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Windows Azure Web Hosting service: Deploying your Php/nodejs site with git

The previous article describes how to use Windows ">azure web hosting services to quickly set up a Web site, for developers, You can actually use a service like this, deploy your PHP or Nodejs site, and do not necessarily use Microsoft's development tools, this article will be in the operating environment under MAC OS X, with GI ...

Common issues for counting Windows Azure mobile Services

Thank you for helping us to successfully launch the unprecedented #AzureChat. The mobile service and Notification Hub are exciting services on the Windows Azure platform. We are delighted to take the opportunity of this online discussion to listen to members of the community. If you miss the discussion or want to learn more about the topics discussed, check out the following inventory. We are happy to listen to your feedback – please submit a feature request and comment on the Mobile Service UserVoice page, we almost ...

Have "Rong" is big: Docker container, 100,000 shop easy to host

"Editor's note" Shopify is a provider of online shop solutions company, the number of shops currently serving more than 100,000 (Tesla is also its users). The main frame of the website is Ruby on rails,1700 kernel and 6TB RAM, which can respond to 8,000 user requests per second. In order to expand and manage the business more easily, Shopify began to use Docker and CoreOS technology, Shopify software engineer Graeme Johnson will write a series of articles to share their experience, this article is the department ...

Visual Studio 2013 introduces the networked IDE experience automatic sync device

Recently, Visual Studio 2013 builds on the progress of Visual Studio 2012 and subsequent Visual Studio updates, providing the development team with the solutions needed to accommodate this transformation and develop and deliver the next wave of Windows Platform Innovation (Windows 8.1) new applications, while supporting a wide range of devices and services on all Microsoft platforms. The equipment and service experience has undergone fundamental changes ...

Twitter: A simple tweet behind the powerful open source power

Absrtact: 7 years ago, one of the ideas, the success of today's popular social network and microblogging service--twitter. Twitter now has more than 200 million monthly active subscribers, and about 500 million tweets are sent every day.   Behind all this is the support of a large number of open source projects. Twitter, known as the "Internet SMS Service", allows users to post no more than 140 tweets, the idea from Twitter's co-founder, Jack Dorsey, which was dubbed "the dumbest Ever" by analysts 7 years ago ...

Internet penetration of small and medium-sized enterprises just on the road

LinkedIn, a foreign internet company doing what is called PSNs, has had a hard time, with a staggering 1/4 to 1/5 of its market capitalisation, which is at $45 trillion, and has reached nearly 200 dollars. There is a benchmark in the former, there are quite a few similar domestic network of professional social networking enterprises, from the previous neighbor, to the recent streets, excellent. But oddly enough, although LinkedIn is a good day, none of China's imitators can be called "successful". If the neighbor is created in 200 ...

Another large group of Windows Azure enhancements Description

Two weeks ago we released a huge improvement to Windows Http:// ">azure, as well as Windows Azure SDK a major update. This morning, we released another large group of Windows Azure enhancements. New features now include: storage: import/export hard drive to your storage account hdinsight ...

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