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Reactiveness 77: Easily book a hotel room

It is a good choice to book a hotel online, but most of the reservation site has only a basic description of the most basic attribute of room quality. So a company called Reactiveness 77, from California, announced that it had built a database of 425,000 hotel rooms, including the type of room, size, types of beds and distance from the elevators. It will even connect to the Google earth to give you an intuitive view of the location of the hotel and simulate what you see from the hotel's windows ...

What has changed on Earth's surface over the past 28 years?

According to relevant information reported in Google Earth Google launched time tourism services.   From 1984 to now, the Earth has undergone many changes, and Google has provided users with a spectacular picture of the Earth's vicissitudes in a bird's-eye view. Google's launch of the time tourism service, with the United States Geological Survey, NASA and Time magazine have cooperated. Google Earth provides high-definition images of Earth satellites, in which we see all the changes in the Earth since 1984. If you want to see a change in a location, select the location and then watch the site 19 ...

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