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FIREFOX4BETA4 Add Graphics hardware acceleration features

Beijing time August 20, according to foreign media reports, Mozilla plans to release its fourth beta Firefox 4 next Monday, the current version of the code is not fully completed. This version adds graphics hardware acceleration to some Windows users, but the feature is turned off by default.  Also following this update change is a user interface called a tab set. Hardware acceleration is designed to switch tasks from the computer's primary processor to the graphics processor. One way is to use the Windows DIRECT2D interface, which accelerates the text ...

JPMorgan server joins GPU 40 times times faster

Sina Science and technology news Beijing time August 5 afternoon, JPMorgan and Nvidia Thursday together demonstrated the benefits of increasing the GPU in the server.  The investment bank is one of the industries most valued at computing speed, and while these companies have been secretive about how to improve server performance, JPMorgan has disclosed some information this time. The GPU, also known as a graphics processor, was used primarily to render ornate graphics in the game.  While the x86 CPUs produced by Intel and AMD are still dominant, the GPU is better at special tasks. Nvidia's GPU has been the whole ...

At least half of AMD's global capacity is expected to be packaged in China by the end of this year.

The company announced in China that with its completion of the second phase of its packaging and testing plant in Suzhou, its packaging capacity will account for at least half of AMD's global capacity by the end of this year, and its determination to further highlight the Chinese market for AMD's strategic layout. AMD's factory in China will have the ability to encapsulate and test the central processing unit (CPU), graphics processor (GPU) and Acceleration Processor (APU), and will enhance the flow of AMD products in the global market, said Deng, AMD Global senior vice president and AMD's big China.

Using Brahma to perform LINQ on the GPU

Brahma is an open source library for parallel computing, written by C # and supported to run on a variety of processors. Currently, Brahma contains only one graphics processor (GPU) module, but its modular structure can support more kinds of processors. With Brahma, statements in the same C # method can run on both the CPU and the GPU without the need for additional code. Brahma performs parallel computations by converting LINQ statements into target processor code, and the generated code differs according to the target processor. For example, for dire ...

AMD plans to integrate graphics processors into mainstream servers

AMD will focus more on integrating the graphics processor kernel into mainstream servers from 2012 onwards as AMD strives to improve system performance, the February 7 News said. The future mainstream server will integrate the graphics processor and the CPU in the server as the application uses thousands of graphics processor cores, says Gina Longoria, manager of AMD's product management and workstation department.  AMD may be working with a single server to provide the central processor and graphics processor to run parallel applications. It is thought that the figure ...

It's finally on sale! National line version Haswell IMac 9688 Yuan to sell, to sell?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Learned from the Chinese Apple Online store that the new imac, with its Haswell processor, is now finally ready for a single, at this time, away from the new imac The U.S. has been on the market for nearly 2 months. At present, all models of the new IMac in the Chinese Apple online store in the estimated time of delivery within 24 hours ... Apple ...

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