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PS4 development due to PSP2 pause player dissatisfaction called Sony Crazy

Players are always the old, whether for the game or game, has always been a new choice after the immediate abandonment of love, and has been eagerly hoping for new games or new game machine coming-as long as the wallet enough drum. Recently, foreign media reported that Sony because of the new Palm machine NGP reason, suspended the next generation of home host PS4 development, and then ...  Some players are not happy.  Sony considers Palm machine to replace host? NGP is very important to Sony recently, the Japanese media, Sony's next generation of host development program will be temporarily stranded, because Sony will be dedicated ...

Power consumption survey Wii most provincial PS3 and xb most electricity consumption

(compilation/star drizzle) Japan is now in a state of high power shortages due to the explosion of nuclear power plants in Japan. Not only are the various areas of intermittent power outages, even if not power outages also need to save electricity. Japanese players also have to put down their hands of the "sharp weapon" to match power saving. But we usually play the game machine how much electricity consumption?  Japanese media for us to do a detailed investigation, let's take a look at it. The survey's targets include current PCs, XBOX360, PS3, Wii and handheld consoles. Which consumes the biggest PC, roughly 150 to 200 watts, but PS3 ...

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