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Miss Zhang, who lives in Qingdao Fu Xiang Gu, was "smashed" by Haier TV.

A few days ago, a micro-blog to remind the public to pay attention to local areas will have "TV Rain" emergency forecast, has aroused wide concern of netizens. This is originated from Haier TV, a virtual network marketing activities, many netizens are actively involved in the topic of discussion. Today, a netizen burst the material, Beijing, Qingdao and other places have appeared "the Sky off TV" of the wonders, many people on the crowd to Marvel "Sky really under the TV!" And by the "TV Rain" the first hit in the Qingdao Fu Xiang Valley district Miss Zhang, but also can not help feeling "surprise came too suddenly." Live in Qingdao Fu Fragrant Valley district of Miss Zhang, is a typical shopping tatsu people, work ...

Haier LE42A70 worth you have

Reminder: Here are the cheapest, but also the most suitable for you, warm winter action strong start, home appliance promotion leading the fashion forefront [February 15, Pacific (601099, computer network in Hebei Shijiazhuang News] LE42A70 is a cloud of Haier TV, with Internet, mass video, education, information week update, no ads to disturb, wonderful time to see enough. Haier SCM intelligent eye protection technology, full-time anti-myopia, effectively protect the eyes of families. The ultra-narrow design, it is perfect to show a new free world. Interested friends may wish to look at it. [Back Hebei line ...

Haier big screen curved TV overseas first Middle East businessman praise Theater level experience

"Sitting in front of the TV, the eye to the TV screen in the middle and the right and left sides of the distance is almost equidistant, the picture looks more realistic, curved surface design is very sense, comparable to theater-level experience, this TV is very suitable for our more populous family use." "At the opening of the 116th session of the Canton Fair on October 15, Haier large screen curved surface 4K television was first marketed for overseas markets," a Middle Eastern businessman praised after experiencing the 65-inch curved television. The reporter saw, in the Haier exhibition area, Haier TV exhibited 65-inch curved TV, 55-inch OLED, 84-inch oversized screen UHD and large screen 4K ...

Netizens catch Haier "TV Rain" even called "unbelievable"

Recently, a number of cities in the country into fog and haze, causing users of special attention to the weather conditions, and haze weather "scramble for" the headline, it is a local area under the "TV Rain" news. In many netizens eagerly looking forward to catch a TV, netizens "Erica" in micro-blog shouting: "The sky really dropped TV, but also I caught!" "There is a picture of the truth of the explosion, triggered a lively discussion netizens, netizens have @ Haier TV, hope that" TV Rain "can be more violent, quickly" descend "to their side. Reporter learned through the interview, netizens "Erica" is ...

"What is the most reliable posture of watching TV?" ”

"What's the best posture for watching TV?" "In Sina Weibo, this topic has aroused the high attention of the network people, people by sharing the pictures of watching TV posture, talking about the different posture of watching TV, together to explore what posture to watch TV The most reliable, the Haier television launched the" Watch TV posture "activities, attracted more than 10,000 netizens heated discussion. In the activity, Haier TV actively interacts with netizens to explore the learning of watching TV posture, and by virtue of its intelligence, simple manipulation experience, access to the high support of netizens, its advocated "simple look, health view" concept is to get thousands of netizens respected ...

Haier triggered a national memory, "Spring Festival Gala, how do you see" heat on the line

From "Cosmic brand Cigarette" to "Sima cylinder smashing cylinder", from "a fire in winter" to "often go home to see", these familiar classics have become our Unforgettable Spring Festival Gala memory. The Spring Festival Gala has long been a big feast for Chinese New Year's Eve. Haier TV official micro-blog launched the "Spring Festival Gala, how do you see" the theme of the activities in the recent online, dedicated to provide a network of users to express the feelings of the online discussion platform. What year did you impress the Spring Festival gala? What kind of TV to accompany you to watch the Spring Festival gala? How do you expect this year's gala? Which TV show is beside you this year? Event once ...

Three European media focus on Haier: accelerating the popularization of smart TV

Recently, Haier accelerated the news of intelligent television has become the focus of European media attention. After November Haier has a "multitasking" feature of the television by the new Spanish newspaper as the most worthy of the purchase of Smart TV, a few days ago, the British Express television News (Rapid TV) website and the other two Spanish sites almost at the same time to the Haier television coverage. Reports that Haier is speeding up the popularity of intelligent television, so that more people can enjoy the wisdom of the visual experience. Europe's three major media also focus on China's home appliance enterprises, this phenomenon in the past is rare. The relevant people analyzed that ...

Haier IFA show OLED TV leads the industry new trend

September 6, the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Fair (hereinafter referred to as the IFA exhibition) in Germany opened the curtain. As the world's most influential professional home appliances exhibition, Haier and other world-renowned brands of home appliances exhibitors. This exhibition to "into Tomorrow" as the theme, showing a lot of smart home appliances representing the future lifestyle, by the world's media and electronic equipment enthusiasts attention. The Internet era, in the personalized demand, technology innovation more and more rapid intelligent home appliances industry, emerging a number of representative innovative products and let the global users applauded the innovative technology, in this ...

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