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Bino 1.3.3 Release 3D stereo video player

Bino is a 3D stereo "> video player that supports multiple monitors. It supports a variety of 2D and 3D video formats, a wide range of display devices, as well as distributed multiple-screen display video demo, such as: A variety of projector settings. Bino 1.3.3 This version supports new features of full scripting, better support for older graphics cards, support for two cameras at a time, and support for NV with SDI video output ...

Foreign manual strong for the Wii to build liquid cooling system 90 's science fiction wind

Liquid cold for PC game enthusiasts is not unfamiliar, it is a luxury and effective cooling means, the figure frequently appears in high-end graphics cards and some of the game known as video card killer. Foreign one called Angel OD's hands-on strong for the Nintendo mainframe Wii developed a set of liquid cooling system, although the host running the game when the temperature is not high, but the three main host of the most low-temperature one, but Angel OD to express his love for the Wii or tailored to it a set of cool summer clothes. This cooling system uses a large number of cooling tubes and metal plates, the original shell of the host is also ...

Intel i5 game Kirin Hot sale price 1339 yuan

Third-generation core Ivy ">bridge new standards for more efficient hardware performance, 22nm-a transistor, lower power consumption, stronger performance At the same time, a new generation of core graphics cards, GPU support DX11, the performance of the game greatly improved; I learned that the "game Kylin" laudatory name of the I5-3450 CPU quotes 1339 Yuan, interested friends may wish to connect with the merchants ...

Lua OS 0.10 releases Lua ' s encapsulation tools

Lua is a simple and interesting scripting language. The LUA OS is a "" > Management capability based on the LUA ' s encapsulation to complete OS functions, such as system hibernation, login, restart, mobility, mobility, and flexible security. The Lua OS 0.10 version supports a bootable and installable primary distribution in the LIVE-CD feature. This version is compatible with some graphics cards and can be automatically upgraded to the latest version. ...

Wizard 2, the latest cut, the amazing height of the picture.

There are less than 6 weeks "Wizard 2" will be listed, as the game in Poland fairy tale of the Dark Horse RPG "Wizard" of the sequel, from the game content to the effect of the screen is difficult to let people miss this game. The official recently released a group of game screenshots, the picture quality is very good, that kind of European medieval realism style fusion of a certain degree of American comic features, can be said to be the best form of orthodox fantasy style.  But it's not so easy to play with such a good picture. The official recently announced the minimum configuration and recommended configuration, the minimum configuration must be with the image set above the picture without ...

IFixit uncoupling Mac Pro-finally took off the coat, "garbage can" inside the universe

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > on the last day of 2013, IFixit brought us the annual finale, from Apple's annual blockbuster Mac Pro, fortunately as a computer host, Mac Pro is not a device that is not going to be installed like HTC one, so we don't have to worry about the expensive Mac Pro being "rubbish ..."

Experience the Ming Sora GTX770 JetStream

Absrtact: Immediately July, I want to give the chassis clear ash, should not overheat, hot summer, Fah winter, Summer has come, overclocking need to be cautious when you see such a word began to flood the various it sites or forums, usually means one thing, that is a "immediately July, I want to clear the chassis to the dust, should not overheat , "Hot summer, Fah Winter", "Summer has gone, overclocking need to be cautious" ... When you see the words that start flooding the various it sites or forums, it usually means one thing, and that's the time of year when the heat is most high. ...

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