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High-hung shares performance declines 15% Liu led reduction show

As many market participants have speculated, after the lifting of the ban on December 23, the Liu, with 8.7 million shares, chose to retreat. And in 2010 years with the "Corporate shares King" Action, there are High-hung shares (000851, closing price of 12.24 Yuan), the holding shareholder of the Telecommunications Science and Technology Research Institute.  In the face of the reduction show, which was staged late last year, the 2010 slump has also seemed to make everything reasonable. The year-end staged reduction show December 23, 2010, for High-hung shares is a special day, because it is ...

The month refers to the high open 445 point report 18,700 points

That is, the monthly HSI Futures high open 445 points, reported 18,700 points.

The shortage of migrant workers in Pearl River Delta has not effectively eased the high housing prices to escape the city

In late March, although the spring has become thicker, however, including Shenzhen, the Pearl River Delta region for the Spring Festival migrant workers returned to bring the "shortage of migrant workers" has not been completely alleviated, many spring festival during the return of migrant workers have finally not back to work in the city. The phenomenon of asking for more than 1.76 people hungry Street recruitment reporter March 20 in Shenzhen Street, see, many of the roadside stores are posted "urgent employment" "High salary recruitment" ads, and some directly "more than 2000 monthly salary" amplification to attract job seekers eyeball. How much is this kind of thirst for employment? Reporter located in Shenzhen Luohu District bao found, ...

Terry announces and Mosis company to help customers develop complete high-performance ASIC solutions

The Tektronix Component FX has recently announced that it has agreed with Mosis to help customers develop complete high-performance ASIC solutions while reducing early ASIC development costs.   By adopting a multi-project wafer production (wafer run) scheme early in the design cycle for prototype design and encapsulation development, customers can effectively speed up the implementation of the first packaged ASIC. "Take advantage of the M ...," said Tom Buzak, president of the company.

Instagram releases Hyperlapse, smartphones can also shoot high quality

Absrtact: Instagram today unveiled its second stand-alone application Hyperlapse, similar to the same black technology from Microsoft Research, as well as the upcoming time lapse photographic mode in IOS 8, to help users shoot high-quality continuous or time-lapse videos Instagram today unveiled its second stand-alone application Hyperlapse, which is the same as black technology from Microsoft Research, and the upcoming time lapse in IOS 8 ...

Vipshop shares hit a record high Tuesday

Vipshop's shares hit a new all-time high of 211.46 U.S. dollars per share on Tuesday, surpassing Baidu's 198.43 U.S. dollars and its total market capitalization of 12 billion U.S. dollars surpassed Qiqi 360's 11.7 billion U.S. dollars and thus jumped to China's fourth-largest Internet company. Vipshop's shares hit a new all-time high of 211.46 U.S. dollars per share on Tuesday, surpassing Baidu's 198.43 U.S. dollars and its total market capitalization of 12 billion U.S. dollars surpassed Qiqi 360's 11.7 billion U.S. dollars and thus jumped to China's fourth-largest Internet company. For the Vipshop shares soaring all the way, the market has questioned the trend from the low volume of the disk, ...

Thursday Sina shares high Drive high, the way the concussion rose

View the latest market Sina science and technology news Beijing time, July 19, the morning of the Thursday Sina share price high, go, the concussion rose, closed up 8.25%, reported 65.1 U.S. dollars, turnover from the daily average of 1.71 million shares to 5.91 million shares, the current market value of 4.306 billion U.S. dollars. Related report: Sina officially issued "micro-bank"

Step by step high issued a notice that the proposed establishment of E-COMMERCE companies

Absrtact: The popular concept of O2O not only makes internet companies flock, but also stimulates the sensitive nerves of the commercial chain company, which is engaged in the retail business of commodities. Yesterday evening, step by step High issued a bulletin said, to its own funds to invest 100 million yuan, set up a popular O2O concept not only makes Internet companies, but also stimulated the commercial retail business step by step High business Chain Co., Ltd. sensitive nerves. Yesterday evening, step by step high issued a notice, is intended to own funds to invest 100 million yuan, set up a wholly owned subsidiary "Step by step ...

Venture capital needs to be returned not to be blinded by high returns

Venture capital abbreviation is VC, in our country is a conventional concept with specific connotation, in fact, it is more appropriate to translate it into venture capital. The broad sense of venture capital refers to all the investment with high risk and high potential income, and venture capital in narrow sense is the investment of technology-intensive products based on High-tech. According to the definition of American Venture Capital Association, Venture Capital is a kind of equity capital which is invested by professional financiers in the emerging and rapidly developing enterprises with great competitive potential. Zhidong-Once the godfather of China's securities industry, engaged in the venture capital industry for more than 10 years, day ...

Windows Server was recently exploded with high-risk remote code execution vulnerabilities ms12-020

Windows Server has recently been hit by a high-risk remote code execution vulnerability--ms12-020, Microsoft has set the level of vulnerability to the highest-severity (unacknowledged), an attacker can obtain administrator privileges by sending a specific packet to the Remote Desktop port (port number 3389). The same level of loopholes in history has caused great harm and loss. In 2004, the Bulletin vulnerability could allow an attacker to send a specific packet to the 445 port remotely, gain execution privileges, and spread the virus. Rely on this vulnerability to spread the shock wave virus caused by ...

