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3D action role-playing games "The Ancient Century" released a new game video

(Compile/Lin Jie) A few days ago, South Korea Xlgames developed 3D action role-playing games "Ancient Century" released a new game video, the image of the two-time "shipbuilding" and "Naval warfare" wonderful content.  It is reported that the game will be from November 4 to 7th for two times in the beta. "Ancient century" in July for the first time, during the period through the official website and set up a survey and other channels to collect the views of many players and experts and in follow-up work in the corresponding improvement. The "Ancient century" will be tested in two times to test the results of the improvement, and collect everyone on the new content "...

"Sword 2-Seal the Magic Record" the latest actual game video after the Dragon Boat Festival released

According to the insider, pixel New Game "Sword 2-Seal the Magic Record" has opened the internal test, Tencent small set contact pixel official, said the other side, the game is in development, every day in the test, not only recently opened the internal test, in addition, he also said the latest actual game video is in production, after the Dragon Boat Festival will be released. "Sword 2-Seal The Magic Record" uses the 3D engine, is a ARPG net swims, the game retains "the sword" series product characteristic, in the battle experience aspect also will have the deeper excavation. More delicate picture, more fluid fighting feeling, will be the pixel software ...

Explore the game video of People's popular mystery: "Dare" for the world first

2011 is destined to be a booming year of gaming video. Because after so many years of development, the forum old, the site model is no longer novel, and text pictures can not meet the visual enjoyment of the player. At the beginning of the new year, the major sites began to recruit game video host and related staff, many sites have begun to play video game to the reality of the mode of innovation. Live games Video show in the network endlessly ...  Recently with the martial arts film version of the show, martial arts spoof video also began to become a common. The people who were once active: 1. The little star who used to be active? This description is not ...

"Great Leader" project subject to hacking attacks forced to stop project

Players after watching the game video are eager to manipulate the well, to attack the U.S. emperor. The great leader is a game made by money horse from a foreign independent studio, featuring North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who can play as Kim Jong Un. Also because of this, the game from the announcement has produced a very hot debate, in the Sony industry by hackers, this small game has become a new goal. A few weeks ago the money Horse Studios had been hit by hackers, and the studio's official website was subsequently paralysed, with only a December 23 announcement announcing that they had been ...

"Real quick hit" released bloody video scorpion display fighting skills

(Compile/Lin Jie) A few days ago, the old classic game "real person quick hit" (Mortal Kombat) released the latest game video. The image shows the protagonist Scorpion Super fighting skills, the game using a new graphics engine drive, the scene is more bloody than ever.  It is reported that "real quick hit 9" corresponding to PS3 and XBOX360 platform, the sale date is undecided. The fight game, known for its violent blows and brutal ending, "live fast" the new HD platform will change the previous 3D mode, returning to the original series of 2D traditional combat mode. This time ...

Diablo 3 Full Arena demo video release length 17 minutes

At last year's Blizzard carnival, Blizzard unveiled the Diablo 3 Arena system and opened the game at the scene, but has not disclosed the full game video.  In recent days, foreign players have released a complete arena demo side video, 17 minutes in length, in the strict prevention of video Blizzard Carnival, can do this, quite incredible.  The main visual angle of the video, the player can see the beginning of the selection screen, invincible practice mode, as well as the detailed process of the formal game. The player who has been looking forward to Diablo 3 may be able to get some from the video ...

South Korea 4 people to develop online games "real football" hot discussion

Korea Neovian Company developed the Leisure Sports network game "Real as" (temporary translation, true football) released the latest game video. "Real football" began with only 4 developers involved, has caused the Korean game industry's hot debate.  The game mode is divided into "team mode" and "Player mode". "Team Mode" is a model in which one person in a general football game controls a team. In player mode, players will only be able to control one player. The player can start a real 11-to-11 football match after being elected to a character. ...

"The Day of the Three Kingdoms" GM little Chowan Wizard to explain the game content

January 5, the latest news, South Korea hanbitsoft companies operating 3D role playing games, "the Days of the Three Kingdoms" today at the official website to publish a GM introduction game video game content. The main purpose of this video is to help more players understand the game, the video explaining the content of the game is deeply loved by the players "GM Little Joe", she became a "wizard" role for you to explain the content of the game.  At the same time, in addition to the content of this presentation, there will be other job descriptions to be published. Wizard characters can use a variety of curse skills to control each other, so that ...

"H.A.V.E" will enter Europe and the United States the latest game trailer release

More Play network (Compile/Fall Xuan Fei Rain) Korea SK Imedia Company developed the 3rd person shooter network Game "H.A.V.E." will be landed in North America and Europe in the recent days.  The game's latest game video, which has been challenged to copy a foreign game, the Regiment Fortress 2, has shown the new face of the game. The game has already signed agency contracts in Taiwan and Thailand, and recently signed a publishing contract with the North American and European game operator Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. "H.A.V.E" in ...

Michael Jackson version of Super Mario game video

Mario is also not a day two days of things, and this Michael Jackson version of Super Mario, the action modified lifelike, very funny. (Edit Zhang Xing)

NDS "The Flame of the heraldic New heraldry mystery" game video public

"The Flame of the heraldry: The Mystery of the new heraldry" The Hero of Light and Shadow is about to be released on July 15, and the official website today released video of the game's introduction and television commercials. Introduction Video: TV ads: Much of the fans and fire-line enthusiasts are looking forward to the "fire of the Heraldry" series of the game finally finalized the introduction of the latest works, "fire inflammation of the heraldry: The Mystery of the new heraldry, the Hero of Light and Shadow, is the masterpiece of the 1994 SFC version of the" Fire Tattoo: The Mystery of Heraldry ", This work is based on the first "flaming Tattoo: The Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light".

