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Illustrated to teach you to install Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux is a special Linux distribution that can be automatically optimized and customized for any application and need.    Gentoo has excellent performance, highly configurable and best-in-class user and "> Development community." As a result of Portage technology, Gentoo Linux can serve as an ideal security server, development platform, professional level desktop ...

Paludis 0.66.0 Release Package Manager

Paludis is a Gentoo and Exherbo package Manager. It consists of a core library and multiple console based clients. Package support formats include: Gentoo ebuilds,exherbo exheres-0 format, and various practical pseudo formats. Gentoo users need not worry about the conflict between Paludis and Portage because they are independent of each other. Other Linux distribution users can also use this administrative tool as a complement to the default tool. Pa ...

Kororaa 15 publishes a non-professional Linux distribution

KORORAA15 has been released and is available for download in 32-bit and 64-bit versions using KDE 4.6 and GNOME 3. This release includes ">ubuntu's jockey device Driver manager, which has replaced the Third-party driver's Add/remove additional scripting configuration. Kororaa 15 with the RPM package installed and configured Adobe Flas ...

Paludis 0.64.2 Publishing Package Manager tool

Paludis 0.64.2 This version is bound to Python and now includes a variety of additional things. Config_protect has now been merged into Merge-check. You can use the Portage format configuration and the Userpriv feature is now available. Paludis is a gentoo-like Ebuild System Package Manager tool, Gentoo users need not worry about Paludis and Portage conflict, because the two are independent. Other Linux distribution users can also use ...

Paludis 0.64.3 Publishing Package Manager tool

Paludis 0.64.3 This version fixes an error: one! In | | () can cause errors within the (). Minor classification error fixes and compiler compatibility changes. Paludis is a gentoo-like Ebuild System Package Manager tool, Gentoo users need not worry about Paludis and Portage conflict, because the two are independent. Other Linux distribution users can also use this package management tool as a complement to the default tool. Download Address: Http://palu ...

13 best Open source Linux operating system

Operating System (English: keyboard-based system, abbreviation OS) is the computer program that manages and controls the computer hardware and software resources, is the most basic system software that runs directly on "bare metal", any other software must operate with the support of the operating system. There are certainly a few friends who love open source operating system, if you like to try new things, there are some good choices.  Here are 13 of the best open source Linux operating systems we've sorted out. Kubuntu Big ...

Illustrated to teach you to install Slackware 8.1 Linux+gaga (i)

Slackware is a Linux distribution made by Patrick Volkerding. Slackware went along with the other distributions (Red Hat, ">debian, Gentoo, SuSE, Mandriva, Ubuntu and so on) different paths, it is trying to become "Unix-style" Linux distribution ...

Ma Quan: Docker,hadoop's competitor is coming!

CSDN "Open source technology assembly 2014" (OSTC 2014) will be held at the Beijing Pavilion Garden Hotel on March 30, 2014.   We will publish a series of interviews with the lecturer and discuss what they will share in the event.   In this issue, we are interviewing Docker, the initiator of the Chinese community in Ma Quan. About Docker:docker is DotCloud open source, can be any application packaging in the Linux container running tools, 2 ...

Linux Learning Tutorial II

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall to believe that a lot of beginners who want to learn Linux are worried about what to look at Linux learning Tutorials Good, the following small series for everyone to collect and organize some of the more important tutorials for everyone to learn, if you want to learn more words, can go to wdlinux school to find more tutorials. Install PHP expansion module phpize install PHP module One way is to add related parameters recompile PHP one is to use phpize, such as Eaccel ...

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