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The Secret Hacker Marathon: A new creative venture to Swarm

Absrtact: The hacker Marathon is the programmer's American Idol, very popular. Participating in the hacking marathon, in addition to keen to delve into the technology of software engineers, as well as the team from the VC company. The competition organizers will provide a free diet.     The hacker marathon is a few hackers marathon is the programmer's "American Idol", very popular.     Participating in the hacking marathon, in addition to keen to delve into the technology of software engineers, as well as the team from the VC company. The Competition party will ...

Global hacker attacks into active IMF as latest victim

Recent hacking seems to have been a "realm" of rampant activity. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) computer system became the latest target for hackers, U.S. media reported 11th. The analysis points out that the attack of the IMF computer system will cause the national regulators to pay more attention to the computer and network security, and more supervision measures will be introduced in succession. The IMF is not the first big company or institution to be hacked in months. In addition to the loss of Sony's heavy web site was hacked, then the hackers raided Google, Nintendo, Lockheed Martin and the Flowers ...

Financial cloud--the letter, the cloud

According to the CBRC statistics, in 2011, China's rural commercial banks, rural credit cooperatives, villages and towns bank more than 2000, but for a long time, these small and medium-sized banks have been with the internet has maintained a cautious boundary relationship. 2012 China's network retail market transaction scale reached 1.3 trillion, the rapid development of e-commerce touched the traditional small and medium-sized banking business transformation of the nerves, but the traditional it architecture characteristics can not support the financial business after the internet, "phenomenon-class" technical support challenges, So the financial institution's IT technology structure transformation becomes its can embrace the Internet, the business transformation rises ...

Cloud computing brings information security into an alliance era

Network security has been a hot topic, especially after the internet into the era of cloud computing, whether it is information security experts, industry users or security vendors in the cloud era of network security, the pros and cons of a wide range of disputes, August 19, 2010, 2010 China Information Security Annual Meeting and the 8th session of China CSO Club security manufacturer representative-Neusoft Network Security Marketing Center deputy general manager management to "cloud computing to accelerate the security industry internal technology integration" as the topic of the issue, elaborated the "cloud" to the information security industry opportunities and challenges. Neusoft management that from the beginning of the WEB2.0 era, a large number of ...

Cloud computing doesn't necessarily save money

According to the "2009 IT Decision-makers Key Survey" report, cloud computing (CloudComputing) and derivative software-as-a-service (SaaS) help companies reduce the cost of information investment, with 10.13% of companies surveyed said they will introduce the project in 2009.

Cloud mobile phone: Looks very beautiful terminal vendors are in awkward position

Although the current cloud handset manufacturer's respective slogan shout loudly, but the user does not pay. Under the constraints of various conditions, the current cloud mobile phone is still in the conceptual stage. The smartphone market is in the ascendant, cloud mobile phones as a new concept into the eyes of consumers, but as the day language chairman Rongxiuli said, "Any new product launch, must undergo a gradual process of consumer recognition." "At present, the cloud mobile phone for users, but also just look beautiful." Cloud mobile phones, cloud storage, cloud services, the only such a term has let consumers foggy, confusing clues. Now, "cloud" becomes ...

Consumer electronics Stroll "cloud" end User Service Don't forget the security problem

Cloud computing slowly landed, the consumer electronics sector stroll "cloud" side. It is reported that a few days ago, Chengdu formally introduced cloud computing applications and industrial development Twelve-Five Planning outline, comprehensive layout of cloud computing. The consumer electronics sector is also the wind of "cloud" surge. At the 2011 China International Consumer Electronics Fair, consumer electronics companies, including home appliance companies, have focused on cloud computing and pushed the product forward, according to China Consumer News. At the same time, the vast potential of cloud computing has attracted many it giants to invest in it. According to media reports, Acer 320 million dollars to buy igware development cloud computing, Asus said ...

"Cloud Management", Enterprise new starting point!

"Information Technology" is hailed as the third industrial revolution. The application of new technologies, such as cloud computing, mobile interconnection and social networking, has given birth to novel business and new management models. Cloud era quietly came, more and more traditional and non-traditional enterprises to the information, and even all the business move clouds management. In our country, the transformation and upgrading of enterprises will be accompanied by the implementation of cloud management and speed up the process, of which the financial strategy of the Group companies, the financial department's work responsibilities, organizational structure will be followed by major changes. However, cloud management brings convenience and cost savings to the enterprise, and also hides the information security risk. and financial information security is the enterprise ...

Triple benefit for operators to deploy "cloud security"

Is cloud security really safe? At the end of April 2011, Sony was attacked by hackers, and more than 77 million of users ' animated cloud service users ' names, emails and password-key information were stolen. There is evidence that hackers who hacked the Sony database used Amazon's EC2 cloud computing service and used the service to launch an attack. The Sony hacking scandal raises doubts about the current hot cloud computing, and is cloud services really safe? The report by IDC, the world's leading market research firm, says 87.5% of users now believe that "security issues" are the main factors affecting their adoption of cloud-related services ...

Sony encounters hacker attacks exposing commercial cloud computing security risks

Shen Yi April 17, 2011 to date, Sony's home gaming platform PlayStation's online platform Playstationnetwork (abbreviated as PSN) has at least 3 hacking attacks. Hacking into platform systems is believed to have stolen 77 million of users ' personal information, including PSN registration IDs, email accounts, login passwords, and even information related to credit card accounts. Sony's PSN platform is a typical platform for using the cloud computing concept, and the Amazon company is located at the same time of April 22.

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