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Blizzard chief operating officer says two mystery projects are under development

At the end of the Blizzard Carnival, Blizzard chief operating officer Paul Sams said Blizzard currently has two mystery projects under development, one is the previously announced "Next-gen MMO" online games, and another unnamed game.  As for the "Diablo 3", which was released last year, Blizzard revealed only half of its development progress and still no time to market. "World of Warcraft" has been in operation for five years, is still the most players in the global game. Blizzard is still insisting on launching new information for it, and for the development of new users, has begun ...

"Halo" developers hinted at the development of new works or for shooting games

At the 2010 Global Game Developers Conference, "Halo" creative director Joe Staten said that Bungie's next project could be "forever there waiting for your world."  is Bungie making a shooting game?  Joe Staten, who made a speech titled "Halo 10 Years and future prospects", answered the questions at the end of his speech, one of which was a game about Bungie's latest development. In foreign media Kotaku reporter Leigh Alexand ...

Angry Birds physics questions online heat transfer controversy

Morning News reporter Gao Yan intern Machoyun to avenge the theft of the eggs of the green pig, with their own body as a weapon, like shells to attack the green pig fortress-yes, red through the global "Angry Birds" again.  Recently, Sina Weibo users "Chen will end" upload an angry bird physics photos (see above), really let the birds fire again. This popular global game recently appeared in a photo in the form of a test question: "The flight time 2.5 seconds, the distance as shown, in order to ensure that small red birds can hit the green pig, for the launch angle." "This seems a bit difficult ...

The original warcraft production of the Korean games will occupy the world's main market

March 30 The latest news, this year's Game Technology Conference (English name: Game Tech2011) is a big shot, Red5, song in Beijing, Bluehole, every lecture is exciting.  Yesterday, Red5 Studio original "World of Warcraft" producer Mark Kern in the "Global game engine technology and the development of a platform" topic lectures on the Korean games in the Western market future prospects. Who's Mark Kern? "StarCraft", "Diablo 2", "World of Warcraft" and other Superman works of the founder, research and Development, ...

Microsoft's Kinect sales are high but still unable to undo the decline in game sales this year

January 15, according to foreign media reports, although Microsoft in the first 60 days to sell 8 million Kinect accessories and more than the previous sales of Xbox 360 game consoles, but still can not restore the 2010 global game sales than the last year of contraction of the situation.  Market research firm NPD today released the 2010 annual video game report, showing a total of 18.55 billion U.S. dollars in 2010 video games, compared to $19.66 billion in 2009 and $21.4 billion in 2008. NPD points to a reduction in sales ...

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