Hangzhou Summit

Alibaba Cloud organizes every year Computing Conferences in different cities and countries. Check Computing Conferences organized in Hangzhou.

Alibaba Computing Conference in Hangzhou 2017

Nearly 50,000 visitors are expected at a computing conference 2017 is hosted by Alibaba Group, a Chinese e-commerce giant, which is held in East China's Hangzhou city.

Computing Conference Illustrates "Life in The Future"

That's a scene displayed at the Computing Conference 2017, held in east China's Hangzhou City and hosted by Alibaba Group, a Chinese e-commerce giant.

Alibaba’s Computing Conference 2017 Live Updates

Alibaba Group Computing Conference 2017 focuses on cloud computing, artificial intelligence and more. Alibaba upgrades its operating system strategy to focus investment on the burgeoning Internet-of-Things (IoT) sector.

Alibaba Group held 2016 Yunqi Conference in Yunqi Town

The Yunqi Conference (Yunqi roughly translates to ‘Living in the Cloud’) is Alibaba’s annual opportunity for all the group’s business units to meet with many Alibaba partner companies.

2017 Alibaba - Yunqi Conference

2017 Yunqi Conference opened in Hangzhou, nearly 50,000 guests from 67 countries and regions all over the world attended the meeting.

Computing Conference 2018 Hangzhou

Hosted by the Alibaba Group, the Computing Conference is a major worldwide event in the field of cloud computing.

The GBLS Hangzhou Million Summit Closes: Achieve the First Summit of the Blockchain

Global Sleepless Blockchain Leaders Summit and China International Blockchain Products and Equipment Exhibition opened in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou.

Alibaba Cloud Bridges World's Longest Distance With City Brain

Alibaba Cloud announced at Alibaba Computing Conference 2016 that it will apply its artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and data analytics capabilities to two new developments in China.

Alibaba Cloud First Yunqi Conference in 2009 (Alibaba Cloud Developers Conference)

2009 is the year of Alibaba Cloud’s foundation. The name of the conference at that time was “2009 China Local Website Development Forum”. The theme was: open, sharing and win-win. At that time, the domestic cloud computing industry was just getting started.

Alibaba Cloud Second Computing Conference in 2010

On October 24, 2011, the second conference was still held at the Hangzhou Haiwaihai International Conference Center. The official name of the second conference was the China Internet Wireless Summit and the first Alibaba Cloud Developers Conference.

Alibaba Cloud Fifth Computing Conference in 2013

Fifth Computing Conference's topics are "Service is not a slogan, but a promise ", "Cloud security, the pain of users", "Silicon Valley entrepreneurial experience and the historic opportunity of the mobile Internet".

Alibaba Cloud Sixth Computing Conference in 2014

The year of 2015 was the sixth year of the Alibaba Computing Conference. Hangzhou Zhuantang has a special construction - the International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Alibaba Cloud Seventh Computing Conference in 2015

The theme of the seventh Computing Conference focused on cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet security, smart life, Internet of Things, enterprise services and other cutting-edge technologies and hot topics.

Alibaba Cloud Eighth Computing Conference in 2016

In 2016, the Yunqi Conference City Summit has passed through 9 cities in succession. The Yunqi community hereby outlines the summit summit so that everyone can review it.

Alibaba Cloud Nineth Computing Conference in 2017

The Nineth Alibabab Computing Conference and sub-forums were jointly organized by Alibaba Cloud and Ant Financial Co.

Hangzhou Yunqi Conference set sail in October, there is one of the most complete conference spoilers

As one of the most influential technology exhibitions in the world, Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference not only has Alibaba Group experts and various enterprise industries.

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