How high is the use of Ubuntu CPU utilization?

&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; There are several reasons: maybe you use Flash, for Linux Flash has a lot of problems, the main is CPU occupancy rate is high; if you see a movie with 3D, then it is the graphics driver problem, currently only Windows has a home video hardware acceleration Drive (because Microsoft pays) If you are in the graphical interface ...

U.S. stocks closed in Thursday, and the S & P 500 fell after yesterday's high innovation

The US stock market closed in Thursday, with the S & P 500 index falling after yesterday's high innovation. The Fed accidentally announced the size of QE yesterday. Investors are evaluating large numbers of economic data, such as unemployment benefits, earlier last week.   China's concept stocks rose in Thursday. US-East Time September 19 16:00 (Beijing time September 20 04:00), the Dow Jones industrial average fell 40.39 points, closed at 15,636 55, a decrease of 0.26%; the Nasdaq composite index rose 5.74 points, or 3,789, to 38 ...

Yii a high-performance, component-based PHP framework

This article will illustrate the YII framework with a concrete example that allows readers to learn how to use the YII framework to create their own WEB applications in real-world cases, thus having a more realistic experience with this excellent PHP framework. What is YII? Yii is a high-performance, component-based PHP Framework for rapid development of WEB applications. Yii derives its name from the acronym "Yes It is". This is a sure answer to many questions about the framework: "Is it fast?" Is it safe? ...

BC High Precision function library: Bcpow

Bcpow (PHP3, PHP4) bcpow---&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; Second-party value syntax for high precision numbers: string Bcpow (String x, string y [, int scale]); Description: Returns the value of the Y-second side item of the parameter x. Parameter scale is non-essential ...

Xmemcached v1.3.3 publishes High-performance scalable memcached clients

Xmemcached is a high-performance extensible memcached client based on Java NIO implementations. is actually based on my implementation of a NIO framework based on YAN4J (currently based on yanf4j 0.61-http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/11220.html ">snapshot) , the serialization mechanism uses Spymemcached's transcoder and does some ...

"Southwest first High" steel tower advertising right to start filming

There are "Southwest first high steel tower, Sichuan's second high TV tower," said the Deyang radio and television tower, the main tower advertising will be first for the public auction later this month. It is understood that the auction is Deyang radio and TV Tower for the first time to auction advertising space resources, the advertisement was auctioned up about 40 meters ~120 meters, including the South, the west, the north of a total of three square meters of 3-year exclusive use of advertising, of which the West advertising is on the Deyang city, while the south is to cotton high-speed,  The reserve price is 800,000 yuan/year. Data show, located in Deyang Dongshan Deyang radio and TV Tower in 1 ...

"Battle of the Heroes of the Magic Gate" won high praise will be high-definition landing PS3 platform

June 4 News, the classic single game "Magic Door" series on the NDS on the launch of its home machine platform for the first "heroes of the Magic War", did not expect the works of great popularity. Now the "Battle of the Heroes of the Magic Gate" will be high-definition through the PSN download landing PS3 platform. The PSN version of the Battle of the heroes of the Magic Gate was newly made to HD. The type is combined with a PUZZLE/STRATEGY/RPG hybrid game, and on the original basis there are enhanced elements to support the double game, online coop. Ubisoft will provide a demo on the E3.

Ericsson faces antitrust investigation in India: sued for patent fees too high

Summary: November 29, the Wall Street Journal reported that Ericsson announced in Thursday that the company was in India under antitrust investigation, the main content of the investigation is the company in the collection of mobile phone technology patent licensing time, whether there are high standards and discriminatory issues November 29 news, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that Ericsson It was announced in Thursday that the company had been subjected to antitrust investigations in India, which focused on whether the company's patent licensing for mobile technology was time-consuming and that there were high standards and discriminatory issues. The survey involved Ericsson's holdings and the use of Low-cost hands ...

High-level private companies to open the west of the world originally for swimming?

Game Developers June 30 news, earlier this month, the industry has been exposed to the media Sohu Tour "Deer Ding Kee" was forced to postpone the core of the main process of separation of independent entrepreneurial information.  Today's game developers are getting blockbuster news that the company is not as simple as the core process of leaving a business. High-level: Fantasy ERA originally for cottage tour? Fantasy ERA legal person for Jinhong informed the game developers reporter, the "Deer Ding kee" the main process of separation of independent entrepreneurship in Sohu to swim a high-level inspired. By the end of this day, the company's products have begun testing, its name is "West Tour world ..."

Retailer Leaks Dark 3 game cover very High fidelity

Although the Diablo 3 (Diablo 3) still has no exact date of listing, major retailers have already launched a pre-sale campaign. Recently, the Polish game retailer Gram also launched the "Diablo 3" pre-sale, although the site did not give a clear date of the listing, the price of goods is not sure, but their pre-sale page has appeared a very high degree of authenticity of the game cover. Not only does it look more "real" than the cover of Amazon and GameStop's pre-order pages? Not only with PEGI ratings, but also with the "World of Warcraft" Pet Exchange code! ...

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