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CCTV Network Spring Festival Gala guest list, the evening Weichen login opened High-tech Big Show

2015 CCTV Network Spring Festival Gala recently announced a new guest list, the December just released a new personal album Weichen will take the album Main song "Hat-trick" debut party scene. He will change the traditional mode of singing, to super cool virtual technology to achieve a special performance, the Network Spring Festival Gala contribution to the opening of the first High-tech Big Show. In the current domestic many young pop male singers, Weichen's overseas development is the bright eye. In the music field, he had the song "Break Dawn" in the Korean music play the list with the South Korean popular male singer to act together, became the first on this stage to sing the Chinese song ...

Why Silicon Valley became the most active place for high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship in the United States

Whoever gets an "angel" wins the world - Silicon Valley became the most active place for high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship in the United States, thanks in large part to the local angel investment everywhere. For a region, the activity of angel investment is undoubtedly an important indicator that directly reflects the degree of entrepreneurial activity in the region and is also one of the best means to promote the development of the entrepreneurial environment. Today's Zhongguancun has become the most active area for angel investment in China. As of the end of 2013, there were nearly 500 active angel investors in Zhongguancun, 30 active angel investment funds and nearly 2.4 billion RMB in management angel investment funds. When many ...

Rusin High-tech innovation or collective dance

Every trainee reporter thanks to the introduction of Jianzaixianshang, with a pure venture cast "blood" Rusin high (600783, close 22.95 yuan) blew the gem before the Bugle, close to a record since the listing of the all-time high.  Yesterday, Rusin high-tech opened the way, close to close to limit trading. Since November 2008 Rusin High-tech to create the lowest point of 3.47 Yuan, to February 9, the stock price reached 22 yuan, the cumulative increase of 534%, impressively become the current round of the rise of the bull's stock, but also the first cow shares of the concept of venture. After that, Rusin ...

Wuhan Donghu High-tech zone awarded China's second national independent innovation Demonstration Zone

Xinhua Wuhan, December 24 (Xinhua Feng Cheng, Liao Jun) reporter 24th from the Hubei Provincial party committee learned that the State Council has officially approved the support of Wuhan East Lake high-tech Development zone to build national independent innovation Demonstration zone.  This is the second state-owned innovation demonstration area approved by the State Council after Beijing Zhongguancun.  The State Council approved the relevant policy measures for the application of Zhongguancun Science Park in the East Lake high-tech zone, including carrying out the pilot of equity incentive, deepening the innovation experiment of Science and technology finance reform, supporting the participation of new industrial organizations in national key science and technology projects, organizing development plans, and implementing preferential tax policies. State of affairs ...

St High-tech Dong-short trade warned

China Securities Regulatory Commission said 18th, recently, the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission for Chengdu High-Tech Development Co., Ltd. (St High-Tech) deputy general Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors Wang Fengshun in the limited period of short-term trading St High-tech shares of the behavior of the administrative penalty, Wang Fengshun to give warning, and fined 30,000 yuan. Securities and Futures Commission officials said that the investigation found that Wang Fengshun use of his brother's account, from January 2008 to January 2009, has entrusted to buy St High-tech 31, a total of 439090 shares, respectively commissioned to sell 24, the above 439090 ...

The planning of Zhangjiang high-tech zone is the responsibility of Shanghai's innovation ecology.

Absrtact: The Zhangjiang high-tech zone, which has been included in the 80% knowledge-intensive region of Shanghai, has gained the focus of the planning level after gaining decentralization in Shanghai. Recently, the National Ministry of Science and Technology issued the "Shanghai Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone development Plan" (2013-2020 has the Shanghai 80% knowledge economy-intensive region into the Zhangjiang High-tech zone, following the decentralization of the Shanghai municipality, once again to obtain the planning level of focus. Recently, the National Ministry of Science and Technology issued the "Shanghai Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone development Planning Outline (2013-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as "Zhangjiang planning ...")

