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Shanal 0.1 Release Static analysis framework

Shanal is a static analysis framework for creating UNIX shell scripts. Static analysis for bash scripts, analysis of basic plug-ins, and a simple application that uses a framework. Shanal 0.1 This version of the code has been added to the home page. Software information: http://www.vonsit.cz/others/shanal/Download Address: ftp://vonsit.cz/shanal/shanal-0.1.tgz

Python-sip 4.12.4 Publishing tools to generate C + + interface code

Python-sip 4.12.4 This is a minor bug fix. SIP is a tool that generates c++++ interface code for Python, similar to SWIG, but uses a different interface format. It is used to create PyQt and Pykde and support the Qt Signal/slot system. Download Address: Sip-4.12.4.zip Windows source sip-4.12.4.tar.gz Linux, UNIX, macos/x ...

FileMonitor 1.6 Release File Monitor

FileMonitor is a file monitor for opening and closing files. FileMonitor 1.6 The body in this version adds an extended option, such as a query. Software information: http://glsof.sourceforge.net/Download Address: http://sourceforge.net/projects/glsof/files/filemonitor-1.6.tar.gz/download

Gujin 2.8.5 release PC boot loader

Gujin is a PC boot loader that can be used to analyze your partitions and file systems. It discovers Linux kernel images, as well as other bootable partitions (* BSD, MS-DOS, Windows, etc.) and files (*.kgz) and boot disk images (*.BDI), and displays a graphical menu selection to boot the system. Gujin uses file-record interfaces to boot the Linux kernel, such as Lilo and grub, so it does not require any other preinstalled bootstrapper. It can directly load gzip compressed e ...

Ocre 0.039 Release optical character recognition software

Ocre 0.039 This version of the Firs label has been added to the ocre output. Ocre is an optical character recognition software that identifies an ASCII code or Unicode character in a picture file. Download Address: ocre...tgz (on Linux). Debian:in/etc/apt/sources.list you can add:deb ftp://lem.eui.upm.es/pub/lemdeb squ ...

Clubmaster Beta1 Release Club member management system

Clubmaster a club member management system. It supports multiple locations, groups, roles, stores, accountants, subscriptions, and more. Clubmaster Beta1 This beta adds a setup program. Download Address: http://www.clubmaster.dk/files/clubmaster_beta1.tgz Demo site: http://demo.clubmaster.dk/

Skalibs 1.2.0 Release C program Library

Skalibs 1.2.0 Release C program Library Skalibs is a set of general purpose, low-level C program library, can replace the standard C library some methods, mainly for the construction of small static binary files. Download Address: http://www.skarnet.org/software/skalibs/skalibs-1.2.0.tar.gz Installation Instructions: Set up/package directory: ...

NCDC 1.4 Publishing Text Mode connection client

NCDC is a direct connection client of a modern, lightweight, and user-friendly text-mode interface. The NCDC 1.4 version adds the ability to sort file browsers, add multiple configurable colors, and reduce memory usage in large file lists. Software information: HTTP://DEV.YORHEL.NL/NCDC Download Address: http://dev.yorhel.nl/download/ncdc-1.4.tar.gz

Movgrab 1.1.9 release Movie Download Tool

Movgrab is a YouTube-like web site command line movie http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/10481.html "> Download tool." It doesn't have any dependencies, you need it in the tar.gz package. Movgrab can be connected through the HTTP proxy, standard output to other programs of the pipeline download, connected to the Background Fork release console, when entering the background fork, its running program can still be seen in the PS list. ...

Build CC 0.3 Release cross-compiler automatic building script

Build CC is a simple script that uses the GNU tool chain to automate the construction of the cross compiler. Build CC 0.3 This version updates the download link tool, initially supporting the Solaris 10 compilation. Software information: Http://build-cc.rkeene.org/fossil/index Download Address: http://www.rkeene.org/devel/build-cc-0.3.tar.gz

Clockywock 0.2.3H Linux Analog clock release

Clockywock is a ncurses analog clock for the Linux console. Clockywock 0.2.3H This version fixes additional compile warning issues. Software information: http://soomka.com/Download Address: http://soomka.com/clockywock-0.2.3H.tar.gz

OPUS 4.1.3 Release Database management system

Opus is a database management system. Can be used for electronic file archiving, allowing users to easily search, browse, and simplify the publishing process. Opus is one of the most frequently used database management systems in German libraries. OPUS version 4.1.3 Fixes some problems. Software information: HTTP://WWW.KOBV.DE/OPUS4 Download Address: http://www.kobv.de/fileadmin/opus/download/opus-4.1.3.tgz

memcached Installation and use

memcached installation and cluster deployment source pack: libevent-1.4.14b-stable.tar.gz memcached-1.4.29.tar.gz libevent Installation Memcached is dependent on the asynchronous time-time notification library so it is necessary to install libevent [root@bogon ~]# tar-xf/src/libevent-1.4.14b-stable.tar.gz-c/usr/src ...

Webgraph 3.0 Learning Framework for publishing web graphics

Webgraph is a learning framework for Web graphics. It provides a simple way to manage very large graphics using compression techniques. Webgraph 3.0 is the first official edition to handle large versions of up to 2^63 nodes. Software information: http://webgraph.dsi.unimi.it/Download Address: http://webgraph.dsi.unimi.it/webgraph-deps.tar.gz

NCDC 0.7 Publishing Text mode connection client

NCDC is a lightweight, direct-friendly text-mode interface connected to the client. The NCDC 0.7 version is mainly in the log window for a variety of improvements: now support automatic line wrapping, added some information coloring, highlighting the alias of chat messages. Download Address: http://dev.yorhel.nl/download/ncdc-0.7.tar.gz

Sparkha cluster configuration

Sparkha cluster configuration, spark cluster Hadoop configuration based on Hadoop HDFs. Su-rdato cd/u01 tar-zxvf spark-2.1.1-bin-hadoop2.7.tgz mv spark-2.1.1-bin-hadoop2.7 Spark #复制模版 cp/u01/spark/conf/ Spark-env.sh.template/u01/spa ...

Elefant CMS 0.9.11-RC release MVC framework System

Elefant CMS 0.9.11-RC This version fixes the problem with the installer. Elefant is a redesigned MVC framework system in PHP, including a complete and simple new CMS. Download Address: https://github.com/downloads/jbroadway/elefant/elefant-0.9.11-rc.tar.gz

MPC 0.9 releases C Library of complex algorithm

The MPC is a C-Library of complex numbers with arbitrary high accuracy and rounded results. It is established in accordance with the same MPFR principle for operations that can be run on a variety of operating platforms. The MPC 0.9 version adds new features, speeds up, fixes errors, and excludes login failures. Download Address: http://www.multiprecision.org/mpc/download/mpc-0.9.tar.gz

Rst2pdf 0.91 Publishing Text Conversion tool

Rst2pdf is a tool that converts reorganized text into PDF format without using any intermediate format, simply using the Reportlab Library to make PDF. Rst2pdf 0.91 This release fixes Sphinx support. Software information: http://code.google.com/p/rst2pdf/Download Address: http://rst2pdf.googlecode.com/files/rst2pdf-0.91.tar.gz

Cego 2.10.8 Publish SQL query Language relational database

Cego 2.10.8 This version fixes http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/18278.html "> data type Conversion errors. Cego implements a relational database that supports transactional and SQL query languages, and supports general database functions as well as indexes, views, stored procedures, and so on. Download Address: http://www.lemke-it.com/cego-2.10.8.tar.gz

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