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Interest on junk bonds is higher than other similar bond products

The term "junk bond" refers to bonds issued by companies below the standard and poor company BB or the company's BA level. Because these companies have higher risk ratings, the interest on junk bonds is higher than that of other similar bonds. In 1991, a book called "The Thief's Nest" won the Pulitzer Prize, describing the story of how Wall Street's four bankers used insider information to manipulate the market and invest in junk bonds illegally profiting.   One of the archetypes of the book is the Milken, known as the "King of junk bonds." The story of Milken and Tak-Sung securities is a true legend ...

Twelve-Five: Income growth target for the first time higher than GDP

In the new "Twelve-Five" plan, the Chinese government has for the first time set the expected growth target (>7%) for disposable income to be higher than the gross domestic product (GDP) target of growth (7%).  Zhang Ping, director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at a press conference held yesterday at the Great Hall of the People's Congress that the "Twelve-Five" plan, which was being considered by the NPC, upheld the principle of "livelihood first". "' Twelve-Five ' is to allow people of all nationalities to share the fruits of reform and opening-up, and to put the improvement and development of people's livelihood in a more prominent position," Zhang said.

"Let the Shells Fly" bright film books exposure Jiang "higher than the sky" worth

Three big actor worth a higher than one, let a person speechless/reporter Zhao The first "Hong Kong and Macao Youth Film Festival" of the 2011 film and television Project Venture Capital Summit (VC) yesterday in Guangzhou. The purpose of the event is to invite industry leaders, business investors, film and television organizations, such as face-to-face round table. So far, a total of 3 films for the "Red Classic Trilogy", "Leap Pacific" and "Yellow flower" in yesterday's venture to the site on the investment intention to reach an agreement. The event by the CPC Guangdong Provincial party committee propaganda Department, the Communist Youth league Guangdong Provincial Committee, the Guangdong Provincial Radio, film and television bureau 、...

Institutional looming game mentality 1-year central vote rate higher than market expectations

July 9 (Thursday), the People's Bank of China in the open market operation issued 50 billion yuan March central votes and 50 billion yuan 1-year vote. Since the 1-year central vote for the first issue after 7 months, the 9th Open market operation has attracted the attention of all parties. The final issue rate of the 1-year central vote is much higher than the market expectation.  Analysts said that, as a result of the near-stage market new shares are in full swing, funding has been tight, institutions for the 1-year central vote of the restart, a delicate mentality. The interest rate is far higher than the market expected due to the resumption of the 1-year vote, the central bank 9th for 7 months ...

Orchid Pavilion Q2 Net revenue is expected to be equivalent to 19% to 22% higher than the same period in 2013

Absrtact: Beijing Time June 28 news, Orchid Pavilion set yesterday announced that the company is currently expected in the second quarter of 2014 net revenue will be 86 million to 88 million U.S. dollars, higher than the previous estimate of 84 million to 86 million U.S. dollars. The updated net revenue is expected to be equivalent to the 2013 increase in Beijing time June 28 news, Orchid Pavilion yesterday announced that the company is currently expected in the second quarter of 2014 net revenue will be 86 million to 88 million U.S. dollars, higher than the previous estimate of 84 million to 86 million U.S. dollars. The updated net revenue is expected to be equivalent to 2 ...

UK's per capita net purchase is much higher than in other countries

Summary: See constantly refresh record of the domestic courier parcels, you are surprised at the Chinese people's enthusiasm for online shopping? In fact, the world's favorite online shopping is not Chinese, but the British. In the European Union's electricity Business Report, the UK's per capita net purchases are far higher than the number of domestic courier packages that are constantly being refreshed, are you surprised by the Chinese enthusiasm for online shopping?   In fact, the world's favorite online shopping is not Chinese, but the British. In the European Union's Business report, the UK's per capita net purchases are far higher than in other countries, with £ 1958.

