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Most executives at DrawElements will relocate to Google's California headquarters

Google has acquired DrawElements, a Finnish 3D graphics technology company. Although the details of the transaction were not disclosed, foreign media Arcticstartup reported that Google's offer was over $ 10 million. DrawElements' technology helps developers test multiple GPU products on different mobile devices. Since Android systems are often run on a wide range of devices with different hardware specifications, the acquisition of DrawElements technology will be of great help to Google. "We are pleased to announce that we will join Google Inc. ...

Spotify high price scared Google?

Netease Technology News July 23, according to foreign media reports, an informed source revealed that Google had tried to acquire music streaming service Spotify AB late last year. Negotiations later burst for a number of reasons, including the high demand for Spotify and the lack of enthusiasm for subscription entertainment by Google CEO Larry Page. Susan Wojcicki, a Google executive who took over as YouTube chief in February of this year, is the primary support for Spotify acquisition, according to the person familiar with the matter ...

Big data clever use Google to help employees dieting

Last year, Google suffered a "M & M chocolate beans" crisis. It is understood that Google's office has been to provide free snacks to employees, fruits, because of this, Google staff eat too much free candy, and the company fears may have an impact on the health of employees. To this end, Google's data analysis genius launched a project called "M & M project, the project aims to investigate the pattern of employees eat free snacks, and then reference to food psychology papers and experiments. Speak with data analysis ...

What is the meaning of Google PR update talk about the role of PR is lost

Hello everyone, I am a wooden boat. Yesterday was the most sensational day of the webmaster session, the first is the update of Google PR, followed by a big reduction to Baidu included, and today a forum for the first Wolf's rain brother, beyond the seowhy's first throne, really soul-stirring, Make webmasters excited like watching Hollywood movies. But for the Google PR update, more webmasters are still very happy, many webmasters are very excited to do exchanges in the group, many more owners are competing in their own website PR appreciation. But here I may want to pour everyone cold water, because for this Google PR ...

Google Maps Upgrade: Calculate the distance between any two points

Sina Technology News "> Beijing July 10 morning news, Google this week Google Maps has been upgraded to support any two points between Distance measurement.At present, the user can right-click anywhere on the webpage Google Maps and select "measure distance." At this point, the Google Maps interface will pop up a digital ruler, showing the distance from the starting point of the end point.This distance is not measured by the street Limitations. Google Maps can measure ...

Google Valentine's Day Logo has always been the focus of fans

Google replaces the Logo on major festivals or rather meaningful days, and is being sought after by many fans worldwide. Every time Google changes the logo, many fans often rush to advertise. The annual Google Valentine's Day Logo has always been the focus of fans. At 7:00 AM Beijing time on February 14, 2009, the Google China website replaced the Valentine's Logo, which was put in place 7 hours ago (ie at 0:00 on the 14th), creating a day for Google users in China. ..

Smart Watch Google and Samsung hostile escalation

Netease Technology News July 20 news, about "There is friction between Google and Samsung's report is not new, but according to technology website" The Information " According to a report by journalist Jessica Lessin on Saturday, the hostility between the two companies was clearly escalated at the recent Allen & Co. Technology and Media Summit in Sun Valley.

British media said Google abuse of the right to be forgotten

In early July, Google, the search engine giant, was "besieged" by a number of British media that accused it of over-fulfilling the "forgotten rights" in the European Data Protection Act and adopting a very sloppy, Cruel ways to directly delete name-related search links, and Google believes that this move is strictly enforced in May this year, a European Supreme Court verdict. The two sides each stick to the word, by the "forgotten rights" controversy has caused widespread concern in Europe and throughout the world. British media said Google abuse of the right to be forgotten In early July, a number of heavy British ...

Wordpress plug-in solution to Google fonts!

Intermediary transaction"> SEO Diagnostic Taobao Guest Hosting Technology Hall As a wordpress disabled google fonts method before, the method is to use the installation plugin! Because Background plug-ins lead to the site to open more slowly, then we can plug-ins try not to use this article Huang Kun teach you how to plug-in to solve the Google fonts open slowly.

How to improve the conversion rate of website

Before that, share how to improve the conversion rate of the website: Google's 9 and Aidas models, this article refers directly to the foreign website conversion rate of the top 10 sites, how they effectively improve the conversion rate, let me briefly describe it: In the morning, saw an interesting e-commerce research. SeeWhy, a market researcher. They did an interesting survey based on AC Nielsen's data plus interviews. Listed 10 of the highest conversion network application stores they have found. The so-called conversion rate is the highest, the flow of these stores than ...

