How Do I Connect To A Server On A Mac

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FortiOS 5.2 VPN: IPsec VPN with the native Mac OS client

This article will show you how to create an IPsec VPN on a FortiGate, and connect to it using the default client built into the Mac OS.

Manage DHCP server to lighten the burden of enterprise network administrator

In a larger network of work environment, network administrators can not find an effective way to manage and maintain the network, then his work efficiency will become very low, without reducing the quality of the work of the network administrator will become more intense. Then how should network administrator for their own burden, let oneself from the frequent simple labor liberation? In fact, good at managing a DHCP server is a good way to lighten the network management of the DHCP server, the entire process of the establishment of the most critical, reasonable settings can really make the Internet management once and for all! 1. Set the lease term ...

How to set up secure switch system in switch security technology

The switch occupies an important position in the enterprise network, which is usually the core of the whole network. In this era of hacker intrusion and virus-ridden network, as the core of the switch is also taken for granted a part of the responsibility of network security. Therefore, the switch must have the professional security product performance, the security has become the network construction must consider the heavy middle. As a result of security switches, the integration of security certification in the switch, ACLs (Access control list), firewall, intrusion detection and even anti-virus functions, the security of the network really need ...

Case analysis of China Telecom Hicloud Cloud Platform

China Telecom is Taiwan's largest telecommunications provider, master the island more than 95% of the fixed network resources, in the use of cloud computing has a great demand. In a 2010 equity document, China Telecom was expected to launch the five-year cloud investment plan to build Taiwan's largest cloud operation and data center, estimated to be about 40 billion yuan over the next five years, and to boost growth for the next decade. It can be seen that China Telecom in the expansion of the cloud has a strong initiative, the main reason is that individual users and enterprise users of IT resources requirements are increasing, need more applications ...

"Efficient" is the ability to meet the required items on time

As a software engineer, what you want to get from your job is a steady salary, opportunities to get involved in the project, a good springboard for the job, or just being a good friend with other programmers. Here, "efficient", I mean the ability to meet the requirements of the project on time. After a lot of software writing experience, I believe the following practices will help you to learn "efficient" while increasing professional reputation, career life and personal satisfaction 1. Understand your needs The first step to becoming an effective programmer is , To ensure a reasonable allocation of time. Nothing is more than spending time on work that has no future at all ...

Data protection How to develop enterprise encryption Strategy (1)

End-to-end encryption policies must take into account everything from input to output and storage. Encryption technology is divided into five categories: file-level or folder-level encryption, volume or partition encryption, media-level encryption, field-level encryption and communication content encryption. They can be defined further by the encryption key storage mechanism. Let's take a look at the grim forecast: According to the US Privacy information exchange, One-third of the U.S. people will encounter the loss or leakage of personally identifiable information from companies that store data electronically this year. Whether that number is not exactly right, anyway the public knows the data leaks ...

What does private cloud mean to open source?

The next goal of is to make it easier for people to run personal Web App. It allows users to have their own server, through an interface similar to the App Store to enter, users can install their own App, just like installing App on your phone. About Sandstorm We often talk about privacy, security, control and other issues. Tell you a secret: The so-called privacy and security are not really the main reason Sandstorm exists, they're just by-products. Make ...

How to build a cloud computing platform

Planning is an important first step in building a cloud computing solution. When planning, you need to create a complete document of the current datacenter assets and running processes, you need to describe the relationships between existing devices in the datacenter, and consider how to deploy future new devices. Because of the complexity of the environment, the enterprise assigns different people to maintain different data in the datacenter. You need to understand the interaction between all the different roles and data center devices, and responsibilities overlap between roles. Top decision-makers in an enterprise need to participate in the process and make decisions. The data center's complete asset Information data center includes a large number of ...

Company Smartphone Security (a) - From APK to Golden Ticket: Initial Probing

Company Smartphone Security (a) - From APK to Golden Ticket: Initial Probing, Getting Domain Admin Access from an Android Smartphone, and More ... This article describes the potential dangers of using a personal smartphone in an enterprise network, These cases are typical after the actual case has occurred. It turns out that it is not difficult to trick an employee into installing a malicious application, bypassing network protection, accessing corporate networks, elevating and obtaining confidential information. In addition, it turns out that bypassing all protection mechanisms (including anti-virus software) without being discovered ...

How to solve the problem of black hanging horse

1, simple horse Home is hung horse, login website, anti-virus software alarm, check, found index.asp home inspection, the bottom appears, cleaned up, the page is normal, this horse mainly to directly modify the home page file Lord, easy to find and clean. 2, the web site linked to the back of the horse login website anti-virus alarm appears on any page, according to the previous method to view index.asp, and remove the iframe statement. But found that the problem still exists, so to see other documents found that all documents are linked with the horse, even if the restoration of the ...

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