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The magic-covered forest, "crack", the latest game screen open

January 11, the latest news, by the United States Trion World receptacle game maker development, with a strong fantasy of large-scale RPG games "fissure Tarana God domain" since the 2010 public has been the attention of countless players.  Today, Trion World receptacle Public the "Rift Tarana" the latest game screen, in the public screen is mainly described by the magic of the forest scene covered, in addition to the role of the game is also a certain feature of the public. "Fissure Tarana" game background ...

2d game screen can achieve 3D visual effects and texture

In 3d "> online games gradually become the mainstream of the era, the 2D screen game seems to have out." If the 2D game screen can achieve 3D visual effects and texture, then you will not be surprised and willing to experience it?   Jinshan Magic PK "The wrath of the firmament", can switch to enjoy the screen, will refresh your view of 2D online games! "Wrath of the Firmament" by the 3D engine to create 2D screen, not only the game field ...

"Tomb Raider 9" The latest game screen exquisite degree of admiration

Foreign famous game media Gameinformer recently announced the "Tomb Raider 9" game screen, the image of the exquisite degree is shocking. "Tomb Raider 9" is the young, inexperienced Laura's first adventure. "Tomb Raider 9" release date is not announced, will log on to the PC,XBOX360,PS3 platform. (Edit/Fang Haibo) [Page][page][page][page][page]

Official allow martial arts games "H3" battle Video publicity

The network (compile/small Hee) Korea Taewool Company under the development of the new online games "H3" today released the latest fighting and action video.  According to China's seven classical novels adapted "H3" suitable for all age groups of people to play games, the game screen to leave a deep impression. The variety of mobile methods and gorgeous combat skills, is the "H3" equipped.  The official also said that the hope of fighting is not a traditional game of the fighting model, but full of fun. In addition, "H3" will also launch the PVP, community, PET and mini game systems and promotional video ...

World of Warcraft: Holocaust and Rebirth support DX11 screen contrast

"World of Warcraft: Holocaust and Rebirth", which is currently in beta testing, added a DX11 rendering effect, but is still in the experiment, July 7 News.  A foreign hardware media told us to use the DX11 rendering method, and with some comparison screenshots to show the DX9 and DX11 under the "World of Warcraft" screen effect changes. If you're lucky enough to qualify for "World of Warcraft: Holocaust and Rebirth," and have a system that supports DirectX 11, you'll be able to modify the parameters to experience the DX11 to the Wow game screen ...

Smart Watch can play Flappy Bird too

Tencent Digital News (Compile: ExyPnos) With a simple operation and extremely addictive gameplay, "> Flappy Bird was a smash hit some time ago. After the success of Flappy Bird, there are also a lot of imitation Flappy Bird on the market, Flospy Droid is one of them. From the game screen you can see Flospy ...

iphone Games Center next week online new game screen works amazing

Multi-Play Network (compiler/drdarknight) The famous hardware developer Apple announced next week that the new system iOS 4.1 will be released.  In addition, Apple will launch a new social gaming website "Game Center" (Gamecenter) as one of iOS 4.1 upgrades, the center will allow all iphone and ipod Touch users can upload achievement comparison points and play together. Apple CEO Chobsh said iOS 4.1 would fix a series of vulnerabilities and upgrade the dynamic map ...

"Hot Blood" new version of "Blood jihad" exciting content to see

China Net Game Group (CDC Games) Its famous 3D online games "Blood Rivers and Lakes", a new version of V6.0 "Blood jihad" will be launched in June 2011, telecom Five new service "holy war" will also be open.  A variety of new PK way and team fighting, making V6.0 "blood jihad" is called "Blood Rivers and lakes," the most blood version of history. "Blood Rivers and Lakes" cute Q version of the characters, ups and downs of the storyline, rich game content, a huge task system and colorful game screen, has attracted a lot of favorite martial arts games games players. New version ...

Experience Korea original "seven soul ol" Taiwan service September 3 Open download

Taiwan OMG agent, South Korean players vote game screen and system content is the most stunning, and was selected as the 2010 most anticipated online games "seven Soul Online", will be launched on September 3, a four-day Korean version of the original experience of the journey, the experience of the main program opened today to download,  The official release of 1300 limited VIP test accounts was sent to lucky players last week. The official today also released "Seven Soul Online" The vast world view, with seven ideas of the soul as the main axis, the integration of eastern and Western civilization and science fiction elements, so that the whole game background story more tension. Game...

"Moon Shadow Legend" May 13 final Test screen changed the main effect of the first exposure

West Hill 2011 Martial Arts online new book "Moon Shadow Legend" will be launched on May 13, the ultimate test!  As the game's last censored test, "The Legend of the Moon," the appearance of many bright spots, not only the game screen changed to a more beautiful and delicate game scene presents a charming and romantic moon-Lake, this time "Moon Shadow Legend" also first exposure to the overall adjustment of the protagonist of the original painting and special effects, the overall feeling of a brand- More noteworthy is that the "Legend of the Moon" this test will also introduce a number of innovative play, no treatment career, 10 of the gate faction for the group attack skills, power warfare, the three-League battle and so on.

