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American social gaming website makes a fortune on Mother's Day

Beijing time May 10 afternoon news, according to foreign media reports, because a large number of players during the mother's day to "Send Flowers" to the mother, the U.S. social game publishers make a fortune. Mother's Day is a huge gift market after Christmas. On Mother's Day last year, about 14.1 billion dollars were spent on Mother's day-related gifts. In the one weeks before Mother's Day this year, social game dealers and online flower sellers held a "gift for Mom" promotional campaign, players buy flowers at the same time will also get the game virtual goods and virtual currency. This kind of promotion activity brings about 10 daily.

EA announces "Dragon Age 2" genuine will be free to download DLC

Recently, EA announced the "Dragon Age 2 (Dragon ages 2)" box will be accompanied by special code, for players to access similar "quality effect 2" "Hell Dog Network (Cerberus receptacle)" content value-added services platform, free download DLC content. "We have not yet announced the specifics of the content-added service platform, but it certainly is something akin to a hell-dog network," said Mark Darrah, executive producer of Dragon Age 2, who is responsible for the EA, who told the foreign gaming website Joystiq today. "When talking about ...

Bungie consider the development of the "Halo 4" lead Sergeant Chief will return

On June 28, Brian Jarrard, Bungie community manager, said in an interview with a gaming website that Bungie considered the launch of Halo 4 and that 4 generations would not be prequel works, and that the storyline would be immediately "Halo 3", a series of leading characters (Master Cheif)  will return to the main role. Brian Jarrard in the interview, "early in the story of the distant star of the Halo: to Far star" before we think of a lot of new concepts, including the production of "Halo 4", about the petty officer from the low ...

Five minutes of deliberate foray into the West says developers should have business acumen

The controversy over the introduction of/wendy in social games, not only in the West, but also in China at present.  Xucheng, the five-minute chief operating officer of China's happy farm, spoke about the problem in an interview with Gamasutra, a famous foreign gaming website. Whether it's in the west or in China, there's no stopping the debate about whether social gaming is a way to provide a happy experience for players, or to use mind control to achieve the main goal of earning more money from players. Xucheng said: "Either way, your ...

Blizzard releases "Diablo 3" male demon hunter figure set

"Diablo 3" has new news! The male version of the Demon Hunter has been made public this morning, according to an exclusive report by Eurogamer, a foreign gaming website. In last year's BlizzCon, Blizzard said the Demon Hunter was a private feud with demons and spared no expense to destroy all the demons of the sanctuary. Demon hunters use traditional range weapons, such as bows and arrows, crossbow, or even one-handed use of two-handed crossbow. The profession is also particularly adept at weapons devices, traps and deadly bombs. The Demon Hunter has all his life.

"Firefall" March demo Zhu says it's burned 60 million dollars.

From a foreign gaming website, the nine city holding Red 5 studio Sci-Fi fps "Firefall: Fire Waterfall" (hereinafter known as the Fire waterfall) will be released in March in the United States in the Seattle Game Show (PAX) to release the demo. According to the news, nine city CEO Zhu on Tencent Weibo said, "Fire Waterfall" producer, the former "World of Warcraft" 60-level version of production Mark Kern, still retains the idea of making blizzard, the best investment to make the most perfect game. According to Zhu, "Fire Waterfall" has now burned 60 ...

Star Wars ol ' selling service has started game is about to be tested

April 15--The first test of the old Star Wars Republic was about to begin, with more than 1.5 million players participating in the eligibility for the experience, which led to early action by some third-party middlemen.  Igxe, a well-known online gaming website, has announced that it has started offering trading services for the old Star Wars Republic, with players paying 659 pounds to buy 1000 credits in the game. Similar sites are,,, swtor ...

Successful companies like Motorola will also get better, more powerful apps and games

Although analysts believe that Motorola Xoom Tablet PCs sold only about 100,000 units in the first quarter, the company's official figures show that shipments have reached 250,000 since its release in February this year. Motorola Mobile's first-quarter earnings rose 22% to $3 billion a year earlier, according to Pocket Gamer of the US mobile gaming website. Motorola did not disclose Xoom's specific sales, but shipments were nearly twice times as much as analysts had expected. Overall, Motorola's first quarter of all mobile devices ...

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