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Venture capital distribution of mobile internet in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone

Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone mobile internet industry venture capital Industry distribution (unit: million) in Chengdu High-tech zone, creative-related mobile internet "entrepreneurial cluster effect" in the ascendant, but also attract more and more investors.   According to incomplete statistics, as of 2010, Chengdu Venture capital investment institutions accumulated investment in High-tech Enterprises Project has 65, the cumulative investment amount of 700 million yuan, investment in High-tech industries accounted for more than 50%. According to the project survey, Chengdu High-tech zone mobile internet industry has gained a total of about 372 million of the venture capital, investment distribution of industrial areas see map ...

Hundred years of coal are moving towards green New Town

This newspaper Nanchang, December 6 (reporter Liu Jianlin Wu Ziqiang) has "hundred Years of coal", said Jiangxi province Pingxiang, adhere to scientific development, promote urban transformation, in the promotion of traditional industries, vigorously develop High-tech industries, the implementation of ecological construction, green development. The city's forest coverage rate of 60.05%, urban air quality stability in the national level two standards, exit water quality to maintain three types of water standards, environmental Ecological index ranked highest in the province.  Hundred years of coal are moving towards green New town. After more than 100 years of large-scale mining, Pingxiang has entered a serious depletion of coal resources, the ecological environment has been seriously damaged, ...

When the Virtual University Park was conceived, the earliest name was "university cooperation base"

The Shenzhen Research Institute of Renmin University of China is officially listed in the Shenzhen Virtual University Park, becoming the mainland colleges and universities in the Virtual University Park after the famous universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University and Harbin University of Technology. Today, the Virtual University Park has ushered in more than 50 well-known universities at home and abroad, more than 80 key laboratories and projects into the University Park innovation platform. The Virtual University Park has become an important impetus for the construction of the national innovative city in Shenzhen. The origin of Virtual university 12 years ago, Shenzhen, technology-oriented innovation enterprises dotted, ZTE, Huawei has already emerged. However, with the booming emergence of High-tech industries relative to the photo ...

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