Millet enter the U.S. market? will be fully prepared

Recently joined the millet of Google before the global vice President Hugo Barak and Lei appeared in today's live interview in 2013 Gmic (Global Mobile Internet Conference) Silicon Valley station opened in San Francisco, USA Today. Millet Technology CEO Lei said in the meeting, the U.S. market is millet very want to enter a market, but in good preparation, millet will not enter the United States. Lei is the chairman of the gmic of the Great Wall of China, so every gmic lei will appear. Because Millet has entered the Taiwan market and recently dug to Google before the global vice president of the rain ...

Search Search, Fantasy just

& ">nbsp; If you're working on a vertical search, if you still want to split the traffic from Google, the following link may be worth your attention: Matt cutts:search results in search ...

Konsole a terminal simulator in a KDE4 environment

Konsole is the terminal simulator of K desktop environment. Konsole is a terminal simulator in KDE4 environment, which is equivalent to Windows Cmd.exe. Linux commands can be Google. Here is a description of KDE4-specific commands. Kde4-configkde4-config--version often look at the system QT kde4 version.

Markowik 0.1.1 Publishing Markdown Text Format conversion tool

Markowik is a format that converts markdown text formats into Google wiki code. It is used to help you write down markdown documents when you need to integrate a wiki of Google code projects. Markowik 0.1.1 is the first release version. Software information Http:// download address:

LibreOffice 3.3 Candidate 3 releases a complete office package

LibreOffice is a branched version of OpenOffice sponsored by Google. LibreOffice is also open source for free, supporting operating systems such as Windows,linux,macos X (X11) and Solaris. The LibreOffice package contains 6 major components: word-processing (word), calculation table (Excel), newsletter (PowerPoint), formula, drawing, Database (Access). LibreOffice is not only six components ...

Twitter opens public data to 7 start-ups

Beijing time March 2 afternoon news, according to foreign media reports, Twitter announced in Monday, will be the company's full public information to the 7 start-up companies Open, and hope to work with more companies to start data cooperation. Twitter's full public information is also known as "Firehose", with only a handful of partners currently authorized to access the data, including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.  Industry insiders believe that the deal with the three technology giants is enough to make Twitter profitable. But Twitter still wants to foster a sense of innovation among third-party developers ...

Line selling sticker expression for typhoon affected areas in the Philippines to raise 500,000 dollars

The Philippines is a super typhoon "swallow" hardest hit, after the disaster, line through the sale into the Philippines to pray for the Philippines to bless the stickers, for the disaster area to raise 552000 of dollars (has been excluding Apple and Google two major platforms fees). The package, "praying for the Philippines", includes 8 stickers, priced at $1, which is expected to end at the end of the year, as it is officially on sale since November 15. The expression sticker has been one of the main profit models of line, only the expression of the paper, Lin ...

Cassandra Introduction

Cassandra Introduction Chang Li Ming Jian Cassandra is a mixed relational database, similar to Google's bigtable. Its main function is richer than the dynamo (distributed Key-value storage System), but the support degree is inferior to the document storage MongoDB (the open source product between the relational database and the non relational database, the relational database has the richest function, most resembles the relational database. Cassandra Introduction

Again: Android AOSP to the tablet, adding multiple windows

Summary: Google in the Jelly Bean era of the Tablet interface code from the AOSP completely removed, completely replaced by phablet. Even their own Nexus 10-series tablet has not been updated, leaving only the Nexus 7, which is positioned close to the tablet phone. However, perhaps the major manufacturers Google in the Jelly Bean era of the Tablet interface code from the AOSP completely removed, completely replaced by phablet. Even their own Nexus 10 ...

Minimalist Yandex Browser

Absrtact: Russian version of Googleyandex recently updated its browser, the UI bold on the extremely simple design can be seen only the address bar + some small box. At the same time, the use of a large number of translucent visual design. According to the official, this is to dilute the browser of the "Russian version of Google" Yandex recently updated its browser, the UI boldly on the extremely simple design-visible only the address bar + some small box. At the same time, the use of a large number of translucent visual design. Officially, this is to downplay ...

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