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The latest "Heroes 3" research and development of domestic Heroes series

Home-made online games "heroes" series of New "Heroes 3" research and development has been more than five years. And since 2009, Guangyu game from the target software signed the "Heroes 3" agent operation Rights, about product development and completion of the news will be exposed. Early April this year, Guangyu game finally released the "Heroes 3" official website and a new logo.  We made a simple analysis of the game world view, the scene, the characters, and the four aspects of the story when "Heroes 3" or will begin testing. World view from official sources learned that "Heroes 3" The current product development is almost over, ...

"The Deer Ding Kee" increases the fantasy world view Xiaobao image exposure

(Integrated/Small Kite) tour South Korea Research and development team in the "Deer Ding kee," The International website released news, officially open the game world view.  From the perspective of the world view, once in the Journal of Research and Development, "outside the original structure, and then create a new world of independence" has been implemented in the game. >>> Order this book "The Deer Ding Kee" Privilege card New World view with the Dragon creation as the origin, divided into Genesis, faith, Peace, the three eras for time guide, through space collision, ethnic strife, the root of the dragon's veins, such as large and complex historical process, caused by ...

Sheng Cool "Demon World 2" is scheduled to land in the Japanese market next summer

Japan Vector announced that the agent by the Golden Cool game research and Development, scheduled to launch in 2011 in Japan, the new online game "Magic World 2" (the Japanese version of the name is undecided).  Vector said, "Demon World 2" is the golden Cool game developed by the large-scale fantasy style online role play a new novel, with 3D beautiful screen, 7 occupations, 210 kinds of skills, there are more than 2000 tasks, more than 50 copies, combined with the majestic game world view, to create a magical style of the game. "Demon World 2" has the epic world view, the changeable rich task story choice, the secret special occupation 、...

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