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Automatically install NPM packs for Node.js on Windows Azure Web site

In my previous article, I described and demonstrated how to Http:// ">node.js and Windows Azure Web Site" (waws) Use NPM package. In that article I used the NPM command to install the packages and then use Git to submit my changes to Windows and synchronize them to the Wawsgit repository. Then Waws will trigger ...

PHP execution Environment in Windows Azure Development Combat Introduction

Windows Azure is a publicly-owned cloud platform service developed and provided by Microsoft, and this platform supports many different programming languages, development technologies, in other words, you don't necessarily have to use Microsoft technologies (such as. Net, C #, etc.) to use Windows Azure, the Cloud Platform [1].   This series of articles will introduce PHP as a programming language for developing practical Web sites or applications on Windows Azure. This series of articles includes: &n ...

How to Host a Node.js Web site on Windows Azure

In the first article in this series, I described how to "> Run Node.js on Windows." In the second article, I demonstrated how to use SQL Server in Node.js. That's how I learn node.js, first by making it work on Windows, and then on SQL Server. But back to the goal I started, I ...

Common issues for counting Windows Azure mobile Services

Thank you for helping us to successfully launch the unprecedented #AzureChat. The mobile service and Notification Hub are exciting services on the Windows Azure platform. We are delighted to take the opportunity of this online discussion to listen to members of the community. If you miss the discussion or want to learn more about the topics discussed, check out the following inventory. We are happy to listen to your feedback – please submit a feature request and comment on the Mobile Service UserVoice page, we almost ...

Windows Azure made PaaS-centric updates to the cloud

One of Microsoft's Windows Azure teams introduced a new upgrade and add-on update to its previous cloud-centric service called PaaS to make it more widely available to developers, enterprise CIOs, IT managers, or other C Level performer. Among the highlights include the following: • Enduring Windows and Linux Virtual Machine (WAVM) comes from portable * .vhd images that you can download and run natively without repair, delivering long-awaited IaaS features And there is no cloud ...

Install a load-balanced Web farm virtual machine on Windows Azure

One of my buddies is thinking about moving some of his Linux-based sites to ">azure." If your current site is node.js, ASP, ASP. NET or PHP, it is easiest to use azure Web sites. I'll show you in this article how to install the Azure Web site in a few minutes with git. They hide the underlying operating system from you, automatically ...

How do I compile a custom version of the latest jquery class library by myself?

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Do you think jquery class library is not flexible, unlike other frameworks or class libraries, for example, do Jo, like that, you can load modules dynamically, or you don't use all the functionality that jquery provides in your project, for example, AJAX-related ...

Let Windows Azure Web services also directly support PHP sites

The Zend framework is a PHP "> Development Framework" (framework) if your PHP Web application is used The Zend Framework is also developed, and it is easy to deploy Windows Azure Web services and immediately bring your site online. You can refer to this article to learn about PHP applications such as ...

Complete monitoring of Windows Azure Web site with Kudu Dashboard

Editorial Staff Note: This article is written by Amit Apple, a software developer for the Windows Azure Web site team. If you want to understand and personally participate in computing resource management, you'll be glad to hear that the Windows Azure Web site now offers some very useful online tools to help you do something extraordinary. These tools have been integrated into your site's Kudu dashboard (also known as the Web Site control management (SCM) dashboard), and now let's look at these tools together. ...

How to manage knowledge

Learning is not simply reading and browsing, on the contrary is a process of accumulation, one through continuous learning, and constantly enrich their knowledge system, indexing process.   Then share my experience with you. High-quality information sources and efficient learning no doubt, Google is a good tool, we can find better resources, but only if you must know the keyword to search, no keyword, do not know what to look for. In general, people are not likely to know what they don't know (Unknown u ...).

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