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Gem National Geography: Beijing accounted for nearly 20% Western companies scarce

September 28, Huili technology, Sun Bird, Chi Fei Biological three new shares in the Gem listing transactions, and coincidentally, the three shares from Guangdong, Hunan and Chongqing, respectively, the East and the Midwest accounted for one, yesterday's newly listed gem listing companies from the regional distribution, it is said to achieve a perfect balance. However, the total number of the 123 gem listed companies in the region is not so balanced, so perfect. From the whole country, still is the east strong west weak, but is from the eastern region, also presents the Beijing and Guangdong Strong, Shanghai weak situation. In that case, Beijing, Guangdong Gem listed a large number of companies, on the ...

Nine big guesses of China Gem: Who will be suspended first

Business newspaper trainee reporter Yu Yuqing with yesterday Shenzhen to 28 enterprises issued the final "Zhongsheng", GEM official listing trading only time is left. Will there be a first-day break for the gem market after the official listing? How will institutions be involved? Whether it will become a watershed trend of the market ... All of this is still full of unknowns from now on.  For the general concern of investors of these issues, this newspaper today launched the exclusive planning-China Gem Nine speculation, for readers reference.  Guess 1 who will be suspended first? Business newspaper forecast: many new ...

Gem Market value Breakthrough 800,000,000,200 stocks 60% shrinking

Every reporter Liu Mingtao Zhang Yu April 7, with a number of new shares of the landing, gem listed companies officially reached 200, since the first batch of 28 "open Board Hsun" birth, nearly 1.5 time, the plate team has been growing, in addition to the myth has been staged, Gem Total market value also broke through the 800 billion yuan this week mark. However, these 200 only top High-tech industries, high growth aura of the "representative", but often in the two-tier market to create embarrassment. Performance Year-on-year growth rate is less than the motherboard, the SME market;

Gem anniversary: Luxury "Casino" is with the non

China's gem in the soaring collapse of the right and wrong to spend the first anniversary, not long time, many things. Starting the gem, whether the department is really in the competitiveness of enterprises? Can companies really digest the huge amount of capital that fell from the sky? Can investors rationally determine the value of investment or blindly release investment enthusiasm?  How should investors judge the development of the gem next year? Create a rich or entrepreneurial start-up board, also launched the Chinese to create a billionaire's Rubik's Cube, one night, Chine rich on the birth. At the same time, enterprises in the face of investors to invest a lot of wealth also seems to have no ...

Wang: Gem mature at least 3 years

Wang Gem market after 10 years of careful and adequate preparation, officially listed last October 30 transactions, up to now has been running for one year. How to objectively and fairly evaluate the efficiency of gem market, both the management and the community are very concerned about.  The information disclosed by Shenzhen shows that, overall, the gem market is an effective market and is successful. Of course, the growth of the gem in the past year's operation, there are many new contradictions and problems, and face serious challenges. We think that the issue of GEM is the development of problems, is because the gem market is a high-risk, high growth market, ...

Gem IPO triggers a wave of open accounts

Business News (reporter Wang Chen Jie) ten years to grind a sword gem is at an extraordinary speed to advance. Early yesterday morning, 10 companies in the Shenzhen stock company issued a notice, officially launched the release process.  At this point, the success of these companies will be the longest and only three days. "We received a call from the SFC 1 o'clock in the morning yesterday and were notified of the IPO approval," he said. "Beijing Pathfinder Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., a relevant person in Beijing yesterday to promote the scene told reporters that the SFC so fast process even they did not think." "The feeling is still relatively sudden, we started early this morning ...

Gem shares will be hundreds of four quarters ushered in the lifting flood peak

-Our correspondent Dujaven issued Juloka (300099), double-Forest shares (300100) and the National Proton Electronics (300101) will be listed in a few days, gem listed companies will reach 100, the total amount of funds collected over 70 billion yuan.  After nearly 10 months of development, gem trading more active, and began to get institutional investors concerned. Industry insiders believe that compared to the motherboard, SME board, GEM expansion faster.  With the growth of the gem and the impending release of the lifting crest, the gem is under great pressure. Raise funds ...

The interests of the gem "Rashomon Door": Investors suggest three years don't touch

"Investors newspaper" researcher Jian "three years don't touch gem".  This is the three years ago, "investors," an interview with a TENS investors, the main reason for his argument is that large shareholders for three years, before the gem risk is difficult to completely release. October 31, 2012, the gem will usher in the three anniversary of the opening of the board!  It seems to me that his words are very good. Gem in the three years of open board, it experienced too much ice and fire, fanaticism and blame. In such a controversial market, not only the majority of the individual original shareholders get rich overnight, but also fattened to testify ...

Wang: Looking forward to the gem incubator China Microsoft said too optimistic

Wang, a 67-Year-old Wang, has been steeped in Chinese venture capital for 15 years, and has been busy for 10 years on the opening of the gem. As early as 1984, he joined with academics and officials from Beijing and Shanghai to attend a two-month study and research class in Hong Kong.  There, for the first time, Wang felt the power of the securities market.  After Hong Kong's trip, Wang was hired as a decision advisor to the Shenzhen municipal government, and was involved in the Shenzhen of state-owned enterprise joint-stock reform and the establishment of the Shenzhen Counter-trade Market (OTC). 1999, Wang participated in the largest domestic ...

Writing on the two anniversary of the opening of the gem: Gem betrayed the small and medium-sized enterprises

The gem benefits from the slogan and banner of financing for small and medium-sized enterprises can be boarded the stage of China's capital market. But it betrayed the small and medium-sized enterprises that gave birth to it and nurtured it.   Gem for SME Financing service commitment is just a beautiful empty words, we thought that the gem sowing is the dragon species, actually born is a flea. Ten years ago, China's pioneering board was struggling, and Shenzhen on the gem, to restore the motherboard can not also get into trouble. Meanwhile, there is a wave of mergers and acquisitions among global exchanges. In China, the isomorphism of SSE and Shenzhen has been criticized by more and more people.

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