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Handle net response Feng away from the title whereabouts not respond, the three cell group after the acquisition of management Team new appointment still undecided

October 25 News, today, there are reports that handle net original CEO Feng has left the handle nets, according to the report, Feng the day before yesterday has left the handle nets, most of the core management members also left. To this news, handles net aspect to NetEase technology, to Feng's whereabouts will not respond, but the management team remains stable. Recently, the Tri-cell Group announced the acquisition of handle nets, the handle management team's new appointment has not been confirmed; sources said the acquisition of the company's management team is often more bleak. Prior to the news that the three cell group acquisition handle nets, handle nets ...

Whether it's a circle of friends or a group of colleagues, you can't wait to excitedly

Today 10 o'clock in the morning the whole, no matter is the circle of friends or colleagues group, we can't wait to excitedly, pay treasure red envelopes finally came. It is claimed that from the early (February 11) to the first month (February 19), with the brand merchants to issue about 600 million yuan of red envelopes, of which more than 156 million yuan in cash, shopping consumption red envelopes about 430 million yuan. Seems so great sincerity, in exchange for eyeball or complain? Immediately, around 10:10, the circle of friends was spit and complained of instant brush burst. This picture is full of sunlight. Have friends directly in the circle of friends frankly: Alipay, you do a good job crisis PR ...

The new platform of China Net Gaming group has integrated the "Lunia war record"

Digging the net July 1 news has the player to the reporter to reflect, "the Lunia war record" before has been integrated to the Chinese net Game Group New platform (CDC Games), but now has been deleted. At present, the Chinese games Group New platform (CDC Games) on the "Lunia War" related game links and payment channels have been deleted. (Digging the shellfish net, the bean sends the network joint Report Peng Exhibition) Welcome "Lunia War Record" The player provides the news clue. Contact:

Kwong Pharmaceutical Group Official website now Wang Lao Ji shocking translation involving packaging patent infringement

"The King is Synch Lucky", the online spoof of the Old king of the English name has recently appeared in the Canton Pharmaceutical Group's official website eye-catching position. Many netizens said that the return of "Wang Lao Ji" The profits of the cow let Canton pharmaceutical group mood Good, could not help beginning to "sell Meng."   There are also netizens questioned the wide-drug ads directly with the company's product photos, because the latter applied for packaging patents, so Canton Pharmaceutical Group has the suspicion of infringement. "One classmate asked me:" The King is synch lucky how to translate? I said without hesitation:

Gorkon and his wife Okazaki a phone call to achieve love

(left) thousand original Gorkon Cang Fu, Akira recorded the scene map Okazaki, Gorkon, Sina Entertainment Beijing time March 9 News, according to Japanese media reports, the Japanese famous male star Gorkon Cang Fu, with the comedy combination of "thousand original brothers" members of the thousand original and famous music group involuntarily dance members Akira together, Participated in the March 9 broadcast of the variety show "Gutannubo" (Every Wednesday night 11 o'clock in the Kansai television station, Fuji Television broadcast) program recording. In the process of recording, Gorkon is also very straightforward to understand his own ...

China Gold Group sold gold ingot Rust suspected iron

There was rust on the bottom of the silver piece. This reporter Tao take "gold piece to put a long time still can rust?" In 2010, Mr. Shen bought gold products at the Chinese Gold Group counter and placed them in the custody of the bank. Recently he took out the silver piece of the gold piece and found that there were erythema and rust. Yesterday, China Gold Group Marketing Co., Ltd. Chairman Yun Tao said that the problem of the silver ingot can be inspected by professional inspection agencies, if there is quality problems, they will be in accordance with the relevant legal provisions for compensation. Saying that the buyer gold is a red spot rust October 27, 2010, Shen in Daxing District Double Security Market Limited liability ...

