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UK to support gaming industry through budget

According to foreign media reports, Britain's finance minister Alistair has passed a budget to support the UK gaming industry. Although all the details have not been disclosed, he pledged that the measure would resemble the current set of measures to revive the British film industry.  Britain's investment in the UK film industry has been backed by billions of dollars through lotteries and funds. "Our creative industries offer a great deal of jobs, a huge source of wealth and an opportunity to get credit." He said: "I will provide financial support, concrete steps will be similar to the resumption of British film industry measures." ...

NVIDIA announces GeForce Grid cloud gaming platform

The rise of cloud computing is designed to simplify the user experience and provide the most optimized user experience, GTC Technology assembly in the field of computing has slowly turned to cloud computing, as GTC2012 's play, Nvidia announced its latest GeForce Grid cloud gaming platform, Further narrowing the cloud computing experience. We know that the traditional games, whether online games or stand-alone games are to the server client-client mode transfer, the need for higher network services, network latency and other serious impact on the user's experience, geforce&n ...

New opportunities emerge in the fields of payment, gaming and advertising

Goldman Sachs today released its research report, keeping Tencent's (0700.HK) stock rating at "buy" unchanged at a target price of HK $700. The following is a summary of the contents of the report: New opportunities emerge in the field of payments, gaming and advertising; maintain "buy rating changes: Micro-credit social networking services have unique competitive advantages, especially the sticky user base and the high proportion of mobile service usage, plus users have a deep understanding of these services, means there will be a variety of commercial opportunities in the future. We will be Tencent's stock rating ...

Microsoft Body Sense Gaming equipment Kinect sold 1 million units in 10 days

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft said in Monday that since the release of Kinect 10 days ago, the device has sold more than 1 million units and is expected to break the target of 5 million units sold at the end of the year. With the Kinect device, Microsoft hopes to reactivate the Xbox console sales in this Christmas shopping season and confront Nintendo and Sony.  Two months ago, Sony launched the move body Sense game stick. "This is a strong start ..." says Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft's Gaming department, Tang Matrick.

Nintendo performance Growth 19% gaming industry average down 4%

Reggy Filseem Reggie Fils-aime, Nintendo's president, said the sales growth in the US market had surpassed the average of the gaming industry, and said it hoped the new version would help keep the momentum on the shrinking market.  According to foreign media reports, Filseem said that at present the company's business growth reached 19% this year, while the rest of the industry has basically dropped about 4%. At present, Nintendo's business mainly includes its Japanese companies and third party manufacturers in the game ...

Skye Network will provide games to mobile gaming platform

The Sina Science and technology news Beijing time March 1 evening message, Sky Network (Nasdaq:mobi) announced today, the subsidiary of Hangzhou Rice Technology has reached a cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Mobile, will provide the content and the operation cooperation for China Mobile (Weibo) 's National game platform.  Under the one by one-year agreement, the Sky Network will provide stand-alone games and apps, multiplayer online games, and other content on China Mobile gaming platforms, as well as user Service and operational cooperation for games and content. Jiangsu Mobile will be responsible for the development and maintenance of game platform, new game audit, release, and ...

Microsoft hurts killer announces ban on Kinect adult gaming software

Microsoft recently announced that it will stop adult game maker Thrixxx from releasing its previously released Kinect erotic gaming software on Xbox 360 machines. Last week, Thrixxx posted a demo video of the software on YouTube, where players can play with gestures, voice control and objects.  THRIXXX was established in 2003 to make "3D interactive games" on the PC platform. "Several recent Kinect thrixxx and open source have allowed windows 7 computers and kin to be installed," he said.

Perfect World Entertainment will massively expand mobile gaming business

The Perfect World (NASDAQ:PWRD), the United States subsidiary of the Perfect world of entertainment, announced today that it will expand its mobile gaming business Perfect. In the PC-oriented online gaming market, the perfect world has been a great success. Today, the perfect world plans to introduce its rich experience in free value-added mode (Free-to-play) and the idea of "originating from players and service players" into the mobile gaming market so that any gaming studio anywhere in the world can have access to ...

Xucheng says the future of mobile gaming is bullish

Social gaming company five minutes COO Xucheng recently said in Taiwan, bullish on the future of mobile gaming, and plans to develop "Happy Farm" mobile version. Shanghai five-minute network technology companies in Taiwan is not well-known, but the company developed a social networking site game "Happy Farming retreat, most Taiwanese netizens are not unfamiliar, or loyal fans." Shanghai five-minute network Technology founder, COO Xucheng recently said in Taipei, in the process of internationalization, hope to Taiwan as the core to the Southeast Asian market radiation. Xucheng, a 26-Year-old student at the University of Southern California, started his career at USC, but has not yet graduated.

Game industry enters Taiwan's list of Taiwanese gaming companies actively responding

NetEase Science and technology news July 3, according to Taiwanese media reported that Taiwan recently announced the opening of land-funded projects to Taiwan, one of the game industry, many mainland gaming companies eager to Taiwan market, and Taiwan as the first springboard to enter the international. It is reported that in the face of mainland games companies with huge funds coming on stage, Taiwan gaming companies also dare not despise the positive response.  Wang Junbo, chairman of Chi Guan Group, said it would strengthen research and development capabilities and the company's physique to meet the upcoming challenges. including NetEase, Shanda, the Nineth city, Giants, Tencent and perfect space-time, such as the mainland game company in the past few ...