Huawei, Lenovo and other technology companies list the world's top 500 list

Recently, Fortune magazine released the latest "Fortune" list of the world's top 500. Among them, the Chinese Internet companies Huawei Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. and Lenovo ranked higher than last year. In 2013, Huawei Investment Holdings Co. ranked 315th and rose to 285th this year. Lenovo Group ranked 329th last year and rose to 286 this year. At the same time, three domestic carriers also entered the list, with China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom ranking 55th, 154th and 210th respectively, ranking higher than last year.

Let you continue to do IT reasons

1. Money, Money, Money Right, we work hard to make money, and IT professionals are well compensated for their hard work. Reward is not just good, but great. According to the U.S. Department of Labor's "Overview of the US Employment and Remuneration 2010, 2010" (Table 6, PDF), among all occupational groups, computer and math ranked third in 2010 at an average annual salary of $ 77,230. Only management and law pay higher than IT. 2. Professional If you are like me, who work with whom is ...

Poly-Mei Excellent product NYSE officially listed, the stock code as "Jmei"

Sina Science and technology news May 17 morning, Poly-Mei excellent products in Friday officially listed on the NYSE, the stock code for "Jmei", the opening price of 27.25 U.S. dollars, compared to the issue price of 22 U.S. dollars rose 23.86%, up to the end of the United States to accept 24.18 U.S. dollars, higher than the price increase 9.91%   The market value is about 3.433 billion dollars. Set up only 4 years of poly Excellent products April 12 submitted to the listing SEC documents, financing 400 million U.S. dollars. Prospectus shows that the United States plans to sell 9.5 million U.S. Depository Receipts (ADS), per share of depository receipts for 1 shares of a generic ...

The SEO theory of the Shu: Rowse theorem

Rowse theorem: Modesty is not to think badly of oneself, but completely do not want oneself. This is put forward by American psychologist Rowse, the implication is to keep humble mentality, put oneself in the lowest position. Low-key person, high-profile work. A mountain is higher than a mountain, perhaps in your trend of publicity, the opposite sitting is an expert, turn to give evaluation, "frivolous." I have always believed that modesty is not incompetence, not cowardice. Lower your position and have more friends, because they don't need to look up to you, even if you have a proud capital relative to them. SEO at home is still the beginning stage, circle ...

EA first quarter net profit 221 million USD

Sina Science and technology news Beijing time of July 27, according to foreign media reports, EA released today in the first quarter of the 2012 financial year earnings. The report showed that EA's first-quarter net revenue was $999 million, up from $815 million a year earlier, with a net profit of $221 million, up from $96 million a year earlier.  EA's first-quarter results were higher than Wall Street analysts ' expectations, pushing its shares up nearly 2% per cent. In the quarter ended June 30, EA net profit was 221 million U.S. dollars, earning 66 cents a share, a performance better than the same period last year. 20.

"Ox" fares to stir in super television S40air TV says it will crack down

July 9 News, music video TV official said, for part of the "yellow cattle" fare increase S40 air behavior, music will take a variety of means to crack down. It is reported that recently a lot of "cattle" in the Lok View Mall in bulk snapped up Super TV S40 Air, and by increasing sales of illegal profits. "Ox" batch buy Super TV, through stick, Micro Bo, QQ group and other channels, hype promotion, and sell S40 Air and other Super TV products, the price is higher than the official prices of Music mall. At present, the Super TV S40 Air full version in the Le View mall price 19 ...

Guo to prevent the old public affair buy 23.33 million Feng Shui house wash Unlucky

Once accommodated in Sai Kung five years of Guo and Lin Wenrong, in March this year, suddenly again to 23.33 million to buy the Marina Lake in an area of 176 square meters even 150 square meters of garden house. [Page] It is known that Guo Lin Wenrong consciously in recent years, the workload is not as good as before, plus before the occurrence of Lin Wenrong have an affair, by the mainland brokers blackmail events, two couples so looking for expert advice, after seeing Feng shui, think Marina is the most prosperous two people, so even if the seller bid slightly higher than the market price, they still impatient to buy, Rush to decorate and move into Feng Shui House as soon as possible.  [Page] [Page] ...