Cover actress Dong Xuan fashion change body to play the new style of your gas style

Actress Dong Xuan, who has been popular for the movie "Struggle" and the new edition of Save, has recently launched a new blockbuster, not long ago for the elegant magazine "Urban Housewife" shooting a group of more subversive magazine cover blockbuster, this is always pure Dong Xuan with expensive gas style appearance, the atmosphere is solemn and extremely feminine charm. Short hair without losing sexy charm, Dong Xuan More generous display of the United States back and arms, perfect skin to show completely. Dong Xuan has been maintaining a very aesthetic appearance, skin white posture Elegant, high-profile frequent appearance of the major magazine cover, won the Lizan of many brands, become a commercial competition for the endorsement of the Reds. [P ...

2013 China Network Group buying market data monitoring Report core data

April 1, the domestic famous third party E-commerce Research Institute-China Electronic Commerce Research Center (100EC. CN) Joint Network released the "2013 China Network Group buy market Data monitoring report." (Report download: The report shows: 2013 year buys the total market transaction amount amounted to 53.289 billion yuan, compared with 2012 the chain Rose 52.8%, the turnover net gain 18.4 billion yuan. The following is the ...

WTO expert group to investigate China's restrictions on exports of raw materials

Geneva, December 21 (Xinhua) World Trade Organization 21st decided to set up a group of experts to investigate the U.S., EU and Mexico accused China of restricting the export of raw materials case. At a meeting held on the day of the WTO dispute Settlement Body, the Chinese delegation noted that China had made a clear explanation on the relevant measures for the export of raw materials and was willing to continue to solve the problem through dialogue, but the Chinese side was disappointed that the three sides had insisted on setting up an expert group on the case.  However, since the establishment of the Expert Group has become inevitable, China looks forward to defending its rights and interests before the Group of Experts. At the meeting ...

Zhongyuan high-speed future will be injected into the assets of the group

Zhongyuan High-speed (600020) March 8 Evening announcement, Henan Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd. recently made to avoid the company and the group appeared in the competition, the group owned wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan Expressway Development Limited Liability company for the company's controlling shareholders.  Group commitment to the company as a group of high-grade highways, large and special large-scale independent bridge project investment and business of the final integration platform, for the group and its companies to meet the conditions of injection of the company's project, with 5 years time to inject the company. Responsible Editor: NF054

Changan Group to enter the St in Hunan Tian Yan Machinery Company

The integration of the soldiers installed the curtain opened. Yesterday evening, St Cavalry announced a major asset replacement and related trading program, to set out motorcycles and other assets and liabilities, China Changan Automobile Group is to be placed in Hunan Yanbei Machinery Co., Ltd. 100% Equity, while,  China Changan Automobile Group buys the 305,474,988 shares of St-mounted Cavalry Group by the parent company, becoming the largest shareholder. Placed in the assets of the year before the profit of 51.81 million this time, China Changan Automobile Group held Hunan days Geese Machinery Co., Ltd. 100% stake, 385.1253 million yuan, replacement of St motorcycle motorcycles, etc. ...

TCL Group net profit drop 7.98% to 10 ext. 10

Tcl Group (000100) February 25 Evening announcement, 2010, the company realized operating income of 51.869 billion yuan, an increase of 17.1%, attributable to the listed company's shareholders net profit of 432 million yuan, down 7.98%; basic earnings per share 0.12 yuan, down 25.43% year-on-year. The company intends to increase shares of 10 shares per 10 shares to all shareholders by capital accumulation.

Porsche agrees to build group company with Volkswagen

Panorama July 16 According to MarketWatch reported, Porsche Car holding Company (Automobil LC) and Volkswagen AG (Volkswagen) jointly announced that the two sides agreed to merge the formation of the group. Volkswagen will buy a share of Porsche's shares, including the Porsche Roadster series. (Panorama Network/Intern Zhong)

Group Hing Toy Sponsor Ping An securities: do not need to disclose the issue of industry reorganization

Yesterday, the "Daily economic news" reporter tried to contact the issuer of lawyers state Hao Lawyers Group (Shenzhen) firm lawyer Caoping, but many times to call law firms, a woman said Caoping was not born, and then renamed Caoping Health Phone has been shut down, temporarily unable to get in touch. And the sponsor of Ping An securities, the reporter contacted Ping An securities Beijing center Deputy Mo Jia, he told reporters that group Hing Toys in the industry may have some problems in the reorganization, but the group Hing toys have been very well resolved, did not receive any fines, nor the administrative penalties, but will not affect the production and operation of group Hing Toys, so do not need ...