Huaxi's online gaming company announces establishment of research and Development Center in Beijing

More Play Network news September 28, Huaxi Group's online gaming company Suzhou Sheng Fung Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou Sheng Feng") announced the formal establishment of research and Development Center in Beijing. The Huaxi group invested heavily in Beijing Research and Development Center, will be included in Suzhou Sheng Fung's unified management, but to maintain the status of independent research and development. The research and Development Center has hired a great team of research and development elites from various mature enterprises, including the core research and development members of the original "World of fine Arms".  In addition, the new team will develop a new action-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMOARPG). Sheng Feng Beijing Research and Development Center ...

Grand Game announces will push mobile gaming platform G-home

Absrtact: Beijing time August 20 Evening News, Shanda Games (Nasdaq:game) announced today that it will launch mobile gaming platform G-home as part of a move to strengthen its mobile strategy. In addition, Shanda Games currently has 36 new mobile games to be released soon. Grand Beijing time August 20 Evening News, Shanda Games (Nasdaq:game) announced today that as part of the move to strengthen mobile strategy, the company will push ...

Gartner predicts 2014 mobile gaming revenue will be higher

According to the news, foreign media reports said.   Market research firm Gartner published a study in Monday saying that by 2014, Global mobile gaming end-users are expected to sell as much as, or exceed, $11.4 billion trillion. Gartner said in a statement that the 2010 global mobile game end-user, sales revenue is expected to reach about 5.6 billion U.S. dollars, 2009 years of 4.7 billion U.S. dollar growth of 19%. This steady growth has been in existence. 2014 sales revenue is expected to reach or exceed 11 ...

report says mobile gaming revenues will reach 1.8 billion

Washington (intern reporter Li Bin) yesterday, the "2008-2009 China Mobile Internet Industry Development Report" released by the consultation, the data show that in the 3G commercialization, the 2009 Chinese mobile gaming market is expected to reach 1.8 billion yuan, an increase of about 38.5%.  Eric data shows that last year, China's mobile gaming market revenue scale of 1.3 billion yuan, with the 2009 3G license issuance, 3G Technology promotion, the 2009 Chinese mobile gaming market is expected to reach 1.8 billion yuan. At present, Nokia, Apple, Shanda, DXN, Electronic Arts industry and other ...

Microsoft launches induction gaming machine Kinect creates home entertainment center

Beijing time, June 15, Microsoft released its new motion-sensing gaming machine Kinect in Monday, and introduced an ambitious plan to use the new machine to make its Xbox 360 the center of Home Entertainment. kinect--its previous development code for project natal--allows players to manipulate their video games without using joysticks. In this game machine, users can use their physical movement to complete running, playing, jumping, racing and dancing and other movements. As one of its applications, Star Wars (wars) ...

Microsoft launches new gaming center aggressively grabs Social gaming market

Local network (Compilation/flower Sword Shadow) according to overseas media reports, Microsoft will launch a gaming center, connecting three social gaming portals (MSN games, Bing Games, and Windows Live Messenger), and introduce Crowdstar's social gaming platform. Users can use a Facebook or Windows Live account to log in to the Microsoft Gaming Center, then play the same games as before, check out friends ' new messages and bulletin boards, invite friends to play, and more. However, social and gaming platforms have greatly increased w ...

Capcom, a famous Japanese gaming company, will launch a Facebook game

Capcom, a Japanese gaming publisher, who developed the "biochemical Crisis" and "Street Fighter" series, said it plans to launch its first game against 400 million Facebook users in the current fiscal year, Bloomberg reported May 12. "Social networking games will have an impact on the traditional video gaming industry, a phenomenon that cannot be ignored," Capcom's president, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, said in an interview in Tokyo on the same day. We must act. "Market research company ThinkEquity estimates, to ...

Lenovo Group will push gaming computer to boost sales

Earlier, the company's chairman, Mr Liu, who revived the return of a shares, but still made no progress, revealed a slight jolt this morning, with a modest rise of 0.35% to HK $2.86 a half-day after the bottom of the rally, with a limited incentive to report that it would launch gaming computers to boost sales. The company plans to launch a series of new gaming computers to boost sales, including desktops and laptops, to meet the needs of players in China that are expected to reach 100 million by the end of this year, according to the China Daily, the vice president of Lenovo, Liu said. Liu also said that the company's gaming computer accounts for about the total sales ...

Wal-Mart returns to second-hand gaming market and GameStop

The huge success of the game-selling giant GameStop in the second-hand gaming market has made many retailers particularly jealous, while Best Buy and Wal-Mart also set up shop-vending machines provided by E-play at the beginning of the year, but later came to nothing.  But the latest news shows that Wal-Mart has returned to the second-hand gaming market. Joystiq reported that Colin Sebastian, a financial analyst, said that Wal-Mart's joint gaming services provider game Mini-advertisements once more to sell second-hand game sales, and they had already sold second-hand games at 500 chains ...

United States Rhode Island to reduce unemployment to introduce gaming companies

A few days ago, a state in the United States has become a subject of huge sums of money to attract gaming companies.  Not long ago, the U.S. state of Rhode Island and UBM agreed, UBM if by the end of 2011 to recruit 250 local staff, the state of Rhode Island will be paid as a reward of 64 million U.S. dollars (equivalent to about 430 million yuan) to UBM. September 23 (local time), UBM the location in Boston, Massachusetts, to Providence, Rhode Island.

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