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Mobile Shopping Guide: HD screen + dual-core CPU hot-selling high-performance smart machine recommended

For those who like to watch high-definition movies on their mobile phones, the mobile phone besides the processor to give power, the screen display effect also plays a very important role, although iphone are very strong in all aspects, But its tiny 3.5-inch screen is really not fun, fortunately, the Android phone screen is big enough, and the resolution has entered the 720P HD era, can be a perfect display of 720P movies, browsing the web to play the game more enjoyable, the following editors recommend several with HD big screen hot-selling dual-core smartphone introduced to everyone, Be the entertainment party and don't miss it. First, hot-selling high-performance intelligent machine recommended —...

Smartphone innovation, how did you die knowing the lock?

The iphone 5s fingerprint identification technology can be said that the iphone 5s in addition to its color is the only bright spot, but then around the iphone 5s fingerprint identification cracking problem, many hackers have claimed to be able to crack the fingerprint recognition, and even some people think that this is a layer of window paper, a stab on the broken. Of course the iphone 5s can fire another reason and its introduction of the color is not unrelated, light a gold, has let many other mobile phone brands have launched a series of gold mobile phone, this is the eldest brother's style, leading the mobile phone market trend. According to the state of ...

"Moon Shadow Legend" May 13 final Test screen changed the main effect of the first exposure

West Hill 2011 Martial Arts online new book "Moon Shadow Legend" will be launched on May 13, the ultimate test!  As the game's last censored test, "The Legend of the Moon," the appearance of many bright spots, not only the game screen changed to a more beautiful and delicate game scene presents a charming and romantic moon-Lake, this time "Moon Shadow Legend" also first exposure to the overall adjustment of the protagonist of the original painting and special effects, the overall feeling of a brand- More noteworthy is that the "Legend of the Moon" this test will also introduce a number of innovative play, no treatment career, 10 of the gate faction for the group attack skills, power warfare, the three-League battle and so on.

Hammer T1 Mobile phone all-round evaluation-the "feelings" value of the old Luo?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Smartisan, or the name of the hammer phone, may be unfamiliar to ordinary consumers who are less concerned with digital. Hammer-Phone development company for Hammer Technology, the new mobile phone hardware business, the company launched a more than a year ago based on the Android Smartisan OS, about this comment polarized system, we slightly ...

OPPO N1 Evaluation-206° creative, for self-portraits and born! "Can play" is very high

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > from the Introduction, OPPO N1 This mobile phone collection of the current mobile phone three major trends, large screen, large screen interaction and the upgrade of the camera ... OPPO official to this mobile phone also placed high hopes, hope to be able to pass technology, craft and innovation and so on aspect's promotion, changes the first-tier city consumer to OPPO brand's perception. In addition, OPPO N1 ...

"TERA" with Sony High-tech head-wearing monitor experience IMAX games

See the way to open the "TERA", with "science fiction" equipped with armed eyes, the most cool way to experience the first sexy games in Korea. Today, the Kunlun game with the help of Sony "science fiction World" display equipment, together to create the "TERA" National Service Audio-visual feast.             The player will be able to use Sony's latest head to wear display hmz-t3w experience "TERA", feel the rush to compare with IMAX visual effects of subversion-level audio-visual shock experience. s Sony's newest generation of head-wearing display hmz-t3w "TERA" as 3 a class ...

Some enlightenments of the domestic high star hotel to maintain the high profit growth

Di Hao Group is a financial, hotel, real estate, cultural industry as one of the integrated Investment Group, under the Royal Garden Hotel, Royal Holiday Hotel and other business and leisure five-star hotel construction of the Royal Hotel Group in the industry, especially in Guangdong region has a great influence. Royal Garden Hotel is more than 700 million yuan investment, the total area of 175 acres, is the Pearl River Delta region's largest, most tasteful, the most temperament of the five-star hotel. After 10 years of development, the hotel group in the room sales, member management, revenue management, customer service and other aspects of accumulated rich experience, so that ...

Vivo Xplay 3S Hands-on evaluation-a sword-walking slant mobile phone

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > in such domestic brands, we have always felt that the Vivo is quite prominent. The reason is not how cheap their phones are, specifications have how high, but it chose a different road, from the beginning of the X1 to high quality as a selling point, to the X3 series to add ultra-thin selling points to the subsequent launch of the Xplay series, in the flagship of the specification, the user to bring more than the general ...

Moto X Foreign Media review-not a perfect cell phone, but a unique member of the market

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Not long ago, Motorola Mobile officially released the first smartphone Moto X led by Google, The mobile phone, which carries the responsibility for Motorola's mobile revival, has focused a lot of attention. It is also the first smartphone to offer rich customization options ... I believe many friends would like to know the actual performance of this "high-end mobile phone in the middle end". ...

April 25 iphone Limited free app recommended

Senior Apple app players often look for free, time-limited applications because they are often made in fine, durable, and are also frequent visitors to the App Store's list of free items. Given the increasing number of new applications and limited-time free applications in the mobile internet era, so TechWeb opened up a new column, regularly for iOS players select more than 5 of the limited time free application, I hope that we can in a number of free applications in the rapid search for high quality, but also meet their own needs of the software! Interested players can have long-term attention to our ...

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