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Wear Google glasses ridiculous it

BI Chinese website reported June 10 Now people seem to be very popular ridicule Google glasses - like a piece of glasses on your face, with a lens display, such a wearable computer looks clumsy. However, this ridicule seems to have mistaken the object. Google Glass will eventually become Google's next huge multi-billion dollar business. Critics of endless criticism There are many well-known technical writers are singing bad Google glasses. Robert - Scoble (Robert Scoble) direct criticism of Google Glass: "Google introduced this product is too bad ...

Big data clever use Google to help employees dieting

Last year, Google suffered a "M & M chocolate beans" crisis. It is understood that Google's office has been to provide free snacks to employees, fruits, because of this, Google staff eat too much free candy, and the company fears may have an impact on the health of employees. To this end, Google's data analysis genius launched a project called "M & M project, the project aims to investigate the pattern of employees eat free snacks, and then reference to food psychology papers and experiments. Speak with data analysis ...

Google Maps Upgrade: Calculate the distance between any two points

Sina Technology News "> Beijing July 10 morning news, Google this week Google Maps has been upgraded to support any two points between Distance measurement.At present, the user can right-click anywhere on the webpage Google Maps and select "measure distance." At this point, the Google Maps interface will pop up a digital ruler, showing the distance from the starting point of the end point.This distance is not measured by the street Limitations. Google Maps can measure ...

British media said Google abuse of the right to be forgotten

In early July, Google, the search engine giant, was "besieged" by a number of British media that accused it of over-fulfilling the "forgotten rights" in the European Data Protection Act and adopting a very sloppy, Cruel ways to directly delete name-related search links, and Google believes that this move is strictly enforced in May this year, a European Supreme Court verdict. The two sides each stick to the word, by the "forgotten rights" controversy has caused widespread concern in Europe and throughout the world. British media said Google abuse of the right to be forgotten In early July, a number of heavy British ...

New Web site promotion need to adhere to a Google update cycle

Enterprise website to enter the network marketing this piece, not like eating into the restaurant, according to the menu point, you can end up on a table meal, online marketing is a thin like embroidery, too late. But many stations are reduced less than a Google update time, Google's pr update means that you will be getting your site better and better, especially after the pr upgrade. Information station is to do later ideas, before the site has been in the form of a blog. The new station is included a week, Baidu and Google included also, but before the form of a blog, optimization has not been very good, a lot of key ...

Smart Watch Google and Samsung hostile escalation

Netease Technology News July 20 news, about "There is friction between Google and Samsung's report is not new, but according to technology website" The Information " According to a report by journalist Jessica Lessin on Saturday, the hostility between the two companies was clearly escalated at the recent Allen & Co. Technology and Media Summit in Sun Valley.

Google driverless car: all the way, but long-term future

Netease Technology News May 14 news, according to foreign media reports, Google today invited the media test ride their own research and development of driverless cars. Re / Code article describes the experience of this high-tech car ride. The following is Re / Code website "Google driverless car: all the way down, but long-term future," a text excerpt. Google Tuesday invited the media to try driverless cars. Trying to travel by car In the work area of ​​Mountain View in Google and the surrounding blocks, I was riding a white Lexus driverless car. The entire experience is not as imagined as traditional. Of course, google no ...

What is the meaning of Google PR update talk about the role of PR is lost

Hello everyone, I am a wooden boat. Yesterday was the most sensational day of the webmaster session, the first is the update of Google PR, followed by a big reduction to Baidu included, and today a forum for the first Wolf's rain brother, beyond the seowhy's first throne, really soul-stirring, Make webmasters excited like watching Hollywood movies. But for the Google PR update, more webmasters are still very happy, many webmasters are very excited to do exchanges in the group, many more owners are competing in their own website PR appreciation. But here I may want to pour everyone cold water, because for this Google PR ...

Google Wallet is about to go Google Glass

Tencent Technology News May 6 news, Google Wallet will visit Google glasses. Currently, Google is testing the smart wallet platform for this e-wallet application, the purpose is to allow users to transfer directly through Google glasses. It is worth mentioning that the voice command for this application is "send money". First of all, Google Glass users need to use a computer to register for an account on Google's social network. Later, users can install Google Wallet on their glasses. After setting, users can use Google Glass money transfer. For example, if a friend bought a movie ticket for you, you can ...

Google Valentine's Day Logo has always been the focus of fans

Google replaces the Logo on major festivals or rather meaningful days, and is being sought after by many fans worldwide. Every time Google changes the logo, many fans often rush to advertise. The annual Google Valentine's Day Logo has always been the focus of fans. At 7:00 AM Beijing time on February 14, 2009, the Google China website replaced the Valentine's Logo, which was put in place 7 hours ago (ie at 0:00 on the 14th), creating a day for Google users in China. ..

