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Pretty stunning! Need For Speed 15 first batch of actual game screenshots

EA released the "Need for Speed 15: Speed 2," the latest game screenshot, this is also the first time to include HUD's actual game screenshots, from the screenshot can be seen the game screen style is quite good, bright colors, bright light, and even more visual sense than before the propaganda screenshots.  The pc,xbox360 and PS3 platform will be landing in North America on March 29 and April 1 in the UK. Game screenshot: More information please pay attention to play the game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

True love powder Persistent-"GTA5" game screenshots and Los Angeles real battle

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > although it has been more than a year, but foreign fans to prove "Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5)" How lifelike is also hard to fight. Recently, foreign websites have released a large number of gtaist screenshots, the game of Los Santos and the real world of Los Angeles to a face-to-face comparison ... "GTA5" game screenshots and Los Angeles scene competition

South Korea's new tour "Crazy 3D Car" first beta

Recently, by the South Korean FHL games company Development, GSP company is responsible for South Korea's operation of the "Crazy COMBI 3D" (Temporary translation: Crazy 3D car) for the first time in the beta. "Crazy 3D Trolley" is a recreational racing network game which is the goal of jumping and drifting to avoid NPC and obstacle to reach the destination quickly. In the game, up to 8 players to play against, divided into individual and team games.  Simple game, with the race, props, trade unions and other modes of competition. Screenshots of Game screenshots (edit ss)

Sega Announces "Total War: General 2" latest game screenshot

December 5, Sega released a new version of the instant strategy game "all-out War: General 2 (Total War:shogun 2)," The latest batch of game screenshots.  Incidentally, the game was originally named "General 2: Total War", and not long ago Sega formally announced the game renamed "Total War: General 2". The announcement of the "Total War: General 2," a total of 8, are mainly game of war scenes. "Total War: General 2" continuation of the classic real time strategy game "general" since 2010, this will bring players more exquisite ...

Korean media called "Fairyland legend" MORPG version of suspected development

More Play Online (Finishing/Han Yanzi) Korean media recently reported that Gravity's "Fairyland Legends (Ragnarok)" Or is being developed MORPG version. Genius Games, a new game developer, posted a job posting on July 16 on the recruitment page and disclosed in the company's introduction, "The current development of a large MORPG game is planned for CBT this year." At the same time, Genius games publicly developed game screenshots, Game Role Selection window and combat scenes, 3D role modeling exposure. These are related to ...

"GT Racer 5" Global selling game screenshots can be authentic

After four years of rigorous development of the "GT5 (Gran Turismo 5)" in everyone's neck look forward to, and the traditional Chinese version of the introduction, a total of 1031 complete vehicle data, as well as a total of 27 real, original track (a total of 71 routes), whether it is like the European supercar, American Muscle car or Japanese-style tail-end sports car, all can find their favorite vehicles in the game. The screen of the game whether it is the dashboard, steering wheel or day and night weather overcast changes, just like their own in the game world real driving millions of sports car like feeling, on the track with ...

Wizard 2, the latest cut, the amazing height of the picture.

There are less than 6 weeks "Wizard 2" will be listed, as the game in Poland fairy tale of the Dark Horse RPG "Wizard" of the sequel, from the game content to the effect of the screen is difficult to let people miss this game. The official recently released a group of game screenshots, the picture quality is very good, that kind of European medieval realism style fusion of a certain degree of American comic features, can be said to be the best form of orthodox fantasy style.  But it's not so easy to play with such a good picture. The official recently announced the minimum configuration and recommended configuration, the minimum configuration must be with the image set above the picture without ...

New EA announces free first trailer and game screenshots

EA announces that it will provide battlefield enthusiasts with a free game based on micro-trading mode: Play4Free is expected to hold beta tests at the end of this month: it is said that unlike the former free game "Battlefield: Heroes", "Battlefield: Play4Free" is a realistic route, rather than a cartoon style.  The combination of the "Battlefield 2" game map and "Battlefield: Rebel Company 2" of the gun upgrade route, both sides can be deployed to support 32 people against, is expected to be officially launched next spring. According to the video, this is basically "Battlefield 2" ...

Korea Cry3 Golf Games Tgo first exposure screenshot rewards

Today (March 30), Korean game maker OnNet the first to open the use of Cry3 engine made golf theme online Games "Golf tournament ol" (temporary translation, formerly known as Tour Golf Online, referred to as TGO), and public game screenshots. "Golf Tournament Ol" screenshot "Golf tournament ol" to participate in the golf tour of the professional life as a game theme, trying to show the realism of the golf scene. To this end, the game officially used Cry3 engine, to ensure the quality of the game screen, and grasping the swing of professional players ...

Hot car War online games "Crasher" released the latest game screenshot

May 26 News, today's car Games "Crasher" released a number of game screenshots: "Crasher" game screenshot "Crasher" game screenshot "Crasher" game screenshot "Crasher" is released this February, a combat sports theme games, by the punchers  Impact Studio Research and development, the game is characterized by car combat. This is expected to be listed in the fourth quarter of this year, through digital download mode landing PC and Mac platform. (Edit Zhang Xing)

"Sword 2" scattered fairy professional first burst mage not only to do turret

March 22 News, today's Pixel's online games "Sword 2" published its legal system professional scattered cents of the professional characteristics of detailed and some of the game screenshots. It is understood that "sword 2" in the scattered fairy career and traditional online games "mage" role there is a great difference, is not a pure injury output occupation.  Scattered cents more action sense and strike sense, floating air, knockout, repel, grab, action features a wide range, not only the means of their own displacement is rich, but also has a variety of leading the whole battle of remote control skills. >>> Order this book "Sword 2" Game Activation Code "Sword 2" female scattered fairy in ...

