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Cyber war era cloud computing as a new weapon for hacker gunmen

The Iranian government has launched a massive cyber attack on US financial institutions using cloud computing, a feature of the New York Times recently. Internet attacks (cyberattack), which were frequently reported in the past, were launched by hackers such as Anonymous and LulzSec, but this time the "cyber war" between countries, and the cloud computing era is showing new problems. The news of The New York Times, which was attacked by the bank's inexplicable cyber attacks, was reported in 2012 against the Bank of America.

Zombie Cloud: A tool for cyber attackers

Cloud services make it easier to remotely uninstall the software on your computer and change the data on your computer. Following Google and Amazon, Apple last week also took the bus for cloud services--Apple provides users with inexpensive online storage that allows users to access music, documents, and other files on any Apple device via the ICloud Apple Cloud. But cloud services can also be used for cyber attacks, spam and cyber fraud. "There are only a handful of cyber attacks, and most cyber attacks are hidden and not discovered," said Clark, a student at the University of Delft in Holland. If the clouds ...

Vulnerable DNS, already locked into a major network attack target

Summary: The threat of information security is quite extensive, hacking, server or employee computer malware infection, confidential data stolen, but only a few common ways, however, the current enterprise it in day-to-day operations, more fear but also may be the threat of information security on the face of a wide range of hackers, Server or employee computers are infected with malware, confidential data is stolen, but only a few of the common way, however, the current enterprise it in day-to-day operations, the more fear but also can often face the threat is distributed service blocking attacks (DDoS), because ...

What is the source of the attack from China?

Absrtact: A few days ago, a U.S. network security company issued a report that the Chinese military-related hackers repeatedly attacked the U.S. Web site, this statement immediately sparked international public opinion's strong concern. Does the Chinese army support hacking? How to view American companies and media recently, a U.S. network security company issued a report that the Chinese military-related hackers repeatedly attacked the U.S. website, this statement immediately aroused international public opinion's strong concern. Does the Chinese military support involvement in hacking? How do you think about American companies and the media? This reporter interviewed the relevant departments and experts. Chinese military participation ...

Sift Science uses large data to guard against cyber fraud

Existing network payment and network transaction fraud prevention system is too complex, also can not effectively eliminate network fraud, Sift science, such as start-up companies began to use machine-learning based on large data analysis to prevent network fraud. For large data analysis, network security is a potential application field. With large data analysis, the attacker's pattern can be screened to be more proactive in defending against network attacks, rather than a known attack pattern that can only be prevented as a traditional security defense. Active defense of this site: Large data triggered by the information Ann ...

Make big data our eyes to capture cyber security threats

The surge in data in recent months has been revealed again. For those of us who are skilled in technology, data is always the core value of life throughout. But over the past few years, its value has become more transparent. Whether it's smartphones, infrastructure, or the workings of Silicon Valley start-ups, the concept of "data" has begun to be a big fuss.   The masses have said that the data represents a new round of potential corporate profitability. (Of course, electricity is still the guarantee.) Imagine us sitting in an office without electricity, staring at the zero on the phone ...

New attack means tampering with millions of pages

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest stationmaster group buy Cloud host technology Hall March 29 news, security researcher Dan Beecher Dan Tzantchev (Dancho   Danchev a case of cyber attacks reported earlier this month has now spread to the 100多万个 Web site, including some well-known websites. According to foreign media reports, Danchev Friday in the blog ...

Cloud security and Target attack become a hot topic for RSA Conference

Cyber-crime may use the same attack technology for a long time, but in an age of information explosion today, a lot of it makes it easier for them to attack specific users and implement more complex social engineering strategies. Chirstian Christiansen, vice-captain president and industry analyst at IDC Security products and services, said the target attack exploited browser vulnerabilities and then tried to find vulnerabilities in Web applications and cleverly achieved the goal of deceiving end users and infiltrating corporate networks. From recent attacks on Google and nearly 20 other companies ...

Korean and Japanese netizens broke up with each other to attack each other server

Global Network March 2 reported in South Korea, "East Asia Daily," March 2 reported, due to the recent dispute between the ROK and Japan frequent incidents.  On March 1, on the anniversary of the Korean independence movement, the two countries launched a "cyber war", which prevented each other from functioning properly. reported that local time March 1 1 o'clock in the afternoon, South Korea's domestic exchange website "Dcinside" There has been a request to attack the Japanese representative exchange website "2CH" article.  About 2 minutes later, there were "too many people unable to log in properly" information on both sites. South Korean netizens advocate is the Japanese Netizen lead ...

Proxy server for network access attack and defense

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnosis Taobao guest owners group buy Cloud host technology Hall in the last" cyber access War "said that in many large enterprises and some countries, Some access restrictions are usually made to restrict access to certain Web sites or use certain Web applications by employees or people. Restrictive methods usually have router IP filtering and enforcing the use of proxy servers, among other ways. So, ...

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