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The new opportunity and challenge of open source in the era of large data

Open source Hotspot Inventory 1984, Richard Stallman launched GNU and Free Softwarefoundation, which has been open source for more than 28 years. From the bottom of the operating system to advanced desktop applications, there are open source footprint. Linux, which is especially open source operating system, is a controversial issue and is subject to many commercial attacks.   Many people like to put open source and business together, to accuse Open source is how "irregular", "energy consumption", "instability" and so on, especially Microsoft. Talk about ...

Server encounters open Source: Three big open source server technology

In the IT industry, open source technology is already well known, with the exception of a dedicated Open-source software developer like Red Hat, including Microsoft, IBM and Sun, who are also involved in the development of open source technology. Since 2011, based on cloud computing and virtualization of the two major server upgrade technology considerations, in the server design, update, into open source technology to achieve innovation, has been very common.   Open source to emphasize freedom, emphasis on service, open source and the starting point of the server is consistent, is to provide more users with services. Open source server technology by definition is a server-oriented open source technology, today's open source ...

ActiveMQ v5.5.0 Release strong open source message bus

ActiveMQ is the ">apache, the most popular, powerful open source message bus." ActiveMQ is a JMS provider implementation that fully supports the JMS1.1 and Java EE 1.4 specifications, although the JMS specification has been around for a long time, but JMS still plays a special role in today's Java EE applications. Act ...

Open source code and Linux application in cloud computing

Cloud computing and storage transform physical resources, such as processors and storage, into scalable, shareable resources on the Internet (computing and storage as services). While virtualization is not a new concept, the sharing of physical systems through server virtualization does make resources much more scalable and much more efficient. Cloud computing enables users to access large scale computing and storage resources, and they do not have to know the location of those resources and how they are configured. As you would expect, Linuxreg;

Open Source Cloud computing applications

Microsoft James Black, serif; Font-size:10.5pt "> It is well known that Linux and open source code play a very important role in cloud computing, so let's explore how the Linux and Open-source communities contribute to it." Of course, smart as you may have guessed one or two of them, but please continue to look down. Software-as-a-service SaaS (software as a service) is access to the Internet as a service ...

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