The game of Qi announces the first test to be launched on November 9

The game of Qi recently announced that it will launch its first Test on November 9 and release its debut video game.  Video from the original painting, scenes, roles, battles and other aspects of the game to show the various content, its "Ink + light Color" of the painting wind, mysterious fantasy totem, Sanqing shenyou fantasy, repair the real battle of the Pentium, full of ancient Chinese Taoist myth color, left a deep impression. Game screenshots Exquisite game characters screenshot game scene "Qi" by the eight-ze game development and operation, the game name in Zhou King "Phoenix Ching Mountain", is the famous myth novel "...

Nexon Online Games "The speed of Harbin" April outage operation only 21 months

(Compiled/Xiao Hee) South Korea Nexon last weekend through the "Speed Husky" official website announced that the game will be off with April 18, and open the game "immigration" program.  "The rapid husky" and the August 2009 official test, the game high Dozen "sister, no War" slogan, in the early days of the public test achieved good results, the highest online as much as 10,000 people. Game screenshots official apology letter but with the depth of the public survey, the game gradually presents the research and development capability is not strong, subsequent content and lack of play and so on, the number of players less. Although relying on several large-scale updates ...

"New unparalleled" open a data film blood and iron greater China to increase the I Ching element

March 17 News, by the joint research and development of Green Fire 2D Magic Game "new unparalleled" new data film blood and blood of the Greater China will be opened on March 17 18 o'clock in the afternoon, it is learned that the game based on Chinese culture to build a complete new social structure and system, fully reflect the Chinese nostalgia style. Game screenshots It is understood that the information film will open four groups of servers, namely uncrowned (telecommunications), unparalleled (telecommunications), World Pride (Netcom), Eminence (Netcom). This game takes the Chinese characteristic as the main body, the fantasy martial arts as the background, the player individual story as the vein kinship relation, seeks to make ...

"Blazing Flame Empire 2" New revision official online line, and open the latest video

Multi-Play network (integration/Han Yanzi) by the NHN agent operation, Blueside and Phantagram together to build multiplayer online action strategy to look forward to the work of "Blazing Flame Empire 2 (Kingdom Under Fire2)" Before the game operation, by the colorful gameplay attracted the attention of the vast number of players  , a new revision of the official online line, and the latest video. "Blazing Flame Empire 2" has been very few new news, recently opened a new version of the official website, and the official online public latest game video and game screenshots and other information, and enhance the game understanding of the recommendation ...

Dark-breaking God 3 is the latest screenshot of Diablo employees ' disclosure

Recently, in a foreign game professional website, a team of Diablo members will be part of the game screenshots exposed in the site, and announced that the game products will be announced on August 20. Industry insiders point out that these images perpetuate the Diablo team's consistent style, featuring the Dark series.  At the same time, some players believe that the exposure of these game screenshots, is likely to be thousands of players eagerly awaited the "Diablo 3." As for the Diablo, this classic game, which is highly admired by the players, can be said to be a timeless classic in the minds of the players. As for the rumored Diablo ...

Joint Tour "Thunder" screenshot of the exclusive exposure of the four professional image established

February 28 News, today's new tour of the "Thunder" again released part of the game screenshots and the original painting.  Because the game is part of the industry as a "touchstone", the game related content release has been the industry's general concern. It is understood that "thunder" this game is located in the era of sword and Magic, to the war of the Gods as the story background. The game has set up a total of 12 great gods, ten races. In the game players will play God's people, across the Antonia Continent, to participate in the war between the Empire, against many magical monsters. After experiencing special events, the challenge of entering the realm of God is to destroy the world ...

"Cyber Genesis" to reward new recruits

Want to experience the nostalgia of the online games? BioWare mythic can make you feel this way.  The player registers a new "Ultima Online" account (not a demo) and will receive the following rewards: 20,000 gold, improved skills, weapons and armor for advanced equipment. Ultima Online game Screenshots Of course the game will not put the old players in disregard of the advanced role of the template has been updated. When old players meet new players, they add new skills. Both the old player and the new player can enter the ultimate O ...

China Ink Light color wind myth MMO "QI" first survey propaganda video

The game of Qi recently announced that it will launch its first Test on November 9 and release its debut video game.  Video from the original painting, scenes, roles, battles and other aspects of the game to show the various content, its "Ink + light Color" of the painting wind, mysterious fantasy totem, Sanqing shenyou fantasy, repair the real battle of the Pentium, full of ancient Chinese Taoist myth color, left a deep impression. Game screenshots Exquisite game characters screenshot game scene "Qi" by the eight-ze game development and operation, the game name in Zhou King "Phoenix Ching Mountain", is the famous myth novel "...

Idsoftware announces latest Masterpiece Fury, September 13 on sale

Bethesda Joint id Software announces the new FPS Force "rage" (Rage) will be landed in North America September 13 this year, landing in the European region September 16, and released a number of new game screenshots, this will be issued by Bethesda Softworks, Using the new IDTech 5 engine for development, landing platform: PC/MAC/XBOX360/PS3 platform. "Rage" in the background of the story set in 75 years later, when the earth will be hit by meteorites, the whole world into a "...

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