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Gaming giant EA Future: A dilemma for conservative companies

John Ricitillo, chief executive of EA, the gaming giant, Johnriccitiello a few days ago that it would leave at the end of the month, causing an uproar in the industry. Mitch Lasky, a leading venture capitalist, Mitch Laski on his blog to look ahead to the future of EA. The following is a summary of the full text: the current extensive discussion around EA tends to focus on the digital distribution of EA Games, the mobile game of EA, and the development of EA in free value-added mode (F2p,free-to-play). The ...

2014 Global digital gaming business revenue will reach 49 billion dollars

According to the industry Data statistics analysis company SuperData released the latest report, 2014 Global digital gaming business revenue will reach 49 billion U.S. dollars, overall, digital host game revenue year-on-year increase, hand play home ARPU year-on-year growth, and iOS and Android platform installation costs ( CPI) is still growing at a high pace. Supercell's "tribal conflict" this year's income will reach 1.8 billion U.S. dollars, has become the 2014 years of Hand tour field well-deserved ' Strongest king '. And in the PC game market, free mode continues to devour the pay-market rules ...

Product structure Adjustment China's gaming industry seeks to accelerate

Last year, China's gaming industry was mixed with worry, HI is the game industry has experienced many years of development, in the overall maintenance of a stable growth rate, and in the overseas market breakthroughs, and gradually become a cultural industry in the field of a strong driving engine; The problem is the homogeneity of the serious, innovative,  The lack of a masterpiece is like a magic spell to keep the local gaming industry unhappy.  In the annual China Games Industry Congress, the industry's top talent brings together, will be the Chinese gaming industry to point out what kind of road? Digital gaming industry broke through 30 billion yuan in 2010, tour ...

Today's online gaming market is so brilliant

Today's online gaming market is booming, showing a thriving momentum. In the first quarter of 2013 China's online gaming market reached 18.59 billion yuan, an increase of 21.7%, which allows a large number of developers to the game industry. The vast "money" also let the game industry more fierce fighting, and the Red Sea market in the process of vigorous development, in order to enhance competitiveness, naturally spawned more demand, such as the lower cost of operation and maintenance resources, stable and reliable and scalable server infrastructure. It can be said that the old IDC hosting service has been unable to meet them ...

Ucloud: Cloud Hosting data and the future of mobile gaming

July 31, the 2014 World Mobile Games Conference (WMGC) held in conjunction with 2014ChinaJoy, was held as scheduled at Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai.   The first day of the conference, well-known game manufacturers, game publishers, telecommunications operators on the mobile gaming industry to share the fusion and development perspective. On the same afternoon, the "data and mobile game of the Future" symposium as a finale link presented to the participants. The panel was chaired by Adtime Vice President Li Qi, Ucloud coo Hua Kun, SHARESDK CEO Chen, Friends Alliance vice President Shanghua, App ...

Friends of the system of online gaming industry cloud business

The cloud perspective of the friend system "cloud computing is not only now, but it was called an ultra large distributed system early on, and then slowly developed, evolved, and stretched to the present." "Friend System CEO Yao Hongyu said. Friends of the company's main business direction is to develop cloud computing operating system and application software, to provide the market with independent intellectual property rights of the cloud based software products and industry solutions. Yao Hongyu Special emphasis on the importance of experience to the business, because cloud computing and other software has a huge difference, that is, it is economies of scale: massive data, a lot of equipment. “...

Behind the outbreak of mobile social Games in Japan: Card Games lead the market

Japan, which has used Nintendo to lead the global game-hosting business, is using a new opportunity to innovate its gaming market. 5 months ago, GungHo, a Japanese online game developer, had a market capitalisation of only $300 million trillion, which reached $5 billion by March. Shares rose 23 times-fold in the past year.   All the results behind the thrust of the company in February 2012 on the launch of the mobile card game "Zhi Long Fan City" (Puzzle & Dragons). Analysis said, "Wisdom Dragon Fan City" has become the world's most profitable tour ...

A big break in social games

Is this a developer-led revolution or a stack of games for social platforms? "Business value" magazine Xiayong | After 2009 years, ChinaCache's COO Xu Shiqing found that the company's business has grown rapidly.  Xu Shiqing in the Blue Flood, is the domestic well-known Internet basic services ──CDN (content distribution network) company, its business growth or decline, can be judged the internet market growth or recession barometer. "The server hosting business has only begun this year, with more than 20 customers now." Some guests ...

Easy thousand Nation war ASUS push high load hosting Games server solution

In full swing of the network game industry is attracting the eyes of all parties, online games market as a subdivision and rapid growth of the market caused by domestic and foreign server manufacturers of particular concern. The rapid growth of the market also means that customer demand is changing, only pay close attention to and constantly study customer demand changes in order to provide more suitable for customer needs of the server. The network game has the information two-way communication, the speed, does not have the space restriction and so on the superiority, fundamentally enhances the game the interaction, the simulation and the athletics sex, causes the game player in the fictitious world to be able to play the real world to be unable to show the potential, for the operator ...

The game industry development difficulties, cloud computing power to break through the road

Absrtact: Today's network game market is booming, showing a flourishing momentum. In the first quarter of 2013 China's online gaming market reached 18.59 billion yuan, an increase of 21.7%, which allows a large number of developers to the game industry. The vast money also let today's network game market, showing a booming momentum. In the first quarter of 2013 China's online gaming market reached 18.59 billion yuan, an increase of 21.7%, which allows a large number of developers to the game industry. The broad "money" also let the game industry fight more ...

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