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FACEBOOK10 billion dollar takeover Instagram controversy continues

Recently, FACEBOOK10 billion dollar acquisition Instagram, really let this video site again a fire. And the acquisition knot has also brought countless discussion topics, people disagree. If only the magnitude, the two companies that took place in this transaction are the differences between trees and grasses. Its valuations have reached $100 billion trillion since the announcement of Facebook's IPO. The acquisition of Instagram cost 1 billion of dollars-for the Big Mac, it's just change. People have a negative attitude towards the deal. On Twitter "more than 35 ...

Instagram two years to gold 1 billion dollars: success of the five major experience to share

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Beijing time April 17 news, according to foreign media reports, last week, Instagram, a photo-sharing app with a large number of users, was bought by Facebook at an astonishing $1 billion trillion, with an average of 77 million dollars per person on the Instagram team. Although face ...

95 in the eyes of 7 social networks: Instagram best Facebook is dead

I often read articles on science and technology, and I see a lot of authors trying to dissect and describe adolescent audiences, especially those related to social media. However, I have not seen a teenager express his ideas on this topic. That's why I want to share some of my superficial ideas. In advance, I was a 19-year-old male student at the University of Texas at Austin. I am very interested in what role social media plays in the youth community and at this stage of development. What I am sharing here is a personal point of view, but not only for myself, but also for the ...

Instagram and Vine Video marketing success techniques and measurement tools

Absrtact: The length of time is an important consideration for interacting with consumers, however, Vine and Instagram as tools for video marketing have strictly limited the time to record video (6 seconds and 15 seconds, respectively) for the time that people stay on a single message. However, the length of time is an important factor in interacting with consumers, however, Vine and Instagram, as tools for video marketing, have strictly limited the time to record video (6 seconds and 15, respectively) in the time that people stay on a single message.

Instagram launches video function, compares and evaluates with Vine

June 21 News, according to foreign media reports, Facebook's photo-sharing application Instagram today launched the video function.     Technology web site TechCrunch The new product, compared to Twitter's "Vine" of its peers. The video taken with the creation of Vine is about 6.5 seconds long. Twitter and vine developers have made great efforts to study the appropriate length of video for this application. This length is not only suitable for users to watch, but also to force ...

Website operation: See this fan site how to play turn Instagram

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby mobile internet industry is keen to study Instagram, study how the picture community can rise rapidly, study how they Hold 10 million of users, study the client's operational experience.        But has anyone studied Instagram's fan site? such as this instagramers.com (pay attention to spelling). As a loyal user of Instagram, I ...

Facebook puts ads into Instagram videos to boost marketing

Silicon Valley's newly updated Instagram app has enabled Apple and Android users to use this new feature. You may have seen a 15-second scream, a fragment of a jump clip, a sudden zoom in and zoom out of the video on your Instagram and Facebook. Thanks to advances in technology, almost every mobile phone with a shooting feature can shoot high quality videos, even clips, and smartphone users can upload to social networking sites to share with friends, but that doesn't mean everyone is a professional photographer. ...

Why do not apps like Instagram succeed?

At first, the favorite of this app was that it always marketed a lot of high-quality pictures and was amazed; it developed into a high-quality picture of itself and found that simple social mechanisms, that is, concerns, comments And point like to make friends circle expanded rapidly, at the same time users can also get fun and satisfaction; Finally, including the third party can easily share platform. Then put it down to the software, but also a simple analysis. First of all, as a picture processing software, its filter quality is very high, the user's picture rendering just right, that ...

Simple analysis of Instagram and path products

In our current life, work, learning process, social networking has begun to become the future trend of internet development.   And facebook,twitter,google++ are popular products on social networks, and their monthly usage is growing.   But today I'm not talking about popular Internet products that are familiar to us. But now, with the rapid changes in social networks, more and more young people are using handheld wireless devices to surf the internet and then engage in their social circle.

CAMERA360: Take a look at the psychological tactics let the white light up the high level photos

Camera360 Three co-founder (left to right): CMO Guorui, CEO Xu Xian and CTO Xu Xian a world-renowned photographic application, how will it build its global product new strategy? Article | The Camera360, born in Colin in May 2010, has undergone 5 important updates. However, founder Xu Xian is not satisfied with the previous iteration state of the product, in his words, before the 5.0 version is like guerrilla warfare, each new feature is thought of added up, almost no planning. As of May 2014, Camera36 ...

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