Service sector PMI drops to two-year low service growth momentum weakened

The January China Services Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), published by HSBC yesterday, was 52, down 1.1 points from last December, Ma Wenting.  This is only slightly higher than the November 2008 minimum of 51.2, well below the long-term average, indicating a weakening of the growth momentum in China's services operations.  The services PMI index, based on a survey of purchasing managers in private services, aims to reflect the immediate state of the service sector, above 50 per cent indicating that corporate activity is expanding and below 50 means contraction in corporate activity. January data show new business growth ...

Bank of China takes the lead in raising mortgage rates and borrowing costs

First suite million loans per month more than 500 yuan ICBC has not yet made a statement on the weekend, the Bank of China announced the first increase in the stock mortgage rates, triggering market controversy.  ICBC, ABC and CCB Guangdong branch related personage all said, as of yesterday has not received the relevant notice, want to see whether there is a related dispatch today. For banks to raise the rate of stock loans, the industry said, the possibility of difficulties in the availability or higher than the early repayment, "because as long as not speculative speculators, the difficulties of prepayment is still very large." "Generally, when the central bank increases interest rates ...

1.19 billion Disney was awarded the a08-03 plot of Sichuan sand

As if it were a coincidence, yesterday, just as the Shanghai government announced the approval of the Disney project, the Disney site is not far from a residential land-Chuan Sha a08-03 plot to complete the transfer.  The real estate company from Xiamen, "Shanghai Xiangyu Property Limited" at a staggering price of 1.19 billion yuan to win the plot, than the selling price of 264% higher than the premium level of Shanghai "King" Zhao Lane 10th plots, up to 14024 yuan/square meters of floor prices, is more than the price of the most expensive real estate Shansha. Disney's impact on local prices Shanghai Xiangyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. is the country's 5 ...

PetroChina last year net profit of nearly 140 billion turn over the storm taxes 52.1 billion

NetEase Financial March 17 News in oil (00857) announced as of December 31, 2010, the end of the performance, net profit of 139.992 billion yuan, compared with the same period in 2009 35.4%, earnings per share of 0.76 yuan, sent at the end of 0.18357 yuan.  The company's net profit for the same period in 2009 was 103.387 billion yuan. PetroChina's turnover of 1.4654 trillion yuan last year, an increase of 43.8%. PetroChina said that the increase in turnover and net profit was higher than the increase in oil prices. Last year's exploration period and the operation of production ...

Maintaining the century interconnection stock and the market flat rating

Pacific Crown Securities (Pacific Crest Nomura) today released an investment report to maintain a "flat" rating for the Century interconnected stock (nasdaq:vnet). The following is a summary of the report: first quarter results: The first fiscal quarter revenue of 586 million yuan, and we expect the renminbi 587 million yuan basically consistent. Managed services revenue of 404 million yuan, higher than our expected 398 million yuan. Network Management Service revenue of 182 million yuan, below our pre ...

Reaffirm the stock race to win the market rating

Pacific Crest, the Pacific crown of the US investment Bank, released its investment report today, reiterating the "outperform" rating of the era stock (NASDAQ:YY), which lowered its target share price from $105 to $93, the Beijing time May 7 Evening News. The following is a summary of the report: first-quarter results: 2014 in the first half of the fiscal year, the gathering time revenue of 107.2 million U.S. dollars, higher than we expected 104.3 million U.S. dollars. Diluted earnings per share of 0.55 dollars, higher than we expected 0.49 dollars. Revenue increase ...

You know, college students have their own festivals.

"Do you know what day the International College Festival is?" "Walking at the university campus, the reporter randomly to the passing students to ask, most students instead curiously asked:" There is such a section? "May I compare curtilage, have not heard." "When the reporter told the November 17 is the International College student Day, the students surveyed were busy asking how the festival came, only one of the students said that had heard, but the specific day is not clear." Open November Calendar, Singles Day, online shopping festival, Thanksgiving Day and other days exceptionally eye-catching, online, offline activities a wave higher than a wave, not lively. In fact, in November ...

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