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The worst "Final Fantasy" in the history of 18 years after the Resurrection Landing WIIVC

(compiled/applies) According to overseas media news, the "Final Fantasy mystery adventure", born in 1992, will revive on the Wii's virtual host platform after 18 years, and offer downloads at a price of 8 dollars. As we all know, "Final Fantasy" series is Square's housekeeping masterpiece, but also a standard Japanese role-playing game.  The so-called "Japanese", it means that the game in the story plot development is linear, the combat form is the turn of the command type. Such games are often not favored by Western players who are free to explore, and in 1992, to open up the North American market, Shi ...

"TERA" still possible landing host platform can support handle operation

En Masse Entertainment, Vice president Chris Lee, spoke recently in an interview about the focus of the TERA's development and the choice of target users, and talked about some of the previously undisclosed internal decisions. Chris Lee can say that a rather legendary producer, who has worked in EA, Microsoft and NCsoft, has been involved in such works as "The Eternal Tower". And this time "TERA" is his proud works, the current has won the attention of the players, is generally acknowledged embarrassed ...

"TERA" production person dedicated PC platform does not develop host version

Recently, "TERA" senior producer Brian Knox received a foreign media interview, talked about the challenges in the West will be accepted, international exchange, and "TERA" appeared on the host of the possibility. Knox said: "A lot of people have asked me, as an action game, do you think that will be launched on the host platform, for us, we want to focus on a platform, only to do the computer operation of the online game, do not want too much of the operation of the way, all the things to do half, and do something better than to do one thing. "TERA" is a 3D ...

The good news: the PC version changes large, the future will be landing in the next generation of host platform

On March 17, the "Imperial Sky Drop Demon Biography" producer Li Yucheng on Weibo to bring us good news, he said that the PC version of the publicity immediately began, and from his words we can feel out, "Imperial Heaven Down the Magic biography" will have great changes! Since the art Dragon made the new act of "Imperial Heaven," in the last year to bring us a second edition of the demo, there is very little news about Ben, but last night the Li Yucheng producer, who brought us good news on Weibo, said the PC version of the campaign would begin immediately, And from his words we can feel, "imperial ...

Japanese media said the arcade version of Super Street Fighter 4 will have a new role to join

Multi-Play online (compile/Mao) The applause of the Street Fighter 4 (Streets Fighter 4) launched soon, his enhanced version of Super Street Fighter 4 (Super Streets Fighter 4) on the launch, all aspects of the strengthening of the same in terms of Word-of-mouth and sales have been a great success.  Super Street Fighter 4 is not only a sense of a strengthened version, the addition of many roles fully embodies the intentions of the manufacturer, so call it Super Streets Fighter 4.5 is not too. Street Fighter 4 was first ...

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