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Why is seoer a compulsory course for writing soft text?

Absrtact: As one of the most popular ways of promotion in the 21st century, soft text has gradually replaced the rage, which is now disgusting. Soft wen is soft because the software can be in the user experience good premise unknowingly implanted ads, so that soft wen as one of the most popular in the 21st century promotion, has gradually replaced the once rage, but now the hard and disgusting ads. Soft article is soft because the soft text can be in the user experience under the premise of unknowingly implanted ads, so that can solve the problem of the past hard advertising. Well, said so much nonsense, seems to write ...

Sina Weibo ad repeatedly blamed

Orange-born Huainan is Orange, was born in Huaibei, and this sentence in the social network ads also apply.     Open Sina Weibo and watercress, you will see two different styles of advertising, the following casually take out some contrast. The former for Sina Weibo on the promotion of advertising, the latter for the hard wide spread of watercress. The difference between the two? I don't think I need to explain it more.   Look at the two ads, you may have a feeling: Sina Weibo this rough development of the place, even the advertising is brutal, and in watercress this literary and artistic place, even advertising is also literary and artistic. As a PR person ...

Clearly tell you the difference between SEO original articles and soft text

Abstract: We do the original article on behalf of this line, often have customers will ask, you write the original articles and soft Wen why the price gap is so big, they have what difference ah? I used to think, since can do stationmaster, unexpectedly do not know SEO original article and soft wen we do original article write this line, often have a customer will ask, You write the original article and soft Wen Why the price gap is so big, what is the difference between them? I used to think, since can do stationmaster, unexpectedly do not know SEO original article and soft wen difference? In the end is really do not know ah or and we do not pretend, later hair ...

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