Getting The Time From A Network Time Server

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SQL Server: Security design from scratch

Basic points if you don't understand the basic concepts of SQL Server Security, stop developing and read these development guidelines first, and you can't safely make a database safe without knowing these concepts. The security of the program is just like a truck. You have an engine, a key, all the possible processes that occur when the key is turned on and the engine is started. If you ignore certain details, there will be a lot of trouble during the driving. After the problem arises, you can give the truck to a repairman, but for ...

Implementation of millions real-time message push service in Worktile

In the use of Team collaboration tool Worktile, you will notice whether the message is in the upper-right corner, drag the task in the Task panel, and the user's online status is refreshed in real time. Worktile in the push service is based on the XMPP protocol, Erlang language implementation of the Ejabberd, and on its source code based on the combination of our business, the source code has been modified to fit our own needs. In addition, based on the AMQP protocol can also be used as a real-time message to push a choice, kick the net is to use rabbitmq+ ...

Real-time web is more than just fashion and technology trends

With the advent of the social internet boom, the real-time web is getting more and more attention. On the one hand, the message real-time notification greatly improves the friendliness of the system from the point of view of the business scene. On the other hand, from the performance point of view, the new data is automatically pushed by the service side, rather than the user automatically refresh the page to obtain, greatly reducing the server pressure. Foreign media recently published an article that the real-time web is not just a fashion, but a technical trend. In the future, real time technology will become a kind of default technology, will be more and more civilian, not only Google, Faceb ...

Alibaba products from white to getting started experience

Alibaba Cloud User: forum Nickname imnpc "Alibaba Cloud provides a very low price and excellent service for individuals and small and micro enterprises. A large number of environments with a control panel to facilitate the deployment of the mirror, as long as FTP, the rest are all graphical operations, Reduce the management threshold; for large enterprises, Aliyun is to provide excellent high-end service "from August 2012 to apply for trial Aliyun hosts ECS, Aliyun cloud hosts have been providing very good service, in March 2013 annual purchase And start filing, filing ...

Four realms of server security protection--from the virus to the hundred drugs

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall saw Jin Yong's novel people must know that the sword demon alone seek defeat to practice the four realms of sword, namely Sword Realm, Saber realm, Wood sword realm and no sword realm.   As a network security maintenance personnel, my personal development trajectory is probably the case, but I stay in the third level of stagnation, the fourth floor is never dare to expect. From a dozens of-person small company's network management, to become a thousands of people's Congress of Technical Security department head, open my personal evolution history, can be an autobiography. These ...

Company Smartphone Security (B) - Aim WSUS Server

Company Smartphone Security (B) - Aim WSUS Server. After scanning found that there are two hosts to meet our needs, send us a stable remote shell. They are WSUS (Windows Update Server) and Antivirus (Antivirus Related Server), respectively, because these services must have Internet access to update the database, let's start from the first. There is an interesting question, NTLM hash of the local administrator is enough to access this server? Perhaps our answer is yes. In a public ...

Getting Started MongoDB, you need to pay attention to the 4 tips

"51CTO classic" I like MongoDB mainly because it is so simple and natural to use it in dynamic languages. So far, I've used it in two projects (Encode and SPARRW), although I'm very happy with the choice, but there are some problems I haven't noticed, and these problems have kept me scratching my scalp for hours. If you have more than one machine, and then allocate a few more machines for the database, then some problems can be solved, but my project is running on a single (virtual) server on the low flow w ...

Emergency remedy for server intrusion

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall recently has many stationmaster server to be invaded, after the invasion is really unprepared ah, "Webmaster safety net" Jack for everyone to analyze the server before and after the invasion of some details and processing methods, hope to pray for the role of the action, if there is wrong to point out also please forgive me. An attacker who invades a system is always driven by a major purpose. For example, show off the technology, get the enterprise confidential data, destroy the normal business process of the enterprise and so on, sometimes also may in the invasion, the attacker's attack behavior, by some ...

Programmer experience, time management in the era of Internet fragmentation

Absrtact: Yesterday issued a micro-blog for front-end development, in addition to the blue ideal, there are several places more waste of life: Baidu, CSDN, Cnbeta, QQ Group, micro-blog. The more time spent in these areas, the lower the wages. As expected, attracted a bunch of onlookers and yesterday issued a micro-blog for the front-end development, in addition to the blue ideal, there are several places more waste of life: Baidu, CSDN, Cnbeta, QQ Group, Weibo. The more time spent in these areas, the lower the wages. As expected, attracted a lot of onlookers and controversy. I send this micro ...

FortiOS 6.0 Getting Started: Fortinet Security Fabric installation

In this article, you can learn how to configure a Fortinet Security Fabric that consists of four FortiGate devices and a FortiAnalyzer.

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