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Capcom person in charge: will be tailor-made for the player "ghost Cry 5"

Although there are many rumours that Act God's sequel, Ghost 5, is under development and taken over by Ninja Germ Studios, Capcom officials have not responded.  In E3 exhibition, Capcom Global research and development director Inaba ship to the second said if the company to develop "Ghost cry" sequel will be "tailor-made for players" they want "ghost cry 5." "Yes, the Ghost Cry series is a lot of fans," Inaba told "We have to watch the market, watch the players ' attitudes, see ...

Yahoo layoffs storm, China branch also lying gun

March 2, in order to celebrate the 20 anniversary of Yahoo, Yahoo Beijing Global Research and Development center of the new restaurant officially opened. It's not much of a day to celebrate a company that has a proven track record of falling stock prices. But today, Yahoo's announcement has left the restaurant open for less than two weeks to face a new fate. A senior vice president of Yahoo announced today that Beijing's global research and Development center will be closed and its operations merged with other teams. According to insiders, Yahoo may provide employees with "n+4" compensation. At present, began to talk about compensation, partial dismissal, the first batch of ...

Yahoo announces closure of Beijing Research and Development center, laying off 200 to 300 people

Yahoo said yesterday it would close its global research and Development Center in Beijing and lay off 200 to 300 people, according to sources quoted by the Wall Street Journal. Yahoo's office in Beijing is the company's only physical location in mainland China. Yahoo says it has notified all employees on Wednesday. Since last October, Yahoo has laid off 700 to 900 people, mostly outside the United States. Yahoo spokesman Carolyn Clark, in an email to the San Jose Mercury, said Yahoo would be fair and impartial in arranging the affected employees to help them through. ...

Yahoo announces closure of Beijing Global Research Center, the elite to the grassroots still need to adapt to time

According to Sina Technology, Yahoo Senior vice president of the official announced today will close the Yahoo Beijing Global Research and Development Center. Yahoo will provide employees with "n+4" compensation, "the specific compensation also need to talk to their respective management." For the general staff of the Yahoo North Institute, the news may be a little abrupt. Their micro-letter public number just yesterday pushed a MUI for the title of the article; Earlier this month they celebrated the 20 anniversary of the founding of Yahoo, the theme of "Only food and the dream can not be betrayed"; A recent microblog was posted on March 6, recruiting, and last August they had a school recruit ...

Zenghongwei joined the World State Travel network as Vice president for technical management

Recently, the World State Travel Network CEO Zhang Ping and Mr. Zenghongwei officially announced that Mr. He joined the World State Travel network, as vice president, overall responsibility for the World State Travel Network of technical management work. Zenghongwei to join us to see the world state and Yahoo's origin is not small, CEO Zhang Ping is Yahoo China's first president, Angel investor Jerry Yang is Yahoo founder, technology VP Zenghongwei is Yahoo Global Research and Development Center Engineering director. Mr Tsang said, "The choice to join the world is to see the rapid growth of China's outbound travel market in recent years, as well as the world's strong team and unique model." ”...

Yahoo! officially announced the acquisition of social data services in China's start-up companies "intellectual extension Tongda"

Following the announcement this morning of the acquisition of mobile ad start-up Admovate, Yahoo!, a launch of the Yahoo! Beijing Global Research and Development Center this afternoon, announced the acquisition of social data Services, a Chinese start-up company, the Yahoo!, the first overseas company to be acquired in real sense, China has also emerged from this MUI shopping bag. The "Big Data" analysis of China's mainstream social platforms includes social recruitment and social relations management, as well as third-party social data services. By integrating social platforms ...

First to enter the intelligent field Haier air conditioner definition industry Intelligent Upgrade three stages

Recently, AQSIQ and the State Standardization Committee jointly approved and promulgated the "smart home appliances" as the main body of the 6 national standards, and will be formally implemented on July 1, 2013. The introduction of this policy shows that the development speed and the leading of the intelligent technology will become the key to seize the future strategic commanding heights of the home appliance industry. Haier as the first to enter the field of intelligent home appliances, the introduction of the Voice remote control, can realize the function of WiFi, such as intelligent air-conditioning products, once again embodies the enterprise in the field of intelligent electrical appliances ahead of the layout of the ability and technological innovation. Haier to build the industry transformation of the benchmark air-conditioning intelligent ...

Haier's headlines continue to be the focus of Internet media such as Sina technology

Recently, Haier, Millet boarded the news broadcast headlines on Weibo caused a netizen hot discussion, the netizen to Haier, millet through accurate grasp user needs, using Internet thinking research and development of new models of innovation to express admiration and strong interest. Among them, 670,000 Netizen interacts out of Haier Day bottle air conditioner become hot topic, gradually formed a day bottle hot. In addition to ordinary netizens, Sina Science and Technology, Sohu, Tencent News also on the incident was broadcast in detail. Traced to the source, this day bottle heat sources in the November 3 CCTV news broadcast on the internet new thinking of the report. It is understood that the day's news headlines, CCTV respectively to the sea ...

Yahoo announces acquisition of China data analysis company Tech

Absrtact: As Alibaba fades away, Yahoo begins to try to reconnect with the Chinese market. Yesterday, Yahoo announced the acquisition of China's data analysis Company intelligence extension Technology. This yahoo is not Alibaba's China Yahoo, but the United States Yahoo. This is the beginning of last year's drift away from Alibaba, Yahoo began to try to reconnect with the Chinese market. Yesterday, Yahoo announced the acquisition of China's data analysis Company intelligence extension Technology. This yahoo is not Alibaba's China Yahoo, but the United States Yahoo. This is the 18th takeover deal since Yahoo's incumbent CEO, Mayer, took office last July ...

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