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Ltris 1.0.17 Release Tetris game

Ltris 1.0.17 This version key can be used to suspend the game, the previous error p can now be reconfigured. If you rotate a hollow block, it will fail because of the left or right border. "Game over" appears on the screen and can now exit through any key without escaping. Ltris is a "> Tetris game with exquisite game sound effect, graphics." Ltris ...

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup A Crawl game based on Dungeon Rogue

This is a rogue based on dungeon crawl game, it is different from the NetHack, the story is very simple, there is not so much drama class dialogue, here is the main exploration. have an online server. Troll commonly known as trolls +berserker commonly known as Berserker Fighters, the best choice is to use weapons instead of hands with hooks. The use of fanatical skills, even if the opponent is very strong will not lose-can overcome all enemies, kill the enemy to eat their meat. The price is to hold the battle time, once tired and the enemy is not dead, usually game over--need a long time to return to ...

EA publishes "NBAElite11" will change the rules of the game

Art Power announced today, will be "NBA Elite" as EA QSL longevity "NBA" video game series of new names. "NBA Elite 11" will revolutionize the play of basketball simulation games, bringing a new technology base, a new control interface, and for the first time for basketball games to import real physical mechanism.  The NBA Elite 11, currently being developed by EA Canada Studios, is scheduled to be available in October this year and will launch the PS3 and Xbox 3,602 versions. "We plan to take this game over the last decade ...

Blizzard announces "Diablo 2" 10 Anniversary page

Blizzard unveiled a Web page of the 10 anniversary of Diablo 2, briefly reviewing the glories of the game over the past 10 years.  Join us and proudly celebrate the 10 anniversary of Diablo 2! "Diablo 2" officially on sale on June 29, 2000, the game based on the first generation of "Diablo" laid on the basis of the classic RPG design concept and the immediate action of the perfect combination. The game screenshot "Diablo 2" is not only an extension of the core idea and game mechanism of the first generation game. The game inherits the traditional ...

Britain's economist says it's absurd to review games in South Korea

(Compile/Xiao Hee) The famous British economist recently "censorship in South korea--game over" as the title, the Korean game and the internet community's recent "strong" behavior of strongly criticized. The article said that in the market with 700,000 minors online and smartphone gamers, some country-level institutions and groups in Korea (2 institutions and 50 groups) have to limit the game market for young people under the age of 16 to online games, even to the smartphone game, and threaten to stop at night.

The rooster is beheaded and the Sony controversy ads lead to French fans dissatisfied

Due to internal contradictions led to the Third World War 1 flat 2 negative, the group at the bottom of the 2010 Cup group of the "French team", not only in the domestic public pressure. Even Sony somehow put a foot in the "snow to send excrement."  The thing is from Sony's new PS Series ADS-poster background A rooster's head is gone, the neck is still blood splash, below marked "GAME over". As we all know, Gaolouxiong chicken represents France, and Sony in this controversial advertising period, but also in France's out of the sensitive period, the irony of France out of the ads will undoubtedly incur many laws ...

Are you dead? Classic 8-bit gameover large set

From game enthusiasts Dash Coleman a pair of game over a large collection, including the 8-player era of the most classic 30 kinds of "dead", including "Mario", "King Kong", "Dou Luo" and "Adventure Island" such a well-known masterpiece.  However, there are some I am afraid it is not so easy to recognize.  In any case, the person who can say all 30, in addition to playing a lot of games and have a great memory, eyes are also stronger than others. More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

PS4 is coming, the national line game over the trial list announced

The state-PS4 video game, which was sold on January 11 this year, is still in the voting status. But from the latest exposure information, the player's waiting will have results. State news and publication of SARFT March 1 released the latest batch of the list of the game machine, which, in addition to the three Xbox One game "Fruit Ninja Body Sense version 2" "The Son of Light" "plastic", the rest are PS4 platform works. Among them, "the Final Fantasy x/x-2", "ghost-Chuan" and "true three unique 7 with Reggie biography" are PS4 exclusive masterpiece, sincerity ...

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