Victoria shares in China high-tech medium-term advance 50%

10th, 9 listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen Cities announced the interim performance forecast.  Dimension shares (600300), China High-tech (600730) net profit increased more than 50%, Yunnan Copper (000878), Days industry shares (600807) due to the decline in product prices sales caused losses. The company's 2009 1-June net profit rose more than 50% per cent year-on-year, according to the Victoria Equity Bulletin. Last year, the company achieved net profit of 56.8463 million yuan, earnings per share of 0.08 yuan. The main reason for the growth of the performance is the investment income and short term of the equity company recognized by equity law.

China North High-tech Industrial Park Curtain, 3D technology shine

At present, 3D printing global warming, China also set off 3D printing investment heat, 3D printing industry will usher in a real sense of policy dividend, now the 3D print industry's good prospects are attracting more technology giants to participate in the concept of the relevant listed companies will be again by the capital pro-Lai! Recently, from Tianjin nine wins investment Development Co., Ltd. Operation Management, located in the north of Tianjin Xiqing District High-tech Industrial Park, the grand opening, "3D technology innovation" is the park in the unveiling of a major theme, attracted the attention of the industry. The reporter interviewed Tianjin nine wins Zheng Contented Sir, he said: "PC times achievement ...

Cross-border electric business Tai Long Network Suzhou subsidiary in Suzhou High-tech zone officially set up

Absrtact: January 23 News, the cross-border electric business Tai Long Network Suzhou subsidiary company in Suzhou High-tech zone was formally established, the future will be mainly committed to promoting East China industrial chain import and export two-way Cross-border O2O landing. Tai Lung network to billion power network pointed out that Suzhou has been January 23 news, the Cross-border electric business Tai Long Network Suzhou subsidiary company in Suzhou High-tech zone was formally established, the future will be mainly committed to promoting East China industrial chain import and export two-way Cross-border O2O landing. Tai Lung network to billion power network pointed out that Suzhou has always been China's most important manufacturing base, is the Yangtze River delta ...

High-tech as the main body Dongbao leading position in biology department

As the largest High-tech enterprises, Dongbao biological in the gelatin industry status is very significant, at the same time, in order to further expand the scale and upgrade the High-tech forces, but also through cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to achieve the goal. The increase of Dongbao in gelatin production has already begun to bear fruit, and with the increasing demand for gelatin in food and medical enterprises, the production of Dongbao in gelatin will continue to rise in the future for a long time. Similarly, in order to ensure the high-end processing of products, Dongbao biological technology in the technical effect of fine arts treatment, the human body needs a variety of elements through reasonable processing into which to ensure that its efficacy is more significant, at the same time ...

Changchun High-tech AIDS vaccine enters clinical trial

Changchun High-Tech (000661) March 2 Evening Notice that the company's holding pharmaceutical companies Changchun Hundred Medicine Co., Ltd. reported the treatment of AIDS vaccine Project, has officially received the state Food and Drug Administration issued the "Drug clinical trial approval", approved into Phase I clinical trials,  The admissibility number is: CXSB0900024. The company also announced that the large shareholder of Changchun High-tech Super Investment Co., Ltd. in December 1, 2010 to reduce the company 3.13 million shares, accounting for 2.38% of total equity.

Fukuyama High-tech Zone sing good "Batai" to celebrate the 25th World Population Day

Yantai, October 28 (correspondent Kong Xiangpeng) In the 25th World Population Day approaching, Fu Shan High-tech Zone in accordance with the unified arrangements of District Population and Family Planning Bureau, closely around the "promotion of marriage and childbearing new wind, create a healthy and happy life "The theme of publicity activities, attaches great importance to the actual situation, the park through singing" Batai "take various forms of careful organization and advocacy, and actively create a strong atmosphere of publicity work. First, sing a good "propaganda." In the park, "Fu Shan Hi-tech Zone Development Newspaper" published a special edition of reproductive health knowledge, publicity of child-rearing masses free family planning ...

In-depth observation of how easy-to-use car into the user's life

Easy-to-use car and Volvo's teamed up was once shocked the mobile Internet community. One of them is the first brand of Internet car in China, while the other one is from the most technologically-famous car companies in Northern Europe. If only just to expand the lineup of models, then easy to use the car is clearly not so far, not to mention the joint, easy to use car not only introduced to the Volvo S60L such high-tech models, but also prepared jointly with Volvo launched Ycar Lab experiment room. So, this should be the real key. When the cooperation between those enterprises is still in the interest ...

