How Do I See Who Likes My Facebook Page

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See how Facebook's 4 brands manage their wildly sought-after FB home page

READ: Before the popularity of social media, some brands have become famous in this area, and fans are not unreasonable in their pursuit of these brands on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Obviously, these brands have a way of success that we cannot learn. Any social media manager would dream of having millions of listeners. We often fantasize about the wonderful scene: Thousands of fans are enthusiastically commenting, praising, and sharing our "gods", and we just have to watch our fans multiply. All right...

Wanghuai Angel investment new play from Facebook

The so-called "angel investor" usually refers to investors who invest in very young companies to help these companies start quickly. In the field of venture capital, the term "angel" refers to the entrepreneur's first investor who invests in the company's products and businesses before they are formed. The Wanghuai of technical origin, this is definitely a "new Angel". In doing due diligence, first of all will come to each other's source code, understand each other's technical thinking. Wanghuai currently has no more than 4 cases of investment, several others are still in due diligence stage, due to the recent busy Bai for friends ...

Why isn't Facebook "dislike"?

According to foreign media reports, in the first anniversary of the birth of Facebook's "Praise" button (last week), there are also some reflections on the nature of Facebook's open social spectrum.   The two main questions that users put forward in their comments are: 1 Why do the "praise" button feel not only used for a year, but used for a long time; 2 "dislike" (dislike) button where? Even if there is a "do not like" button, it may not appear in the near future. Facebook said in Ane-mail that it did not launch "dislike ...

Analyze landing page to improve landing page

In the concept of landing pages, many people may not be very familiar with, in fact, in internet marketing, landing page (Landingpage, sometimes referred to as the primary capture user page) is when the potential user clicks on the ads or search engine search results page to display to the user's page. Typically this page will display the extended content associated with the clicked AD or search results link, and the page should be SEO-optimized for a keyword (or phrase). In making the landing page, we have to stick to the basic principle that allows you to put a bad landing page, ...

Basic principles of landing page optimization

Sticking to the basics allows you to turn a bad landing page into a landing page that people can't point to. Apply them forcefully as you start, and then refine your page by delving into the content of the discussion later. 1. Send a person to a related and directed page your homepage is a mix of goal-oriented communication-usually for good reasons. Knowing this, it is necessary to prevent the desire to send people there, because the home page is better directed at the curious browsing type, rather than the people from the click of a banner and AdWords link to enter. Think, a goal, a piece of information, ...

Network entrepreneurship: Coming soon page design strategy

What is teaser Page? Teaser page usually refers to a Web site before the completion of the development of the audience to communicate development progress, related news, test invitations and other information page, if it is a more complete and exquisite coming Soon page may be understandable, in fact it is a coming Soon page. Many companies now have a coming soon page that will facilitate careful research and scientific testing of new areas before they can formally enable new applications. In sac ...

Mark Zuckerberg v.s Larry Page: who inspires humanity

Mark Zuckerberg v.s. Larry Page A person who likes to use the word "significant", the other gives the impression that it is a new age professor, because it publishes the phrase "No smartphone makes us feel like we're naked". Both are Facebook's chief executive Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page, Google's chief executive, who have already completed their own Zuckerberg.

Knowing the founder Zhou Yuan: How to make money

Absrtact: The user in the life aspect produces each kind of scene and the demand, knows is cannot feel, because you are not in those products, may not see the massive change, can only feel from the outside. Founder Zhou Yuan said, "The knowledge of the future is what" the sense of work is the only entrepreneurial culture "I have contacted most of the start-up companies, including myself, or lack of common sense." You have to respect business. Many people do not respect the business, may be in the product to think a lot, but you can not a little business do not understand, every day to think of a day to drop pie in the sky, naturally, it is not ...

How to optimize the conversion rate of Web pages? (next): E-mail Marketing

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Facebook, Twitter and Quora user growth team products Daniel Andy Johns dedicated to the dedication of pure dry e-mail marketing definition: to the Subscriber to send business mail, or mass mail. Conversion metrics: From the perspective of email marketing, the conversion metrics are usually defined by clicking on the target page of the message that contains the final transformation action. Here we speak in order to obtain the best ...

How to optimize the conversion rate of Web pages?

Facebook, Twitter and Quora user growth team products Daniel Andy Johns dedication to pure dry e-mail marketing definition: Send business mail to subscribers, or mass mailing. Conversion metrics: From the perspective of email marketing, the conversion metrics are usually defined by clicking on the target page of the message that contains the final transformation action. Here we talk about the best way to get the conversion funnel that optimizes the click. In other words, message conversion optimization is to increase the click Jump to your site or move ...

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