Haier Group announces the progress of Internet workshop, will realize personalized customization transformation

During this week's Shanghai home Fair, Haier Group announced the progress of Internet factories. Users can match the products according to the requirements of the product plan, production of their favorite products. That is, after the user orders, information to the factory, the factory through the user's personalized needs to manufacture products. and product production and delivery of the entire process visualization, users can see real-time. "Automated production and user-customized integration, not a simple automated transformation, is the automation requirements and user data linked." "The future will be made by everyone," said Chen City, vice president of Haier Household appliance industry group. And Haier to the user's custom products and original ...

Intel's new CEO to restructure business unit to add "equipment Group"

Beijing Time May 22 news, according to foreign media reports, Intel's new chief executive Bublern Clannick Brian Krzanich announced a restructuring plan, and set up a new unit called "New equipment group." According to people familiar with the matter, Clannick announced a restructuring plan within the company shortly after taking office, and most of the company's key product divisions would be directly supervised by Clannick, while the widely distributed global manufacturing sector would be led by the company's new president, Renejams (Renee James). Intel is in ...

Qihoo 360 announced the establishment of a joint venture with Cool group.

Absrtact: December 16, Qihoo 360 (Qihu:nyse) announced the formation of a joint venture with Cool Group (2369:HK), which invested 409.05 million of dollars in cash and 45% of the joint venture.   That morning, cool group (2369:HK) has issued a notice of suspension, said the December 16, Qihoo 360 (Qihu:nyse) announced and cool Group (2369:HK) set up a joint venture, the former investment 409.05 million U.S. dollars in cash, the joint venture 45% shares. That morning, cool ...

The network will go to the international and enjoy Singapore's strong support

Absrtact: Recently, China Network Expo Secretary-General Zhang Yinhiang recently with the domestic material World Network, China Automation network, contacts source, easy South Day network, a customer, and so on more than 10 enterprises to participate in Singapore technology venture capital Trading Summit. This is China Network Expo Organizing Committee for the recent, China Network Expo Secretary-General Zhang Yinhiang recently with the domestic World Network, China Automation network, contacts, easy South Day network, a customer, and so on more than 10 enterprises to participate in the Singapore Technology venture capital Trading Summit. This is China ...

Wang Yaqing, chief CTO of the group for family reasons

Abstract: Jingdong Mall announced that Wang Yaqing for family reasons resigned group CTO, at the same time to serve as consultants, continue to provide technical support to the east. Yesterday, there was news that Wang Yaqing left, this distance from its early joining less than a year, the Beijing-East officials on the news did not say. Jingdong Mall announced that Wang Yaqing for family reasons resigned group CTO, at the same time as consultants, continue to provide technical support to the east. Yesterday, there was news that Wang Yaqing left, this distance from its early joining less than a year, the Beijing-East officials on the news did not say. It is understood that after the resignation of Wang Yaqing, CTO position temporarily vacant, Jing Dong ...

Shanda Game President Ling has been transferred to Shanda Network group responsible for investment business

Summary: Shanda Game President Ling (Tencent Science and Technology with map) November 24 News, Tencent Science and technology today learned that the Grand game President Ling has recently transferred to the parent company Grand Network Group responsible for investment business, the company has issued a message, Ling no longer responsible for Shanda games Grand Game President Ling (Tencent Technology map) November 24 News, Tencent Technology learned today, Shanda game President Ling has recently transferred to the parent company Shanda Network Group responsible for investment business, the company has issued an e-mail, Ling is no longer responsible for Shanda game-related business. ...

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