Come on, there's no need for you here!

Losing to TSMC in court is by no means the reason why Chang completely loses SMIC. Text journalist Zhaofeng 9 years ago, SMIC International integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (00981. HK, abbreviation: SMIC in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-Tech Park when the first pile, looking at the film was still eyeful luxuriant the future of the plant, middle-aged but certainly full of entrepreneurial vision of the Chang hand is his life incomparable beloved white-haired mother. He may have thought of it as a reward for his mother's upbringing, but at the moment when he had to leave the land, this ...

Financial high-tech real estate graduates have the highest starting salary

2009-12-20 This news after the global financial turmoil in 2009, the Chinese economy began to stabilize recovery, the talent market is gradually put on warm, college students pay trend? Yesterday, the Zhaopin Pay Data research Center released the "2009 Year-End college student pay inventory", through the National 5,428 enterprises (sample enterprises constitute foreign capital: private: State-owned =4:4:2) to carry out research and statistics, a comprehensive inventory of 2009 different industries, urban college students pay overall status and the starting salary point for graduates. From the industry, the top three of graduates starting salary is ...

Mofcom: Export controls will be the focus of China-US consultations

Economic observation Network reporter VECHENGWU Special reporter Snow Ting November 16 Morning News, Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian at the Ministry of Commerce's routine press conference today, said Obama's visit to China's U.S. export control issues will become the focus of Sino-US consultations. Yao said that China and the United States are the second largest trading partners, the current amount of bilateral trade has reached 334 billion U.S. dollars.  It is regrettable, however, that this year, the United States has launched 10 trade double investigations against China, much more than in previous years. "The United States from 2001 to 2008 of China's High-tech imports of goods reduced by two-thirds ...

"Video" Microsoft's latest technology demo--Cloud computing and Natural user interface _ Microsoft's latest technology demo--Cloud computing and natural user interface

Cloud computing, the latest technologies and services, such as natural user interface, represent the trend of IT technology development in the future. This video provides a platform to show you the latest Microsoft technology-cloud computing and the natural user interface This is also the future of the Office platform trend is really a very "tidal" ah, it's really sci-fi-rich. I believe that in the near future, this High-tech platform will slowly approach our civilian life and look forward to ing

Cloud Computing Research Alliance established in deep

The report (reporter Liao Jiaming) Yesterday, Shenzhen Mayor Xu and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen National High-tech Industry Innovation Center, such as the 10 initiators of the joint Shenzhen Cloud Computing Research and Development Alliance, and issued a "Kun cloud plan" to enhance the Shenzhen and even the Chinese information technology industry's core competitiveness,  So that Shenzhen in the new round of information technology competition to occupy the advantage. More than 40 members are learned that the cloud Computing Alliance under the organization of the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen National High-tech Industry Innovation Center, such as 10 units launched, currently has more than 40 ...

Liu Tingru: Success depends on marketization

Ying Fu is a "hidden in the city" of the famous venture capital company, management of the original information Industry Department of Electronic Information industry funds to invest in High-tech industry funds.  The most famous case is the investment in Deng founded by the star Microelectronics. In 1999, the Ministry of Information Industry decided to invest 10 million in the Deng Microelectronics company, instead of using the previous model of free subsidy, but to a specially established investment company to operate in a wholly corporate, market-oriented manner and to require return. The company is the surplus of the rich Terry, April 2000, the surplus of the rich Terry venture ...

St The valuation value of Zhang Copper's proposed share

St Zhangtong (002075) announced that June 11, the company received the Sasac "high-tech Zhang Copper Co., Ltd. acceptance of the non-state assets evaluation Project Record Sheet", Huai Steel Special steel 100% Shareholder equity evaluation value and the original evaluation of the results of 7.0978 million yuan, Huai steel special steel net assets of 329, 3.4201 million yuan, the value-added rate is 145%.  Therefore, Huai Steel Special steel 63.79% equity valuation is also rising, the company acquired Huai Steel Special steel 63.79% stake in the number of additional shares and the increase in the proportion of sand steel group will be increased. The company has previously acquired sand steel ...

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