From Google Glass to smartwatches

The day before yesterday, Google I / O General Assembly held in high profile. Android One plans for mobile Internet, Android TV represents smart home, Android Wear shifts the focus of wearable devices from Google Glass to smartwatches, and Chrome OS and Google Docs further push the internet for smart work. At this point, mobile, office, home life is covered by Google. People's lives in addition to sleeping 8 hours, only the driving time of the car is not yet Internet ...

Wordpress plug-in solution to Google fonts!

Intermediary transaction"> SEO Diagnostic Taobao Guest Hosting Technology Hall As a wordpress disabled google fonts method before, the method is to use the installation plugin! Because Background plug-ins lead to the site to open more slowly, then we can plug-ins try not to use this article Huang Kun teach you how to plug-in to solve the Google fonts open slowly.

Internet company bosses and PR directors must see from one of the media

Last night, eight ye eat the Wujiang river Roast fish, drank two bottles of black standard stone library door, not clear the cardinal points. Next door a blind man came to me and said: "Eight ye, quickly to enter Baidu hundreds of media platform, can participate in advertising!" Oh, the eight were drunk sleepy back a sentence.   Thought that year, eight ye each month to collect the Google thousands of dollars, also did not see so excited! Baidu hundreds of media platforms from the online, eight after the news is happy and sad, I am looking in the eyes of the urgent heart, I do not ask eight ye to enter it? If you please eight, then no nonsense to write this article. Unfortunately, since no eight please enter ...

What has changed on Earth's surface over the past 28 years?

According to relevant information reported in Google Earth Google launched time tourism services.   From 1984 to now, the Earth has undergone many changes, and Google has provided users with a spectacular picture of the Earth's vicissitudes in a bird's-eye view. Google's launch of the time tourism service, with the United States Geological Survey, NASA and Time magazine have cooperated. Google Earth provides high-definition images of Earth satellites, in which we see all the changes in the Earth since 1984. If you want to see a change in a location, select the location and then watch the site 19 ...

The Impact of Cloud Computing in National Development

The advent of the concept of "cloud": From the first time Google CEO Eric Schmidt referred to "cloud computing" in 2006, the concept began to prevail in the IT industry. Almost all the well-known multinationals in the field of information are starting to roll out their own cloud computing products and services. Among them, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo, and Amazon are among the top 5 companies. The "cloud computing" is fully regarded as the strategic core of the Company's future development and is heavily invested in the construction of a large-scale "cloud computing" Information storage and computing services market completely monopolized. At the same time, in ...

Some knowledge about ADWORDS

Intermediary trading"> SEO Diagnostic Taobao Guest Hosting Technology Hall ADWORDS is a bidding platform, GOOGLE a bidding platform, said some of the straightforward is to buy high quality IP platform. Let's talk about several forms of advertising under GOOGLE One form of search advertising is the form of display, for example, I wrote a novel, so when others search for novels, ...

Search Logo: Mid-autumn Festival to Animals Carnival

Every year the Mid-Autumn Festival, the major search will be replaced logo.   This year is no exception, but, several major search engines invariably chose the animals, suddenly feel that the mid-Autumn Festival has become an animal carnival. First, Baidu Baidu this year's Mid-Autumn Festival logo selected is four rabbits, one by one on the rolling moon, Carnival music. In addition, click on Baidu's logo, will also pop up a page, which has "real-time Rise", "The Global Full Moon", "Lunar landscape" and "My Mid-Autumn Festival" four sections.   It is reported that the works of 23 photographers are on display here. Two, Sogou ...

SEO: Everything needs to grasp the balance of user experience

If said, the past year, in the Alibaba site search performance of the most beautiful time, I repeatedly stressed that SEO can not learn Alibaba but Hui Cong, many people disdain. Even suspected that I had ulterior motives.   And now, if the comrades who are still concerned about Alibaba's search performance will have a chance to witness my prophecy. I am sorry to tell many of the former Ali-style SEO for the classic, especially those who are still learning Alibaba site: In addition to the last stone issued by Google to punish Alibaba, Alibaba, now the performance of Google again worsened. And I ...

Getxbook 0.7 Publishing Book download tool

Getxbook is a tool for downloading books from a Web site. Support for book previews and downloads from Google Books, ">amazon ' s, Barnes, and Noble ' s. The tool has a graphical user interface option written in Tcl, as well as some shell scripts that use OCR to create plain text, or a searchable p ...

[Document] Skyline-join query algorithm based on MapReduce

Based on MapReduce skyline-join query algorithm Sun Dalie, Li Jianzhong Skyline query is a very time-consuming operation, while Skyline queries involving multiple tables (Skyline-join query) will bring more load to the database system, Thus affecting the response time of the whole system. To solve this problem, a Skyline-join query processing algorithm for MapReduce parallel processing framework based on Google design is proposed.

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