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Dream Manager Soccer: Mobile Device Incarnation Tactical Board

There is such a magical mobile game company, they developed a total of 39 football manager games, each with a "single authorized team name + Fantasy Manager" named, formed a very large series. Oh no, in fact, there are 40 games in this series ... Advantages Professional and strong players linked to the value and reality Rich tactics, a large number of shortcomings Music not rich enough player skills There are only two No intuitive game process Delicate style, concise UI, it has shown its high quality has such a magical mobile game company, he ...

Japan a super strong violinist live simulation playing FC game music

Japanese violin artist Teppei Katsuya most like to pull is not what the world music, but video games.  The following 3 videos are teppei with different games (er, or according to the original song, just the scene, according to the game process, and additional pull out some sound effects, such as Mario eat mushrooms or something). Teppei's performance is quite fierce, as the original game dubbing a touch, including the inside, trample dead monsters, eat mushrooms and so on impromptu sound, also readily available. (edit Zhang Xing) [Page][page]

"Battle Hammer ol" 1.4.0 Patch "Disaster swarm" November 18 officially began to upgrade

3D role playing online games "battle Hammer ol" 1.4.0 Patch "Disaster swarm" to determine the official start of the upgrade on November 18, this upgrade mainly for the players to provide "battle Hammer ol" new RVR information package.  This packet will be divided into 3 parts, for all charging players will provide a free upgrade of the patch, while the game process and the character RVR information package requires the player to buy separately, each 10 dollars, the two buy together for 15 dollars. Newly added rat race this 1.4.0 Patch is primarily for players bringing new RvR (Raid Vs R ...).

Han live video games "KTV dance King" ready to test the end of 31st

By the South Korean Sonov combines the dance and the KTV culture to develop the reality video game "The Ktv Dances The King", originally starts from May 18 the preparation public test, in the player unceasingly requests the game to extend the test time continuously, finally official decided "the KTV Dance King" prepares the public test to be July 31 to end.  Korean beauty player demonstrates play video exposure. "Ktv Dance King" in South Korea to create a new market for music games, a large number of players will record the game process video upload network is preparing the public test of the "KTV dance King" average per person online game time more than 150 minutes, swim ...

Game Orange Animation Games "Fire 108" in the third quarter back to Taiwan(China)

The original animation of the game Orange "Fire and Fire: 108" The same name online games in North America after the opening of the test, will be in Q3 back to Taiwan(China) to meet with you. Online game "Fire and Fire: 108" Not only the role, the scene has continued the vibrant color of the strong animation style, and in the game process to add a wonderful fragment of animation, the player will play the hero of animation, create their own heroic legend. "Fire: 108," The story of "Lin Chong", "Lei Heng", "Dai Zong" and the first team of the only Girls "Erniang", in the game each has its own exclusive main attack trick, fast pace of the fight with China ...

Magic New technology: Play Warcraft can smell the game scene

February 23 The latest news, perfume technology company plans to launch in the 4th quarter of 2011 A new product, the machine through the USB and computer connection, when the signal from the playing game, the smell stored in the machine began to release, the smell of 20 kinds of smell synthesis, Match the game process (product principle reference color inkjet printer).  This product can be connected to the PC via USB interface, when you walk through the pine forest in the game, the stench of the machine and the horror on the battlefield may make you feel on an alien planet, your room still have this smell for several days! Create a ...

High-tech products make you smell World of Warcraft for 69.99 dollars.

The Taste Technology group (the scent Sciences corperation) recently unveiled an innovative product scent Scape. This product can connect with the PC via USB interface, when receive the game signal, will release the corresponding combination of 20 kinds of flavors which stored in it, cooperate with the game process (product principle reference color inkjet printer). In the game as the scene changes, the player will be able to smell the sea, forests, flowers and even smoke, greatly increasing the reality of the game. This product is priced at 69.99 US dollars and is expected to be issued in four quarters this year ...

Crazy guess the reason for success

Crazy guess this game has been burning for a long time, as a product manager by the sharp insight to eat, recently to play this game, really ashamed.   After playing, my mind also appeared some small ideas, want to share with you. Micro-innovation micro-innovation, this is the first word in my mind. I believe that the "you draw I guess" 180 million dollar acquisition myth still remember very clearly. Its rules of the game is very simple: give a word, a person to draw, several people to guess. But the game in the development encountered a very serious problem: everyone's painting ...

"Nine Realms" responsible Wan: to give users a sense of continuous satisfaction

Play More network news (Reporter/Shei) August 1 message, shenzhen NET domain main product "Nine Realms" project leader Wan in ChinaJoy during the interview, said, "Nine realms" will be in the year large-scale test, and "nine realms" core characteristics mainly in "Composite user growth system" on,  The system content is mainly used to ensure that the player sustained enthusiasm and personal achievement. Wan that, as a research and development from the head of the project, the most concern is how to enrich and improve the quality of the game products, for the next two or three years of online games industry, Wan said, the reason is ...

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