Unreal 3 engine real FPS Games "frontal war" first public

"W Project", which was unveiled in last year's Korean Games Developers Conference, was officially disclosed.  November 25, Crytek company to open its FPS network game "war Face" (temporary translation, positive War), and the first public information on the game screen. With Cry Engine 3 developed "positive war" is a near future for the background of the real FPS network game, to achieve a high degree of completion of the game screen, physical effects, etc., will bring the player similar to the experience of the film. At the same time, the game will continue to provide a number of people tasks, will also provide a variety of PvP mode ...

Mysterious domestic FPS new tour exposure triggered industry expectations

Recently, a research and development phase of domestic FPS new tour because of its part of the game picture exposure, in the industry has aroused widespread concern.  This work uses the Advanced Unreal 3 engine, has the game picture which is more exquisite than the similar product, this mysterious fps new novel's name is still unknown, temporarily according to its leaked picture displays the logo, calls it the t-game. From the game screenshot can be seen, this is a new development by the Unreal 3 engine, with high-quality game screen, to achieve the same FPS products leading level. Industry insiders said that the appearance of the show, so that the players on the domestic fps full of ...

Korea Liveplex Company announces new games "MOS" game propaganda video

Korea Liveplex Company yesterday through a reporter called to open a new online games "MOS" game propaganda video. Press conference live video "MOS" is a Chinese chaotic Warring States era background, the Devil's door was opened after the war with the evil Army of traditional martial arts games. The main features of the game include: let people relax, no burden of the game screen, convenient and quick operation and game for large-scale group combat RVR, strengthen the Guild mode, games, such as the addition of a variety of mini games, the game will be in the first half of 2011 to test. (Digging the shell net)

Korea 18 ban online games "Rocky Hero Biography" Gstar new release video

The net (compile/not tomato) "Rock Hero Biography" This game in the domestic agent operator is a century Tiancheng, but many players do not know, here a small series I will be popularized again. Why are so many players interested in this 3D fantasy role-playing game? Small Series I think and the two major characteristics of the manufacturer is inseparable: 1, the battle is more bloody brutal, the fight can be seen lifelike blood spray screen 2, because the game screen bloody violence, by South Korea as a 18 banned game under this latest Gstar released video, Players can independently assess whether the goods are worth looking forward to. (Edit ...)

Korea Cry3 Golf Games Tgo first exposure screenshot rewards

Today (March 30), Korean game maker OnNet the first to open the use of Cry3 engine made golf theme online Games "Golf tournament ol" (temporary translation, formerly known as Tour Golf Online, referred to as TGO), and public game screenshots. "Golf Tournament Ol" screenshot "Golf tournament ol" to participate in the golf tour of the professional life as a game theme, trying to show the realism of the golf scene. To this end, the game officially used Cry3 engine, to ensure the quality of the game screen, and grasping the swing of professional players ...

Multi-user exposure 3DS Engineering machine photos NDS contrast video release

Yesterday evening, some netizens in the forum to explode material, said has been 3DS engineering machine, and exposed many photos and video as proof.  Original post source main operation area, have to say, rocker material and feel really good, touch all know.  The right area, the key and the original NDSI no difference, above is the depth of field button fuselage left, SD slot and volume button, metal ash metal texture is very strong. Because the engineering machine does not have the system the relation, therefore we cannot confirm the 3DS actual naked eye 3D game screen, but from the photograph and the contrast video, we can be accurate ...

Fighting in the sea "Fishing hunters" December 22 alternative attacks

Taiwan's 開鈊-like electronics announced today that it will launch an alternative fishing theme online on December 22.  The games are a variety of fishing games for the selling point, so that players can enjoy the game in the deep sea fishing fun. The following is the report of Taiwan: 開鈊 like Electronic announced that the game "fishing Hunter Online" is about to start on December 22, December 29 launched OB public test. The official pointed out that "fishing hunter Online" in the game screen to launch a realistic 3D effect, players do not have to dive wearing a frog mirror can be immersive feel like the seabed ...

"GT5" to increase the custom circuit and kart race during the year landing PS3

More Play Network news (compile/freelancer) by the racing fans as God's GT racing series of the latest-"GT5" will be landing in PS3 this year. In the game, the player can drive nearly 1000 kinds of vehicles, more than 70 track, lifelike gorgeous game screen makes the player big call to be enjoyable.  But the producer in the mountains yesterday confirmed to the players: the content of the game is not only these! Fixtures maker in the mountains yesterday, the game maker was first shown to the players. GT5 's "fixtures maker" allows players to modify and customize the details of many options ...

"Tomb Raider 9" the latest HD Screenshot screen exquisite degree of shock

Foreign famous game media Gameinformer recently announced the "Tomb Raider 9" game screen, the image of the exquisite degree is shocking. "Tomb Raider 9" is the young, inexperienced Laura's first adventure. "Tomb Raider 9" release date is not announced, will log on to the PC,XBOX360,PS3 platform. (Edit/Fang Haibo) [Page][page][page][page][page]

Handsome to have no friends! Blizzard's new book "Watch Pioneer" propaganda animation and real machine game screen

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Blizzard announced a new team of competitive shooting game "watch Pioneer", the world, need a hero! After months of suspense finally revealed, in the final stage of the opening ceremony Blizzard announced a brand new game Overwatch (watch pioneer, temporary translation) ... "Watch Pioneer" is a multiplayer network shooting game, but also a team against the game. Each character has its own ...

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