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Twilight Calendar Army: Cloud computing is the industrial pattern node

"China's Silicon Valley", Zhongguancun has always been proud of the title. However, Zhongguancun has a certain gap from the goal of "the center of Scientific and technological innovation with global influence".  In front of Microsoft, Intel, HP, IBM, people have to admit that China's IT industry has yet to grow. April 1, Shuguang and godson and other enterprises jointly held the "Zhongguancun north of the industrial cluster of major industrialization projects focused on the commencement ceremony." At the same time, the near future will be officially unveiled, using the godson of the dawning high-performance computer 6000 has also become a hot topic. But...

Cloud Architecture: Expand Cloud vision, landing large data

Dong Xin: Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, welcome to the Hello Cloud architecture of the sub-forum, I am sure that many of you have participated in the morning meeting this afternoon in the Cloud Architecture forum, where they sat together to discuss how to put the cloud's vision, how to put the big data to the final landing, how to make our calculation , our storage, our network, can be better integrated and played in the era of cloud application architecture change. So we are also very happy today to invite experts in the industry, corporate executives, including our customers and our partners, so here I also represent super ...

Lok Vision Network shares expanded too fiercely

Absrtact: Recently, le video Network (300104.SZ) issued a notice that the company will apply to the Beijing branch of the National Development Bank for short-term liquidity loans of 90 million yuan, by its wholly-owned subsidiary of the Lok Vision Network (Tianjin) Information Technology Co., Ltd. to provide joint and several liability guarantee. The announcement also said, as of recently, Le Video Network (300104.SZ) issued a notice, the company will be the National Development Bank Beijing branch to apply for short-term liquidity loans of 90 million yuan, by its wholly-owned subsidiary of the Music Network (Tianjin) Information Technology Co., Ltd. to provide joint and several liability guarantee. The announcement also said that, as of now, le Video network ...

Talking about human wealth system from cloud computing

Why the more prosperous and developed cities, people's survival pressure, and in poor and backward rural areas, people's survival pressure is very small, this is determined by the inherent rules of the wealth system, not because of people's subjective desire to change.   For example, if the United States wants to really solve the economic crisis under the bustling imagery, it needs to really understand the human wealth system and fundamentally find a solution to the crisis. People die for wealth, birds for food, although many reasons have been woven to justify this argument, but can not change the cruel objective reality. Wealth provides people with the most basic living material, people all the lines ...

Cloud Storage Trend Inventory: First cloud storage standard release

By the end of 2010, a variety of news events flooded our eyeballs: the guns of the Korean confrontation seemed to reverberate in our ears; the dead of the Shanghai Jiaozhou apartment fire are still remembered by us; the ipad and IPhone4 's sale sparked an unprecedented snapping spree; Internet Special Contribution Award ", Feng also went to the United States ...   In the context of this series of Internet hot news events, we will also face the inflationary pressure of rising prices, and a so-called "thousand years extremely cold" winter ... A year's time in our social life only ...

Cloud computing (cloud computing) Top ten questions and answers

Cloud computing This new term has been rampant recently, many friends have been talking around, it is necessary to write a science about cloud computing. The general industry prefers to use some of the term to reflect their strategic vision and the opponent's partition. When Google introduced the concept of cloud computing a few months ago, Amazon said it was cloud computing, and IBM, Intel and Sun all claimed to have deep plans in the cloud. Unfortunately, we still do not know what is cloud computing, still foggy know this is related to the calculation, dry ...

Cloud computing top ten questions and answers

The new term cloud computing has recently become very popular. Recently, many friends around me are talking about it. It is necessary to write a science about cloud computing.

Wave group Zhang: autonomous controllable, cloud-raising future

Wave as a machine manufacturers also have to do the idea of chip, I am here to talk to you about our machine business, server and storage. Over the past two years we have launched a wave of clouds of strategy, mainly to promote the development of cloud computing throughout the country. In this process, we have a relationship with the domestic chip manufacturers. We hope that through the development of cloud computing to drive the chip industry progress.   Today, I would like to highlight our strategy on cloud computing and the related situation of the products of cloud computing to domestic processors and domestic chips. Cloud Computing Foundation and background, we have heard many times, ...

Huaijin, president of Beijing Aerospace University: Cloud computing gives big data new value

August 13 News, Beijing Aerospace University president Huaijin Peng in the afternoon, "Hall of Fame-Internet trend Forum," said that cloud computing under the big data will produce new value.  One is commercial social value, the other is academic value.  Large data not only change our communication model, but also affect our economic and social development model, more importantly, it may be an important means of future academic and scientific discoveries.  But he also said the application of large data would inevitably involve privacy. Huai Jin Peng proposed that the site using large data can be a lot of personal information mining out ...

Independent of BAT, how does the video network drive development and competition?

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Tiger Sniff: One months ago, just promoted to the Music Network website Business Group Operation President's goofy, in the office accepted the Tiger to sniff June 2.5 hours interview Frankly, this is oneself has accepted the longest time interview. Goofy is also a video of the elderly, starting from 2006 in Sina to do podcasts, 07 responsible for Sina video. However, "Sina video does not have the means to be independent, has been in the channel and the independent video business swings between." In the course of development, people can not see clearly the direction of the future. ”...

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