E3 exhibition content in advance, SE will announce "Nerkas" New game

The E3 exhibition, which is to be opened in Los Angeles, will be a great event for fans around the world. According to the arrangement, the E3 exhibition will be opened in Los Angeles, United States on June 15.  Recently, the American Netizen releases a video, in advance uncovered part of the E3 exhibition, in which Square Enix showed a game video called "Nerkas". The NBA Finals are now in full swing at the Los Angeles Staples Stadium, and the E3 exhibition, which will be held here a week later, is also being enthusiastically warmed up. An American Netizen deliberately ...

"The Ghost of Qian" Global launch said the game emphasizes inclusiveness

April 18 News, NetEase's 2.5D instant online games "Qian female Ghosts" in Hangzhou West Lake held a game conference, NetEase CEO Ding Lei attended the event.  Activities in NetEase product manager Hu Zhipeng said, "Qian female Ghosts" design concept is "let more players into the game", and inclusiveness is also a major feature of this game. NetEase CEO Ding Lei attended the launch of the conference is divided into three parts, including the Phantom of the West Lake contains the "Phantom" (Game video Show), "Wonderful staged" (opening), "Qian Woman Story" (Video appreciation and product Manager Hu Zhipeng ...)

"Projecte" will be tested 2 times to verify the PvP battlefield system

South Korea eyasoft Development of the target-locked MMORPG "PROJECTE" will be 2 times from May 31 to June 1 to verify the PVP battlefield system.  And the game in order to meet the curiosity of the players, in the seal before the release of the game video, show the PvP and Team Challenge boss and so on screen. The game periodically opens the PvP battlefield, and any level of player can participate. and the micro-ability of outstanding players or can easily challenge than their own higher levels of players. PvP Battlefield players are divided into red, blue team, attack each other's stronghold. Players can Root ...

Korean adult bloody online game "zombie ol" public Testing games Real Demo video

Korea Zemigames Company's bloody 18 ban horizontal version of the game "zombie ol" on March 31 officially opened the Games public testing activities. "Zombie ol" by Star Beauty Xu Yan wisdom endorsement, unique zombie game theme, for the game won a high popularity.  At the same time after the public test, there are games to play video release, let everyone sneak peek. Game Video 1 game Video 2 as a Korean another horizontal version of 2D action RPG online games, "zombie ol" to terror, adults as a selling point, regional warfare, camp warfare and other differentiated content for the bright spot, the game has been officially in the full Han Gong test. (Digging the shell net)

"Star Wars: The Old Republic" latest game video release

Play video (compilation/master wood) A few days ago, the High-profile "Star Wars: The Old Republic (Star Wars:the OID Republic)" released the latest game videos. In this 19-second trailer, the game introduced a new Star ball exquisite screen display in front of the player.  Although not long, but enough to hoist the player's appetite. Lead design director Eriksen said, in the game is about to introduce a new star ball called "Hoth", its prototype is from the Lucas team in the electric power to build the crystal-type force full image projector ...

When Angry Birds have a modifier, the bird is no longer angry.

Recently, a domestic player has recorded a "Angry Birds" game video, the video of the birds into a god bird, want to hit where to hit, fly to fly where, this time the anger should be replaced by green pigs.  Originally the player with a can control the bird's modifier, below let us see a only modifier to help the god bird is how to handle this group of green pigs!  Instructions: Run the modifier first, then start the game. Detailed function keys are as follows: Number key 1 enable modifier U: Up J: Down H: Left K: Right more ...

"My World" was unaffected by the Turkish ban, and YouTube topped the February list.

4399 small part of the previous report of the "My World" by the Turkish government because of the violence and other reasons banned, this cause and result everyone understand. This is not a pit dad (to prohibit also should be suspected of the wretched banned just right, you see, everywhere play mosaic)? But luckily we weren't born in Turkey, and the latest YouTube hit video rankings show that my world is on the February list! Cow, bye! My World ▍ My world play more than 4.3 billion according to the February list data show, "My World" game video playback times more than 4.3 billion, the list contains ...

"Ancient century" sea system video Naval warfare Shipbuilding detailed introduction

(Compile/Lin Jie) A few days ago, South Korea Xlgames developed 3D action role-playing games "Ancient Century" released a new game video, the image of the two-time "shipbuilding" and "Naval warfare" wonderful content.  It is reported that the game will be from November 4 to 7th for two times in the beta. "Ancient century" in July for the first time, during the period through the official website and set up a survey and other channels to collect the views of many players and experts and in follow-up work in the corresponding improvement. The "Ancient century" will be tested in two times to test the results of the improvement, and collect everyone on the new content "...

A lot of game video release "Guild Wars 2" sixth occupation identified as thieves

ArenaNet recently unveiled the sixth professional Rogue (theif) of Guild Wars 2 in the United States Games Developers Conference (Game Developers Conference).  In foreign game media gametrailers exposure video, the player can see that the rogue is a career can be selected, and the host also displayed in the video game keeper and Rogue video. In the video, Arena net created a Norn as a race guardian of the cold Earth from the north, depending on ...

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