms made from the mushroom base of Super Mary in foreign countries.  These mushrooms are not only the characters in Super Mary, but also trademarks, flags, software and so on.  If Uncle Mario ate these mushrooms in the game, what would happen? More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

5i Launch of Magic School three and four districts

5i Game Network has been dedicated to the vast number of fans love the web game to provide a play platform, the operation of the Q version of lovely fresh and bright style web game "Magic School" in the 5i staff of the careful planning, the interconnection plan again fully launched! In view of the successful completion of the one or two-district compliance programme in the previous period, to promote the players "across the region line" communication, has been the strong support of many players, so the official website decided on May 25, 2009 from 10:00 to 15:00 (next Monday) to the three areas "Gemini" and four areas "cancer" game server again ...

December Korea online game Test Time forecast table Catastrophe official survey

The network (compile/small Hee) into the December, many Korean manufacturers began a series of games winter holiday version of the work, the most eye-catching, when the "World of Warcraft: Catastrophe" of the public test. And once a year again on the line "Dizzel", "Getamped2" is for this month's game market icing on the cake.  In addition, there is news that the South Korean second generation online games "TERA" will be opened this month or New Year's day after the test, but the exact date has not been disclosed. More information please pay attention to play game Network (Edit/Ming)

"TERA" released three new screenshots showing magnificent battle scenes

, "TERA" developer en masse recently released a new screenshot of three games, showing the magnificent battle scenes in the game. "TERA" Korean clothing has been in operation in January this year, European service also in early April for the first time in the beta.  National Service agents are currently not determined. More information please pay attention to play the game network more

"Battlefield 3" the first real video exposure battlefield located in Iraq

February 23, Dice released its main FPS game "Battlefield 3," the first actual game video. The video mainly describes the U.S. naval forces against hostile PLR forces, and the battlefield is set on the Iraqi border of Kurdistan.  The entire clip is short, including the logo, which is only 43 seconds long, and the screen looks very real, but it also means that you need to save to upgrade your PC ... More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

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